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The Consequence

San Francisco


a part of The Consequence, by partially-stars.


partially-stars holds sovereignty over San Francisco, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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San Francisco is a part of The Consequence.

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Helena Roche [37] "Run, you clever boy. And remember."
Xeno Min Park [34] "I'M ALIVE!!!!! *cough* *hack* Sorry."
Dismay Nyx [33] "Yeah.. so I dye my hair.. what about it? Have a problem with my style? What are you, the hair police?"
Matt Kamrada [31] We all want to know what's going to happen, but sometimes our ignorance means we're happier.
Cameron Arthurs [30] I take pyromania to new extremes.
Lara McIntosh [28] "Look deep into my eyes and tell me what you see."
Andrew Proctor [28] "I blame Winnie-the-Poo..."
Scott Williams [27] So, if everyone could just calm down, I'm sure we'll be fine.
Athena Powell [24] "Give it your best shot, sunshine"
Skyla Ascot [21] 'Stay where you are, I'll be there in a second. Literally.'

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Scott found himself at the base before he knew it, the usual security checks verifying his identity before he was allowed access. As soon as the green light flicked on, he heaved the door open and went straight to his room. Somewhere on his way back, he'd realised that he'd left his phone on the small bedside table. He was barely able to use the blasted thing. It was all words and even though the images made it easier, he still found it nearly impossible to use. He was able to answer a call and sometimes make one, but that was the extent of it.

He unlocked the screen and noticed a missed call. He couldn't exactly make out who it was from, and the adrenaline racing through his veins made the whole thing worse, completely eliminating the chances of him returning it. It didn't matter. If it was important, they'd call again.

He headed for the conference room, sinking into the chair at the head of the table. He was the first back, it seemed.


Matt gave a smile and a nod in greeting when Xeno and Dismay arrived. Lena stood up to give Xeno a hug, and Matt found himself watching Dismay. He tried giving her a small smile, but she didn't look at him.

It took Matt a second to realise when Lena turned to speak to him. "Where are they, Matt? Can you see them?" He sighed an closed his eyes. He could tap into his power at will, but preferred not to. It would be tricky trying too focus on just Lara and Cameron, but hey, if he accidentally saw a plot to assassinate the President, he could get himself some brownie points with the Secret Service.

His power kicked in immediately and he saw Cameron and Lara. At first glance they were unharmed. Then he saw the duct tape around Cameron's wrists and the fact that he was sopping wet. Cameron was petrified of water.The fear in Lara's eyes couldn't be denied either. It then hit him that they were being held captive. And then they dragged Cameron to his feet and out of the room.

He snapped back to reality, the pain in his arm returning in a rush. He made a quick decision on what to tell Lena.

"They're being held captive. I don't know where, I don't know why, I don't know by who."

She didn't need to know about how they were being treated. She would be troubled enough by the fact that they were being held captive. She didn't need to know anything more.


He was vaguely aware of others coming and going, but he was curled in a ball in his corner, trying desperately not to sob. He'd failed at trying not to hyperventilate, and he was just trying to regulate his breathing. He couldn't forget the feeling of not being able to breathe, of water all around him, of the knowledge that he was about to die...

His clothes were still wet and still cold and he was shivering desperately, longing for warmth and wishing his power would come back so he could dry himself off and get warm. The lights were on, so he could see, but he didn't care. He'd willingly give up his sight for warmth and dry clothes and safety.

After a while, his breathing regulated a little. He looked up, seeing a girl curled against the wall, like he had been- and still was. He didn't know if his voice would work, so he gave it a try.

"I see they didn't try drowning you." It was meant as a comment but almost came out as a little bitter. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that..." His teeth were chattering and so he gave up on speaking, instead deciding just to preserve as much of his body warmth as he could.


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The men laughed loudly as Lara held her head in her hands crying; eyes held tightly shut.

"And I thought she would be a challenge to break!" the leader shouted.

"Well there's still plenty of those hidden memories to delve into. We can still have fun with this one," another said. There were only two men in the room and Lara was certain that it wasn't Oliver's voice that said the latter. She couldn't check though, she had lost complete control and if she opened her eyes even for a second the whole building would be taken down with her still in it.

She felt hands grab her arms as she was dragged back into the room she had started in. They through her on the ground and spit on her. "A monster like you doesn't deserve anything," he said as he closed the door. Lara stayed where she had fallen, hands still covering her eyes; not only was there all those feelings that had exploded inside her still there, but now there was embarrassment. There had been others in the room when she left so she was certain that they were still there. This meant that everyone in that room would be seeing her cry, so weak and lost, out of control; everything she had wanted to hide.

