Alexandra Grey


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Alexandra Grey

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♣️Nicknames: Zanado, Zanzan, Lex, Al, Zandra,
♣️Age: 16
♣️Sexuality: heterosexual
♣️Hair color: light pink
♣️Eye color: blue
♣️Height: 5”
♣️Weight: 90 lbs
♣️Abilities: manipulation of ice and water
♣️Side: against (With or against the company)

♥️Personality Despite her time spent in the Lab, Alexandra is a kind, loving child, though a bit shy. Alexandra is has a hard time trusting people she has just met, but, if you manage to break this, you will see a loyal and determined individual, who would never let anything bad happen to those who she cares about. She is stubborn and determined, and extremely hard working. In a away she is much like that of the element which she controls, she is calm, patient, flexible, and very nurturing under the right circumstances, however, should a storm happen, she can become a whirlwind, never stopping until what harms her or her friends is destroyed, no matter how reckless or self harming it may be.
✖️ being called by her full name
✖️ needles
✖️ the smell of steralization(like in a doctors or dentists office)
✖️ her severe motion sickness
✖️ heights
⚫️ being alone
⚫️ her friends dieing

♦️History: Alexandra was born to the CEO of a successfully shipping company and a professional Broadway star. Since the day she was born, Lex was introduced to water and the beach. Her earliest memory is playing in the water with her parents, since they owned a house directly on the beach. For the first thirteen years of her life, she a quite comfortable one. However, all that changed when a cruise that the family had gone on for her birthday, was caught in a storm and sank. Alexandra was the only survivor. After being in the hospital for a few days, Alexandra began to discover her powers of water and ice manipulation, sadly, so to did the doctors. As she had no family to claim her, and her powers, so they sent her over to something she knew only as the lab. There she was poked and prodded, day in and day out. She was forced to be put through a variety of tests and painful experiments that still haunt her dreams to this day. At fifteen, she finally managed to escape, and began her quest to know, not only more about her powers, but more about the people who had put her through hell. Alexandra spent the next year living on the streets, going from town to town in order to avoid being captured by the Lab's personnel, who were sent out to look for their prized subject. Later, she learned that the lab was an experimental subdivision of a place called the Company, and that she was not the first, though she was the first to escape from the new subdivision. Angered, she vowed to bring the Company to justice, so that they could never do what they did to her, to any other children. It was around this time that she met up with Kurai and the others and joined them.
♦️Thoughts on other characters:

Caitlin Blackwood: Acts like the older sister I never had ^^ .

Kurai Everest: She seems...nice? Maybe somewhere deep, deep down, but she frightens me too much for me to find out T.T

Isabel Close: Isabel can whine too much sometimes, maybe that's why she always looks like she stepped out of a salon.

Mason Azar: He's seems tough, but something tells me he's a big teddy bear deep down ^^, just please don't tell him I said that, I'm fairly certain he would kill me.

Peter Beckett: My older brother I always wanted. XD.

James Petrelli: He's amazing! His kind, smart, and creative, I've never seen such beautiful paintings as the ones that James has created. ^^

Nathan Sheridan: Nathan is very entertaining. I just wish he would stop flirting so much and get his butt in gear more often XD.

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