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The Concrete Jungle: Surviving the Apocalypse

The Armory


a part of The Concrete Jungle: Surviving the Apocalypse, by WalksWithWalkers.

Stone walls guard you from what lurks outside. Abandoned and lightly stocked: Have a look around.

WalksWithWalkers holds sovereignty over The Armory, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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One of the starting locations.
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The Armory

Stone walls guard you from what lurks outside. Abandoned and lightly stocked: Have a look around.



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Character Portrait: Aiya Marks
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Aiya's world had changed; not over centuries or millenniums... No. The shift had taken no less than a week. In that time, life as she knew it had ceased to exist and was replaced by a lifestyle that had only one rule: survive or be eaten. So far, she had done so; but time was running out. The supplies she had found in the armory had done her some good; she was able to take on a few of her new, bloodthirsty adversaries at a time. Kai, her German Shepard, had assisted as well by providing a warning system for approaching un-dead. But she was getting dangerously low on food and water. All that remained were four bottles of water, a box of wheat thins, six energy bars, and six cans of beans. She assumed the previous residents had taken the rest.
Night was coming to an end, and day five of the new world order, dawning. Aiya awoke at six fifteen, feeling rather well rested. The previous nights, sleep had escaped her. Kai was dozing by her bedside, dreaming about something that caused her paws to twitch excitedly. Aiya chuckled softly, tip-toeing over the animal and moving to the boarded window. She peeked through the wood panels, surveying the street; there were three zombies that she could count out there, ambling about as they usually did when there was no smell or sight of a living being. She made a disgusted sound in the back of her throat and turned from the scene, reaching for her rifle. Poking the muzzle out of the cracks, Aiya took aim, and fired. One of the Runners, as she called them, fell to the concrete with a sickening 'thud', life finally, fully, leaving it's body. The other zombies turned to look in her direction; she saw them tense to spring. Another shot. Another. And another. Two of her shots landed, one in the eye socket and the other in the neck of her first two targets. The first fell, the other was blown back a step, but regained itself. It released a primal, guttural wail and sprang forward, sprinting towards the woman in hopes of breakfast. Aiya acted quickly and reached beside her backpack, grasping her katana and unsheathing it with a flourish. The zombie was at the window, then, and was using it's dead, bleeding hands to claw at the boards. Aiya would not allow it's entry. With a small, triumphant cry, Aiya drove the tip of her blade through the corpse's jugular, twisted, then jerked it to the left. The zombie's head fell from it's body, jaw still working as it hit the ground. Aiya sighed, using a rag to wipe the blood from tempered metal, then re-sheathed her blade. More would come, she knew, from the sound of shots fired.
"Hmph..." she mumbled, feeling wetness on her knuckles. She turned, smiling at Kai, who had been awakened by the gunfire. The canine was licking her hand, tail wagging. Her eyes returned to the street as she began to pat her companion on the head.
"Let them come..."​