After a moment she put her hands to the cold damp floor and began to feel her way, crawling, towards any wall that was near by. She heard other breathing hard or sniveling like in the room, it sounded like there were only about four of them who had been captured, though she was unsure of who. Along her way to the wall, her hand met someone else's foot. It felt extremely wet as if the person whom it belonged to had been dunked in water. Without saying anything she altered her direction slightly away from the person. She didn't feel like being anywhere near other people right now, especially since she had no way of knowing who they were until they talked, even then they might all be strangers.

When Lara finally found a wall she pulled her knees up to her chest and tucked her head in, letting her hair cover her face complete. Her breathing was slowly going back to normal, though silent tears streamed down her face. She could feel the beginning of the memory the men unlocked beginning to show itself. Lara was in a hallway; long, thing, and wooden. The floorboards beneath her creaked with every step, photos of a strange man and woman hung on the walls, and scorch marks decorated the wooden walls in sharp and frightened patterns that just barely missed some of the picture while completely destroying other. Oliver was at the end of the hallway, a letter in his hand. He was saying something to Lara, but all the noises were still muffled. Then, just as he looked up an iridescent orange blasted from Lara hitting Oliver in the face. He screamed in pain and was knocked backwards clutching his face. The words "You monster" echoed. A sharp intake of breath and a weak and quiet "I didn't mean to" was all that came from the red head as she tightened her arms around herself.


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"We'll come back for you later, Proctor."

Andrew was tossed onto the ground, weak from blood loss. His vision was once still obscured by the blindfold, a preventive action so he wouldn't use his powers. He coughed up blood upon impact and rolled onto his back as the cell door was shut with a loud squeal. His wrist ached from supporting the weight of his limp body, but it was nothing compared to the throbbing pain of the wounds on his torso. A sense of relief washed over him as the captor's footsteps moved farther and farther away. Finally Andrew couldn't remain conscious any longer, he passed out right there, by the cell block door.


"They're being held captive. I don't know where, I don't know why, I don't know by who."

Captive? That would explain the reason behind the attacks. But were the attackers just targeting villains. No, Helena thought readily. Our superiors weren't the only ones killed. The heroes had people die too. Would that mean that some of their trainees were captured as well? Helena sighed inwardly. There was only one way to find out.

"We have to talk to the Heroes."


Horns blared as Tony weaved his way through the traffic, the wheels of his skateboard dragging against the asphalt. He gripped the book tightly in his hand, his concern wreaking havoc on his mind. It was eating away at him: thinking about what had happened to her. She'd never leave a book behind, especially her collection of Poe. Something was wrong. Tony rounded the corner of the back entrance where all the cars went to park, slowing down to a stop before the security door. The book entered his line of sight and he stopped, one foot still on the skateboard. He was getting antsy from worry, and it wasn't like him. He tsk'ed, burying his pride as he reached into his pocket for his phone. Her name stuck out amongst all of the other contacts as reality sunk in. What if she didn't answer? What would that mean? Or was he just over reacting...

He swallowed the lump in his throat and balanced the phone in his hand. "Come on Tony," he muttered to himself, "Stop being such a pussy." Clicking the 'enter' key, her number was dialed, and he brought the receiver up to his ear. She answered right away, and Tony felt himself sigh in relief at the sound of her heavy breathing. His words came out fast and he knew he was rambling, and it should've occurred to him that she sounded like she was crying but he was speaking before he could process it. "Lara? Lara, I found your book. Where are you? Everything's on fire downtown and it's a mess. Please tell me you're alright."

Lara's voice was a frantic whisper as she choke back sobs, "Tony? I-I-I can't...I don't know. Please you have to help me. There's these men and-..."

Her voice was scrambled but her desperate tone made his heart ache. "Lara?" He was losing connection on her end and he could barely hear her. Where the hell was she? Tony's words left him through clenched teeth, "Lara, you're breaking up. Who took you?"

"I don't know they were wearing masks. Tony please-..." Tony's eyes fell shut as her breath caught. The phone shook against his ear as he stood by the entrance of the Hero's den. Whether he was shaking from rage or fear, he couldn't be sure. "...-they're digging in my memories. I don't know what to do. I just don't."

Tony let out a ragged breath, and let out a curse under his breath. He never thought this would happen. Not to her. He spoke again, trying with a strenuous effort to remain calm for Lara's sake. "Lara. Listen to me, okay? I'm getting you out of this. I'm coming after you. Just-..." He echaled through his nostrils in pent up rage. He'd destroy whoever did this to her. Whoever did this was going to pay. "Just stay strong. I know you can. Don't let them break you."

He heard her nod on the other end and yearned to be at her side. "Okay," she muttered to herself in assurance, "I can do that and hurry they're-..."

"Hey! What're you doing!" Tony's heart dropped at the angry voice shouting on the other end. Anxiety riddled adrenaline pounded in his veins as Lara's panicked breathing prickled his ears. "Is that a phone!?"


