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Blake Young

"I run this game."

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a character in “The Consequence of Love and Trust”, as played by whymymothergoose


Blake is 18 years old and has short brown hair that he likes to gently spike up. He has bold eye brows that compliment his strong features. He has a rounded chin and full lips. His eyes are light brown and has hints of gold when in light. he is 5'11" and weighs 186 lbs. He is muscular with a perfect tan. The ladies swoon at the mere sight of him.


Blake is the most popular guy in school. All the ladies want him and all the guys want to be him. Most of them that is. He has a big ego and thinks that the world revolves around him. He has always gotten what he wants. Blake is on the Varsity team of almost every sport at his school. While he excels at sports, he does the opposite in academics. Not that he really cares. He gets the "geeks" and "nerds" to do all his homework for him. He skims by with a D+, C- average. He is never with the same girl for more than a week. When he's not spending his time at practice, he is hanging out with his friends and partying. Blake drinks and smokes and lives like carefree. He thinks as if nothing bad could ever happen to Blake Young.



Blake is attached to the hip with his cell phone. He always has it with him and can't stand being without it. He wears his class ring on his ring finger on his right hand. Other then those two things, Blake usually doesn't carry anything else besides his keys, a pack of smokes, and a lighter.


Blake grew up in a rich family with a nice house. His parents never payed too much mind to him other then to urge him into sports. They let him do whatever he wanted and gave him whatever he wanted. Blake is the star Quarter Back for his High School football team. He is promised a scholarship at a state University. Blake thought he had everything figured out. He was going to make it big, until now.


So begins...

Blake Young's Story

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Oscar's eyelids fluttered open to reveal his chocolate brown eyes. His no longer blurry vision scanned the ceiling. It was different. Definatly not the same ceiling he'd been waking up to for as long as he could remember. He heard some scuffling and a few footsteps, causing him to shoot upwards into a sit. He ran his fingers through his bright blonde hair and sighed at the sight of four unconscious teenagers and one puzzled teenager.

"Damnit," Oscar muttered out of pure frustration, "Another party, another hangover" He muttered to no one in particular. A party seemed like the only reasonable excuse for 6 teenagers to by lying on the floor in a dark room. His eyes found the girl and he stood up, holding out his hand for her to shake. "I don't remember your name, but I'm Oscar," He greeted her.

He wasn't planning on sticking around for long, but it might look a bit rude if he didn't introduce himself. Maybe they could become close, who knew? Probably wouldn't last long anyway, Oscar had a tendancy not to stick with one girl for too long. They just became slightly boring after a while.

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Blake laid there on the hard, cold floor as if he was used to such a bed. He shifted his weight off his shoulder into a more comfortable position. He heard groans around him and the sound of bodies moving. The room was dark and quiet except the sound of shifting bodies and breathing. Somewhere in the room he could hear a male voice muttering to himself. There was silence until a female's voice broke it with more incoherent muttering. Blake laid there for several more seconds until the female spoke up and asked "Where exactly is this place?” He smiled at the girl's confusion. He sat up and cleared his throat.

"Where do you think sweetheart? You got shit faced at a party and now you don't remember. It's that simple." He said, in a snark tone. He reached his hand into his pocket for his phone to check the time."What the hell?" He muttered to himself when his pocket came up empty. He felt the area around him in case it had fallen out during his slumber. "Anyone find a phone?" His harsh voice breaking the silence. When no one responded he raised his voice even more and let out a startling "Hey!" to everyone in the room.

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Lorinda watched quietly as the remaining teens began to slowly wake up. When one of the boys named Oscar greeted her she smiled shaking his hand in return. "Hello. My names Lorinda." She shook his hand and then glanced around the mansion. She knew she had moments where she would party to hard and not remember anything the next day, but..she couldn't remember being invited to a party. Or better yet driving to the party. When she glanced down at herself she was in tight jeans and a red sweater that hung of one shoulder with black boots. Not something she would normally wear to a party. When she heard another more rude like voice she turned to the other boy who was asking about a phone.

She gave him a blunt look before speaking. "Does it look like any of us would know where your phone is, when we just woke up and don't really know where we are?" With that she turned to the other girl and gave a soft wave. "Hi, my name is Lorinda." She spoke softly hoping to spark up some conversation.

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Master smiled to himself as he watched the teenagers wake up one by one. The first was a tall dark haired girl. Lorinda. He liked the way her named rolled off his tongue. He saw her lips move and realized there was no sound coming from the machines. Getting up, he walked to the control panel and turned on the volume just in time to here one of the boys speak. "Damn it". This boy reminded Master of himself as a teen. The looks, the charm. The third to awake was Aria. He watched intently as she began to show signs of panic. Then came Blake. Young Blake. Throughout the three months that Master had watched him before claiming him, he had noticed that Blake didn't take things very seriously. Blake did exactly what Master expected. He blew it off thinking that it was just another party, another hangover, another blank night. He sat and listened to them exchanging words but his attention was on something else. One of the girls hadn't awaken. She was still laying in a dark corner of the room, completely still aside from the steady rise and falling of her chest. The injection should have worn off by now. What a shame it would to lose her and to have such a pretty face go to waste, not to mention the three months making sure she was good enough for his game. He wanted to go and check on her but the others were still there. He would have to wait for them to wake her. Or leave. And the only way they were leaving is if they found the note. Which so far they hadn't. If something was wrong with her he had limited time to get to her. Her life depended on them getting out soon. The though brought a smile to his cracked lips. What a lovely way to start things out. The death of a stranger on their shoulders. They better hurry! Tick Tock Tick Tock...

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Waking violently in what seemed to be an empty room James gasped for air. His senses seemed to be confused and his body ached all over as if he had been rolled off a bumpy hill. His ears still ringing and yes blurry he tried extremely hard to get up and collect his senses. As he slowly came to his fear and anxiety increased exponentially; countless horror movies began to fill his head as he tried to connect what he last remembered with his current situation. The only answers he could come up with to the question filling his head where a string of profane words. Quickly realizing that his might just be a delusion he searched his pockets for his medication. "FUCK!” he yelled out realizing while searching for his medication that his phone was gone. This only heightened his tension as he thought, "this has got to be some kind of horror film shit." He pulled out his medication as if it was a last string of hope, that maybe he was just imagining all this and these few pills held the cure. After checking the time he popped two pills instantly not caring about the dry and somewhat numb feeling in his mouth. The action alone somewhat calmed him down and he realized that whatever this is he had better analyze the situation that proceeded with extreme care as it could be his life. After looking around the room for a while he felt secure to open the one door that was there. He brushed off his grey gym shorts, zipped up his light, black hoody from old navy half way as to show the white t-shirt underneath, and walked to the door.
Opening the door slowly he saw five teens like himself and one on the floor, and with a bit of hesitation all he could say was "Hi." Looking at all the bright and pretty faces he felt at easy, none of them where familiar but also they didn’t seems to be dangerous. All he could assume was that they were in the same situation and so said one more thing. "I'm James Lee, and I just woke up not know where the fuck I am and how the hell i got here. Someone please tell me what’s going on?" The fear in his voice was noticeable even though he tried to suppress it, his eyes looked on the faces around him but more so to the girl on the floor hoping that her reason on the floor was not because the people in the room.