Amari Jenkins

"I just want to play music and be me"

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Amari Josephine Jenkins

Full name:
Amari Josephine Jenkins

AJ, JoJo, Mari



Birth Date:
March 17th







AJ has her ears gaged, her nose pierced, her bottom lip pierced, an industrial in her right ear and her treigus pierced.
For tattoos she has this on the right side of her body and she has this on the left side right abover her breast.
For scars she has a long one right above her right eyebrow.



How to decribe Amari is definately a difficult question to ask. People look at her and think they know her right off because of her appearance but that is hardly the case at all. Amari has always had a 'don't give a fuck' attitude, she likes to just go with the flow of things and just live in the here and now. She hates when peoplenmake assumptions of her, it pisses her off and most likely she will walk away if anyone tries to do that. She is always late, she always has been and it probably won't change anytime soon. She is someone that likes to have fun and mess around, she definately has a rebellious attitude and doesn't really listen to authority. Taking risks and enjoying things that most people would think twice about doing, shes a dare devil and enjoys getting other people to take risks also.

She isn't someone that likes to have a big group of friends because then you can't really get to know each one, she wants to know everything about the people she become friends with. She grew up with a close knit group of friends but soon they all moved on with their lives and each went onto different universities. Amari tries to get along with everyone but some people press the wrong buttons, she has a hard time holding her tongue back and is known to swear a bit too much. She really doesn't have a filter, what she thinks she will say, if she doesn't like you she most likely will tell you.

Music is Amari's dream, she loves to sing and play the piano, ever since her father started teaching her when she was four she hasn't stopped. She is glad she was able to come to America to live her dream, she knows shes going to miss her family but she needed to get started in her future. Coffee and cigarettes are a couple things she can not live without, coffee keeps her going and cigarettes she just has not been able to give up.

Hobbies: Piano, singing, djing, tattoos, piercings, drawing (though she shares this with no one), singing, animals, swimming, sky diving, horror movies, dancing, smoking pot and other things
Major: Music
Minor: Dance


Relationship Status:
Single...for now

Father: Andrew Jenkins -deseased-
Mother: April Jenkins
Older Brother: Arthur Jenkins
Younger Sister: Amelia Jenkins
Younger Brother: Alex Jenkins -deseased-

Amari was born in Britain, the second child of Andrew and April Jenkins. Her brother Arthur was three years older then her and when Amari was three her mother gave birth to a set of twins. She had an easy childhood, made friends easily and did great in school. Her father taught her to enjoy music, learning how to play the piano was one of her many joys. Her mother got her sister and her in dance, she learned ballet and modern dance. She had many different recitals and her parents were proud of her.

Everything came to a stop when she was twelve, her father, her younger brother and her went out to the store for their mother. She forgot something for dinner, so off they went. On their way home they were laughing and singing along to the radio then there was a crash. A truck t-boned them, everything went dark. Amari woke in the hospital, her mother and siblings were there, they told her she has been out for three days. She also found out her father and brother died in the accident.

Amari took it the hardest, she stopped playing and listening to music for years. She got into drugs and was partying alot. It wasn't till her old music teacher sat her down and talked to her that she knew she needed to shapen up. Things got a little better, she started practing the piano and dance again. She told her mother that she wanted to go to America for college. It took some persuading but finally her mother agreed.

English and French

So begins...

Amari Jenkins's Story

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Alexia Jade Monroe

Alex or Lexi

"Thats alot of sugar there honey, how can you stand it so sweet?" a voice said behind her. Alexia turned around. "Yeah, but it tastes like shit on its own." She replied. She took another swig of it, and scrunched up her nose. "yeah that might be a bit much now you mentioned it." he sad, tipping it down the sink. "I'm Alexia, but you call me Lexi, or Alex.." She said to the girl. She caught her looking her up and down. "Oh and if you think I am a dumb shit, I'm not ok." She said, pouring a glass of water.

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Amari laughed as the girl said coffee tasted like shit withouth the sugar "I can't stand anything in my coffee, does all americans put that much sugar in their coffee?" she asked curiously. Finishing her second cup she threw the cup away in the trash that was near her. She watched as the girl took a drink of the sugared coffee, she held back a laugh as the girl said the sugar was too much. "I thought so but hey now you know" the girl then introduced herself as Alexia, but preferred to be called Alex or Lexi "Nice to me you mate, im Amari Jenkins but my mates at home call me AJ or Mari".

