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Lily Knowles

"Don't judge a book by its cover."

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a character in “The Consequence of Love and Trust”, originally authored by MissBrightside_, as played by RolePlayGateway


Lily has almost bleach blonde glossy curly - Almost frizzy - hair. She has large, bright baby blue eyes with thick lashes, a pale complexion and heart-shaped red lips.


Lily's very calm and laid back, she's patient and keeps herself to herself most of the time although she is very friendly, if you talk to her first.


she keeps mace hidden in her shoe - just in case.


Lily was playing with her friends one day when she was 6 and tripped; she fell down a flight of stairs and got amnesia, she can't remember anything further back than the first day she got put in the mansion.

So begins...

Lily Knowles's Story

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Oscar's eyelids fluttered open to reveal his chocolate brown eyes. His no longer blurry vision scanned the ceiling. It was different. Definatly not the same ceiling he'd been waking up to for as long as he could remember. He heard some scuffling and a few footsteps, causing him to shoot upwards into a sit. He ran his fingers through his bright blonde hair and sighed at the sight of four unconscious teenagers and one puzzled teenager.

"Damnit," Oscar muttered out of pure frustration, "Another party, another hangover" He muttered to no one in particular. A party seemed like the only reasonable excuse for 6 teenagers to by lying on the floor in a dark room. His eyes found the girl and he stood up, holding out his hand for her to shake. "I don't remember your name, but I'm Oscar," He greeted her.

He wasn't planning on sticking around for long, but it might look a bit rude if he didn't introduce himself. Maybe they could become close, who knew? Probably wouldn't last long anyway, Oscar had a tendancy not to stick with one girl for too long. They just became slightly boring after a while.