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Nathaniel Steele

"Life ain't that bad, is it?"

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a character in “The College Experiment”, as played by Kuukakulily


Nathaniel Steele


Full name: Nathaniel Jay Steele
Nicknames: Nate, Jay
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birth Date: May 2
Age: 20
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Scars: Nate has a large scar that runs from his left shoulder to just past his elbow as well as some smaller cuts along his torso and face.
Tattoos: Nate has no tattoos to speak of, though he has thought of getting one.
Piercings: He doesn't have any piercings to speak of either.

Nate has "the boy next door" looks. While he's not plain, he doesn't consider himself very handsome either. He has black hair that, at this point, reaches his shoulders. He's experimenting on how long it'll get before the school makes him cut it. He usually tucks it behind his ears or ties it back in a half-ponytail.

He gets his striking light blue eyes from his father. He has often been asked if he's wearing contacts because to some, the color is unnatural and a little unsettling. His face is almost always covered in some type of stubble. When he shaves, he feels as if he looks to much like a "baby-face".

He's not very up-to-date on men's fashion these days and usually just wears a plain t-shirt and some cargo shorts. When it's colder, which is hardly ever, he pulls out his favorite leather jacket.

Nate is a fun-loving, easy-going person. He rolls with the punches, never really taking too much seriously. He's not the type of person to get angry easily or hold grudges. His motto is usually "Forgive and Forget." He prefers to follow others rather than lead, but he knows his limitations and won't do what everyone else is doing if he feels that it doesn't meet his moral code.

He's a loyal and true friend who'll be there for you in the good and bad times. He's quick to defend someone he cares for, but more in a passive way. He doesn't condone violence and has become very good at breaking up fights. He's the best person to go to if you have a problem because he will always try to help you solve it. That being said, he's a great negotiator and can diffuse any high-tension event quite easily.

Nate likes to think of himself as rather funny and uses humor as shield to hide his own emotions. He doesn't like talking about himself or his feelings and has gotten good at avoiding such conversations. It's not that he does it on purpose, it's just that he's done it for so long that it's become second nature to him. If you happen to get a peep into his inner feelings you'll find a sensitive soul who is truly selfless, but ultimately alone and little bit sad.

Hobbies: Animals, Helping Others, Reading, Hanging out with his friends
Major: Veterinary Science

Relationship Status: Single and looking
Family: Father, Thomas "Tommy". Mother, Angela "Angie". Younger sister, Madison "Maddie"
Languages: English and some Italian

Nate's life was pretty uneventful for the most part. He grew up with a white-collar family in Tennessee, made decent grades and played baseball in high-school. He was the perfect teen. He didn't drink or party or do anything risky. He was never bullied or treated horribly by anyone at all. He was well liked by his peers and adults alike and not one person had anything bad to say about him at all.

Everything changed for him two years ago. It was storming very bad and he was driving home from the theater after having watched a movie with his friends. The road was slippery, and the wind kept blowing his ancient truck to and fro. Looking back, he should've pulled over somewhere and waited it out, but he thought everything would be fine at the time. Out of the windshield, he could see a car's headlights in his lane. He didn't even have time to react before the Trans-Am plowed into his truck. The next thing Nate knew, he was waking up in a hospital, his arm in a cast and cuts all over his body. He later found out that the driver of the car died on impact and the autopsy revealed that he was intoxicated, but the fact remains that he inadvertently killed a person and that fact weighs heavily on him.

For the next few months, he became withdrawn and moody, only taking comfort in his dog, Joby. It took some time and therapy, but he's better for the most part. He wanted to distance himself from the memory and so, chose to attend Flagler.

Nate is not religious, but he has a strong moral code. That's not to say he hates those that go against it, just that he himself will not engage in activities that go against it.

So begins...

Nathaniel Steele's Story

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Jo walked through the entrance of the gym. She looked down at the pamphlet in her hand. She had already been attending Flagler for a year now, but a classmate mistook her for a freshman and gave her the paper anyway. She had nothing better to do at the moment and decided she would go just scope out the newbies. Her previous roommate had also graduated and she would be getting a new roommate this year, so it couldn't hurt to figure out who she would be sharing space with.

In the corner was a table with doughnuts and beverages. Her stomach gave a small rumble and she made a B-line for the goodies. She grabbed a chocolate doughnut from the box and chewed it slowly as she wandered through the booths. She already knew of all the clubs they had to offer, though none of them held much interest for her.

After she had finished her doughnut, she decided she should find out who her roommate was. She wiped the rest of the glaze off on her jeans and walked up to the booth. The pleasantly plump lady smiled "Hello," Jo gave a small smile back. "Hi, I just wanted to find out who my new roommate would be this year, please." The lady nodded. "Certainly, may I have your name?" Jo had missed that last part having been distracted my a handsome guy and his red-headed companion. " name. Josephina Martinez." The lady smiled and handed over the sheet of paper with her roommate assignment on it. Jo took it and retreated back outside.