The next thing the girl said made her huff a little, she really hated when people assumed shit, it pissed her off "look I wasn't even thinking that so maybe you shouldn't assume that, maybe I was thinking your good looking but now I am not going to tell you what I think, fucking assumptions" she then turned and headed outside. She definately needed a smoke.

She hoped all Americans weren't like that, especially her roommate. As she walked outside she saw three girls sitting together, a couple of them were smoking. She took out a cigarette and put it in her mouth, then took a lighter out of her other pocket she lit the cigarette then walked over to the three girls, leaning against the wall of a building. "Hey you all new?" she asked curiously, her british accent was definately heavy in her voice. She was hoping she could nake a few like minded friends, maybe someone that could help her get some pot. "Im Amari, can call me AJ though" she looked at the girls, taking another puff from her cigarette.

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Alexia huffed. "God dammit mate im not American. I'm from the SA." She said to Mari. "I didn't mean it like that. I was just saying, im not blonde and...happy all the time." She said more softly. Amari walked out the door. Great. Lexi thought. I thought I could make a friend. She seemed nice.... She said, and drank her water.
Sh waled over to the plump lady "Do you have and cigare- food?" She asked.

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Nate had been leaning comfortably against the wall, taking stock of the more interesting newbies when two of them came up to him. The guy could be considered good-looking, but Nate didn't swing that way. The girl was obviously gorgeous and he had always had a certain fondness for redheads. The guy spoke to him first. "How's your first day going, bro?" Nate gave a smirk and shook his head. "This isn't my first day, this is my second year. I'm just hear to get a good look at the freshman."

The red-head looked around as if she was out of place. Then another girl came up to her and started speaking to her. Nate turned back to the guy. He seemed interesting enough and it seemed like Nate never had enough friends. He hadn't befriended any new people yet and he liked the look of these two. They seemed like really likable people. "Name's Nathaniel, but you can call me Nate" He said and held his hand out for the guy to shake.

Jo had pulled a book from her purse after some time of sitting with the two girls. She hadn't struck up the courage to speak just yet. As she flipped the pages of A Game of Thrones another girl had come outside to smoke. Jo supposed that she had set in the smoker's corner, but it didn't bother her much, she was used to her Papa smoking cigars at home. "Hey, you all new?" The girl asked in a British accent. Jo decided that now was as good a time as any to make herself heard. She put her book away and turned to the girl. "I'm not sure about them, but I am." Jo said. The girl introduced herself as Amari, but said you could call her AJ. "My name's Josephina, but everybody just calls me Jo." She was a bit disappointed that this girl wasn't her roommate. She seemed friendly and Jo liked that about her.

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"Hey you all new?"

The voice caught her off guard and her eyes flickered over to the girl for a moment, "Im Amari, can call me AJ though." Amari, it was a nice name. Rolled off the tongue.

The voice next to her made her jump, "I'm not sure about them, but I am," the bookworm stated, clearly eager to converse with someone after the silence.

To Taylor? Silence was golden in her book, and nothing would replace it with anything sweeter... Yet, the girl continued to talk.

"My name's Josephina, but everybody just calls me Jo."

Taylor decides to give in, "Taylor...Taylor Murray," She acknowledges AJ with a small smirk and looks at Blondie -- who was just sprawled as far as she could have across the bench, feet stretched out to the point where her body-language screamed, 'Don't give two fucks'.

Taylor lets out a chuckle and notices everything flocking around with a small shudder. Big crowds made her uneasy at most times.


Max finished up with orientation and decided to meander outside, lighting up another cigarette as he went. He glided through towards the dorms, stopping outside the entrance to lean against the wall to finish smoking.

He inhaled slowly and then exhaled, soaking in the rays of California sun. His eyes glimmered in the light as he squints against the rays of light streaming through the trees that covered campus.

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While Juliet was sitting happily enjoying her cigarette and feeling content with the silence, she noticed another girl join there little group. Short and skinny, she was attractive too. From an outsiders point of view, she looked like someone Juliet could get along with.

What am I going to do with all these attractive people around? She wondered to herself. That was the only trouble Juliet had with being bisexual—too much attractiveness. It split her concentration. She smiled again as she noticed the girl had a cigarette, they were starting their own corner.

