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The colors of the wind

The colors of the wind


I'll paint you a world where we can be together...

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The year was 2071, on a planet much like earth, except with minor differences. On this world, races ranged from Shapeshifters, to humans, lycans, vampires, ghosts, and so on, so forth. Each race had made it clear what their own territory is, and the landscape almost shapes itself accordingly, quickly shifting from flowing fields, to jagged cliffs, and it changes as the boundaries shift. As soon as one claims land, it became suited to the race that claimed it.

Little did anyone know, a legendary immortal artist existed upon the celestial plain, drawing the sharp lines and smooth curves of the landscape, sculpting the land into whatever he drew. He wielded a tool of indescribable power, only spoke of upon a legend that survives upon the wind's breath. The very brush with which he shaped the world could've been used to destroy it, which is why he went to great lengths to keep it in his own hands, and to keep mortals out of the celestial plane, just to ensure that the brush would not fall into the wrong hands.

One day, a wicked man of great evil power rose up against the artist, and they engaged in combat, causing great havoc on the celestial plane and on earth. The wicked man was winning the fight, so in a last ditch effort, he used all his strength to fling the brush through time into the past, where it created a safe place sealed with a nearly impenetrable barrier, locking the brush away for as long as the invincible barrier stood, keeping it out of reach of the wicked man. The wicked man attempted to follow it through time, and seemed to just vanish from existance. All was well...

As time drew on, the world went on uninfluenced by the brush, becoming whatever those living upon it sculpted it to be. Many have tried to get to the celestial plain to claim the brush for their own, whatever their purposes might be, ranging from fame, to power, to divine purposes, and to those that were impure. Time continued on, and the barrier remained strong and true, keeping intruders out so that none may have touched the brush.

...That is, until today.


On this very day of the year 2011, a whisper floats on the wind, speaking of the wonder of the brush, and how the barrier diminishes in power, which could very well allow for someone to obtain the brush and shape the world to their very desires. Some would use it for evil, some would use it for good, and the only question that remains is...

..If you had the brush, what would you use it for?


Character Skeleton

--Muscles(how strong are you?):
--Scars, tattoos, other markings(If any):
--Image(If possible):

--General(how do you act?):
--Quirks(If any):


(How was your life as you grew up? How did you hear about the brush? Do you plan on trying to get the brush? Include stuff like that. I like a good history.)

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2. Be literate! Write at least a good paragraph for each post. No one-liners!

3. You cannot instant-hit people. If you try to strike another player, wait until they post to see if they got hit or not.


3 1/2. Ignore rule 7.

4. KEEP IT APPROPRIATE! Don't post any sexual content past kissing and such, and don't go into detail with things like injuries and such.

5. Ignore rule 3 1/2.

5 7/8. I will warn you if you break the rules. If you break them again, I will warn you again. On your third offense, I will remove you from the story.

6. Post at least once or twice a week! If you're inactive for seven days or more, you're out of the roleplay. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

7. If you read EVERYTHING, post "Smiley is an Eevee!" at the bottom of your character sheet.

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Character Portrait: Dean Dyardin


Character Portrait: Dean Dyardin
Dean Dyardin

"This is my chance! For what, you ask? Everything!"


Character Portrait: Dean Dyardin
Dean Dyardin

"This is my chance! For what, you ask? Everything!"

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Character Portrait: Dean Dyardin
Dean Dyardin

"This is my chance! For what, you ask? Everything!"

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This rp alive? I was thinking of submitting a character...

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