The white sheet read "Taylor Murray". "I suppose that's a pretty name. she thought as she sat on a bench next to a girl who was smoking.

Nate bounded off the shuttle, arriving back at Flagler after a nice summer vacation. It felt good to see his family, but he felt he belonged here rather than back in Tennessee. He could see new students walking around the campus, mingling together. It was Orientation Day and many of the new students seemed lost. He made his way to his dorm room to drop off his luggage. He could see that he would be gaining a new roommate this year from the luggage that had been dropped off on the opposite bed.

He was a little too eager to meet his roommate. He knew the booth would be set up in the gym for the new students and decided that was where he needed to go. He pulled his shoulder length hair back into a half-ponytail and exited the room.

He was a fast walker, so it didn't take him long to get to the gym. Many students were outside, smoking or conversing. He nodded to a few of the older ones, recognizing them from his various classes and entered the gymnasium.

He spotted the roommate assignment booth in the very back and made his way there. Upon arrival , he had a short conversation with the attendant, giving her his name, and she giving him the sheet of paper that read "William Phillips" The name was rather unfamiliar. He sat in a corner and scoped out the room, making guesses about his roommates appearances.

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Will took the phone from her hand and entered the ten digits that could be used to contact him at almost any time. Then, he snapped a picture of himself using her phone and used it for the contact picture. Smiling, he offered it back to Veronica. "Feel free to call me anytime." Will looked around the room attempting to spy the person who might be his room mate. Not that he had any idea what the person might look like, but still. He looked back over to Veronica and smiled, "Well, I'm going to go look around for my roommate a bit, you can tag along if you'd like. After that I might find some food. I'm actually starting to get hungry, and your coffee is making me think of Starbucks." He gestured for her to follow him, if she wanted to that is. The company would be nice. Will never liked to be alone. Life is always more exiting when you have a friend or even, dare he say it, a female friend. To live it with.

Making his way through the semi-crowded orientation gym he noticed the assortment of people in the gym, among them were a couple emo/goth looking kids, some attractive females, the cheerleaders (whom kindly smiled and waved at him again), and one guy who looked a bit older than he was sitting in the corner. He decided to take a B-line to the corner, as the guy sitting there looked more interesting than the other kids, especially the cheerleaders. The dude had pretty long brown hair and seemed relatively chill. His eyes appeared to be scanning the room, for whatever reason. Will didn't think much of it. When he got over to the guy's no longer lonely corner he sat down next to him. Deciding to make the first move, he said in a charismatic voice, "How's your first day going, bro?" Will wanted to try to get to know as many people as he could on the first day.

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#, as written by Grrbot
"Feel free to call me anytime." Will said. I smiled. "Thanks... I will." I said, tucking the phone in my back pocket. "Well, I'm going to go look around for my roommate a bit, you can tag along if you'd like. After that I might find some food. I'm actually starting to get hungry, and your coffee is making me think of Starbucks." Will said. "Oh sure... And if your up for lunch I'd love to come along... If you'd have me?" I asked him, starting to follow him.

I followed him, winding through the crowd. We were headed for a guy that looked slightly older with longer brown hair. I smiled at the guy as we approached him. Will said a greeting and I said hello. "My name is Veronica... But you could call me Ronnie or Ron." I say. As they talk I start to feel like a third wheel. I look around..

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Nate had been leaning comfortably against the wall, taking stock of the more interesting newbies when two of them came up to him. The guy could be considered good-looking, but Nate didn't swing that way. The girl was obviously gorgeous and he had always had a certain fondness for redheads. The guy spoke to him first. "How's your first day going, bro?" Nate gave a smirk and shook his head. "This isn't my first day, this is my second year. I'm just hear to get a good look at the freshman."

The red-head looked around as if she was out of place. Then another girl came up to her and started speaking to her. Nate turned back to the guy. He seemed interesting enough and it seemed like Nate never had enough friends. He hadn't befriended any new people yet and he liked the look of these two. They seemed like really likable people. "Name's Nathaniel, but you can call me Nate" He said and held his hand out for the guy to shake.

Jo had pulled a book from her purse after some time of sitting with the two girls. She hadn't struck up the courage to speak just yet. As she flipped the pages of A Game of Thrones another girl had come outside to smoke. Jo supposed that she had set in the smoker's corner, but it didn't bother her much, she was used to her Papa smoking cigars at home. "Hey, you all new?" The girl asked in a British accent. Jo decided that now was as good a time as any to make herself heard. She put her book away and turned to the girl. "I'm not sure about them, but I am." Jo said. The girl introduced herself as Amari, but said you could call her AJ. "My name's Josephina, but everybody just calls me Jo." She was a bit disappointed that this girl wasn't her roommate. She seemed friendly and Jo liked that about her.