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Maxwell Murray

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a character in “The College Experiment”, as played by ChaosxChild13


Maxwell Murray


Full name:
Maxwell Murray




Birth Date:
July 16th, 1994



About Me:
Maxx stands about five foot seven and is rail skinny, he doesn't work out much, his metabolism keeps him thin. He likes to wear a lot of beanies, skinny jeans and band t-shirts. His black hair flops over his eye and he has a lot of tattoos -- including sleeve tattoos, and multiple other ones. He also has his lip pierced.

People consider Maxx is an extremely quiet, almost socially awkward kid. He barely knows how to hold eye contact, or a conversation for that matter. Probably because he is really smart and is always in his own world thinking about something. He is extremely introverted with few close friends and has been this way most of his life. He is caught drawing/doodling, and daydreaming a lot. He is in a band, and plays bass. He also can play the piano extremely well and writes his own lyrics, although no one besides his sister has ever seen them before. Maxx, all in all, is pretty indifferent to almost everything, nothing really bothers him, but nothing really excites him either. Which has brought him to gain the label, "Mysterious". He's not really into relationships, but hey, if someone is willing to stick by him and all of his quietness and inability to socialize very well, he might consider one.

Maxx is a quiet kid for the most part, he really enjoys being around his close friends, getting tattoos, drawing, and designing things. He is a fantastic singer, although he is extremely shy about it. He doesn't like attention drawn to him, and he doesn't like to be attached to his phone at all. Most of the time he'll just leave it lying around somewhere. He loves to be outside, or just chilling in his room for the most part.

Having attention drawn towards him, being lied to. People who are two faced. He doesn't like drinking, or smoking weed, although he doesn't mind if others do. He will just stick to his menthol cigarettes.

Maxx doesn't have many fears due to his indifference. Death doesn't phase him, he believes death is simply a gateway to another life, or realm. He doesn't fear spiders, because that's a part of nature. He does however fear his stepfather.

I kind of want to be a music theory teacher...Or go into graphic arts... I'm not sure though.

Relationship Status:
Single as Mr. Bingle.

Maxx grew up with his older sister, his mother and stepfather. His dad left his mother and sister when he was five. He grew up as the man of the house for a while until his mother got a new boyfriend and they got married after only four months of knowing each other. Maxx's stepfather was a burly man, weighing a total of two-hundred pounds and standing a decent six foot seven. He would always degrade Maxx's sister, and his mother, and not to mention he would degrade Maxx a lot, saying that he would never get anywhere. In short term, his stepfather was abusive towards Maxx's family. Maxx went through a lot of depression in his high school years, cutting, suicide attempts, and everything else. He barely had any friends and didn't seem to care to try and get any. And if you notice, Maxx's sleeve tattoos tell a story of his high school years, and how he recovered from those events that happened during his life. He had admitted himself into an inpatient program at seventeen and recovered. He had found an apartment of his own to share with his sister, and his mother, leaving their stepfather in the old house.

[b]Other: Yes, Taylor happens to be my older sister. Jsyk... She's just less open about her past...
FC: Kenneth Nixon

So begins...

Maxwell Murray's Story

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The Murray's

The liquor from the night before stained Tay's lips and she lets out a huff: Orientation, how ... Exciting?

To be completely honest, Taylor couldn't have been more bored with it, on the other hand her brother Maxx was surprisingly stoked about the whole level of excitement.

The girl turns to her brother as they stand outside of the main building and she snorts, lighting up a cigarette. Hauling her bags over to a bench, she sat down and Max turned to her with a small frown.

"Don't get TOO excited, Tay-Burt." He smirks, jokingly.

"I'll try not to explode," Taylor's eyes were flat as she inhales another drag of her cigarette, staring up at the buildings, "It's a nice place... Hopefully the people here aren't too annoying...."

"That's the spirit." Maxx's dark brown eyes flicker with amusement and she gives a sarcastic nod, a micro-sneer flashes across her face before taking another drag and flicking the ashes. Thoughts began fluttering in her head and Max sits down next to her, lighting his own cigarette, his elbows relax casually on his bent knees and he turns his head towards Taylor, "Look, can you at least TRY to smile?"

Taylor gives a half-ass smile and Max drops his head for a moment, shaking it, a small stifled laugh coming through his lips as he took another drag. Taylor stares quietly down the campus, her eyes flickering in the light.

Max taps her gently on the shoulder and she turns toward him slowly, pushing her hair out of the way.

"Everything's going to be really great, Taylor... Just, try not to kill anyone..." The playful tone to his voice made her smile and she nodded.

Max stood up, grabbing his bags and he takes his way towards the orientation while Taylor sat behind on the bench, finishing her cigarette.

[cont of Max...]


Max walked inside where the Orientation was going on and stood up behind a girl with long, blonde hair.

"Oho, does Ms Juliet have a Romeo?" Max overhead the conversation ahead of him and couldn't help but try to cover up his laugh, he could tell by t he girl's body language she totally wasn't into people much. Kind of like Taylor, Max smirked silently and waited.

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Juliet was highly annoyed. Already. That was interesting, usually she could make it at least a couple of hours before her patience snapped. Apparently today was not her day.

Beside her, an attractive redhead and a very attractive male had joined the group around the table. Why did he apparently get the normal attendant?

Normal people, she thought bitterly.

"Actually, I'm more into Rosaline," she answered as she snapped the stuff she needed out of the very shocked attendant's hand. She smirked at the woman and turned around, finding herself face to face with another boy who was waiting in line. Cute, not very tall, tattoos and a lip piercing--her kind of guy.

She smiled a lot more kinder at him, winked, and then moved out of the way for him. She made a straight B-line that time for the food again. She wanted another doughnut...or two. Maybe another coke. And then she was going to sneak outside and grab a much needed cigarette.

The blonde stashed up on two chocolate doughnuts, grabbed a coke, and shoved both items including what the attendant had given her into her bag. She was outside in moments, walking with a purpose that no one else decided to interrupt.

Juliet leaned against the fancy wall of the entrance with a sigh and dug through her bag for her cigarette pack. What started as a short search soon turned frantic. Cigarette's in hand, she couldn't find her lighter.

"Fuck no," she breathed under her breath and looked up. Not to far from her on a bench was a petite girl with dark hair, smoking. Thank god.

"Hey," she said, oddly politely, and just loud enough to be heard. She held up her pack of cigarette's. "Gotta lite? Can't find mine."

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"Hey you all new?"

The voice caught her off guard and her eyes flickered over to the girl for a moment, "Im Amari, can call me AJ though." Amari, it was a nice name. Rolled off the tongue.

The voice next to her made her jump, "I'm not sure about them, but I am," the bookworm stated, clearly eager to converse with someone after the silence.

To Taylor? Silence was golden in her book, and nothing would replace it with anything sweeter... Yet, the girl continued to talk.

"My name's Josephina, but everybody just calls me Jo."

Taylor decides to give in, "Taylor...Taylor Murray," She acknowledges AJ with a small smirk and looks at Blondie -- who was just sprawled as far as she could have across the bench, feet stretched out to the point where her body-language screamed, 'Don't give two fucks'.

Taylor lets out a chuckle and notices everything flocking around with a small shudder. Big crowds made her uneasy at most times.


Max finished up with orientation and decided to meander outside, lighting up another cigarette as he went. He glided through towards the dorms, stopping outside the entrance to lean against the wall to finish smoking.

He inhaled slowly and then exhaled, soaking in the rays of California sun. His eyes glimmered in the light as he squints against the rays of light streaming through the trees that covered campus.

[[sorry these posts are WAY short but I've been SUPER stressed out latelyyy]]