The newest addition to their group was leaning against the wall nearest Juliet, and the blonde only looked up through her bangs to see her. She asked if they were new, and sounded distinctively British.

The other girl on their bench was saying something, but Juliet wasn't paying attention. That name sounded familiar. Amari. Seemed like something she would remember even if she had just glanced at it.

She sat up suddenly and leaned over to grab her bag that she'd tossed on the floor. After pulling out the piles of paper the overly happy woman from earlier had given her, she pinpointed the reason why she recognized the name.

“Amari Jenkins?” She asked, holding up her roommate sheet, her long black nails gleaming in the sunlight. She figured it had to be, how many people were walking around with the name Amari?

“I'm Juliet,” she introduced.

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Amari inahled as she took another drag from her cigarette, she looked up at the sky then let out a breath of smoke. She was starting to feel calmer having had her coffee and now her smoke, she was definately in a much better mood then about ten minutes ago. "I'm not sure about them, but I am." One of the girls on the bench spoke up, she looked over to see the girl had a book open in her book but soon put it away "My name's Josephina, but everybody just calls me Jo." She gave Jo a smile "my middle name is close to your name Jo, Josephine".

Taking another drag from her cigarette another voice joined the conversation "Taylor...Taylor Murray," She looked over to the dark haired beauty, seeing the smirk she just nodded her head in Taylor's direction. If all the girls were going to be this hott then she was so going to enjoy college. Brushing a strand of her green hair out of her face and behind her hair she looked around as people continued to walk and talk, getting to know one another.

Hearing papers being ruffled around she looked down to the blonde that seemed to be looking for someone, how the girl was dressed made Amari already have taken a liken to the girl. "Amari Jenkins?" the blonde asked after having seemed to find what she was looking for "the one and only" she said with a smirk, finishing off her cigarette, she tossed it in the bin beside her. "Im Juliet".

Amari couldn't help but gri "fuck your my roomie aren't you? Thats awesome mate. Definately going to be an awesome year" she looked the blonde over with her eyes "love your shirt...know of anything fun thats going aeound here? First time in the states and im liking it so far" she said with a flirtatious tone. "I thought I wasn't going to be able to find my roomie till I actually got to my room but lucky me we found each other".

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Juliet's own lips quirked into a smirk at Amari's response. Oh yeah, she could tell she was going to like this girl. She pulled in the last drag of her own cigarette as she put her papers back into her bag.

It was very rare that Juliet James ever felt giddy, but so far Amari had struck her as a girl she'd like to know. That put a grin on Juliet's face because, for once, she felt like her roommate would be someone she didn't contemplate murdering. Banging, maybe, but not killing.

Her own grin was the only answer she gave to Amari's question then she looked down at the shirt she was wearing. An old A7x, she'd almost forgotten. "Thanks," she replied.

Amari's tone was flirtatious, and Juliet's wide grin only stayed in place. Not that she was surprised, they were defiantly a group of attractive girls. The two the blonde was currently sandwiched between, however, could give her fantasies that would put a males mind to shame.

"Tell me about it," Juliet agreed with a bit of an exaggerated eyeroll. She had been very worried about the roommate situation and how that would go along, but meeting the girl beforehand and put her at ease.

She tossed her cigarette butt away and sat back, blowing out her last ring of smoke. "I've heard of a few things." Her own flight had landed the Friday before Orientation, she had a friend down a few towns over she'd stayed with. He was a bit crazy, and told her of the best beaches to hit up for parties.

In town she'd heard of a few things going on, tamer things, and she slowly raised her eyes to the green eyed beauty again. "Anything you're interested in specifically?"

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"Ass backwards," Juliet muttered under her breath with a chuckle. She was going to have to remember that one. She dragged herself off the bench and grabbed her one bag off the ground. "Yeah, I know where our room is. Found it earlier, I'll show you the way."

She threw up a peace sign for Jo and Taylor, and an extra wink in Taylor's direction. "Thanks for the light. Hit me up sometime."

Then, feeling uncharacteristically nice, she grabbed one of Amari's bags for her and gestured for her to follow. "So, you dj?" Juliet asked as she started the walk back to the main entrance of the college. She liked good music herself, and was one to enjoy parties and smoking just about anything.

As they walked inside towards the elevators, Juliet turned back to their previous conversation. "Nothing like the first day of college," she agreed. "There's a lot going on...I'm sure I don't even know the entirety."