"No wait!" Her voice was far away as she screamed his name, "Tony!"

"Shut up!" Tony heard her strangled cry of pain as she was kicked to the ground, and he clenched his fist with a white-knuckled strength. The captor chuckled before greeting him with a venomous hello, "Hi Tony."

"Listen here you piece of shit," Tony spat, his voice oozing with murderous intent, "I'm only going to say this once." His voice was low and threatening as he enunciated every word with malice. "I'm coming for her. I will find her. And when I do? I'm coming for you."

The captor laughed, his voice wickedly playful, "Oh really now? And what would you do once you found me lover boy?"

"I'm going to kill the most gruesome way I know how."

The captor hummed melodramatically, "Aww. That's sweet. Quite honestly I'm flattered. I wish the best of luck to you, really. It'll be hard tracking us down." Tony's skin crawled as the man on the other end emitted a sinister chuckle, "I'll make sure we take good care of your girlfriend until you arrive."

"Don't you fucking touch her, you bastard!" Tony hollered.

"Ta~Ta!" The captor sung, laughing as he hung up the phone.

Tony's face contorted in unbridled rage, as he slammed his cell phone shut. He punched the concrete wall beside him, the skin of his knuckles splitting apart at the contact, his middle knuckle breaking. "FUCK!" His cry was not of pain but of anger. Turning on his heels, he went through the security entrances with a scowl plastered on his face. He tore through the compound, finding Scott in the conference room. He looked around to see that his trainer was the only one there, and that Scott looked worse for wear. "Where is everyone, Scott? What the hell is going on?"


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Everything was happening so fast. Alisia couldn't keep up. Her head ached so much with the terror and confusion of those around her that she almost couldn't see. Before she really knew what was going on, she felt Andrew throwing himself over her.

'silly boy' she thought. 'I have the shield ability.' but the gesture humbled her. Even if they had never spoken she had won this boy's friendship and she would never take that for granted. She was being dragged away now. If only her head didn't hurt so much, she could concentrate, she could help. She was being pathetic and a burden and she knew it. The thought made her want to cry. At least she thought it did. There were to many emotions going on around her. She couldn't keep it all separate.

He grabbed her and looked at her, she tried to concentrate on him. Her vision was blurry from the pain. She was finally able to focus on his eyes, there was so much intensity in them.

"Listen, I'm going to get you out of here, Ali. Just stick close to me and I promise you'll be safe." it was the first time she had heard his voice out loud, it brought her back to reality, to consciousness. It was such a nice sounding voice she thought it was a shame that she hadn't taken the effort to hear it more.

”I'll keep you safe too,” but even as she said it she knew it sounded weak.

Everything was still happening way too fast. They were running again, and then suddenly Andrew was thrown against a wall. The cloaked attacker was coming at her, but Andrew... he saved her. He used his mind to throw a trash bin at the assailant and save her. He was in front of her then, Andrew, protecting her. She was bringing him down, causing him to loose. She was so weak and frail and stupid and Andrew was getting hurt.

"Ali! Run!" He was being lifted by the man. ”RUN!” all she could do was watch helplessly as her only friend was punched in the face. She was being flung now, by Andrew's mind. She was being thrown out of the alley. She used her own powers to shield herself from the blow to the ground. Her mind flooded with images about how to escape, he was begging her to go, pleading with her and it broke her heart.

She had to do something! Anything. She felt him growing dim as the needle was slipped into his side. She tried to take it away, to take all the pain, all the effects of the drugs upon herself, but he wouldn't let her.

'Stay with me,' she begged him in his mind, but he was gone. The figure took off with him and she did everything she could to stop him. She tried to stun the figure with her mind, shoot at him, but the pain was too much. She found herself crying on the ground as the figure took him away.

She immediately got to her feet, relying on the pictures in her mind to take her back to headquarters because she couldn't see herself from the pain. She was there before she knew it, Andrew had done a good job at getting her to safety. She had done a good job at getting him hurt.

Scott was already in the conference room when she arrive.Tony was there too, but she ingnored him. Other things were more imporant here. She fell to her knees silently sobbing. She couldn't bring herself to talk, only thrust the images into Scott's mind.

”It's all my fault.” she thought it over and over for Scott to hear. She kept trying to reach out to Andrew, hoping that by some weird happen-stance she would be able to connect with him, to find out where he was, if he was alive.

Finally, with some new found strength, she stood, tears still pouring down her face, out loud she said.

“Scott, we have to find him. I'll do what ever it takes, but we have to find him.”


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Xeno Min Park

Xeno hugged Lena just as she squeezed him till he thought his insides would explode. "Captive?" He said when Matt had used his power. His grin widened. In his mind the pieces of a puzzle were falling into place.

An explosion and masked men appeared bearing needles of some kind of toxin. Everyone was there, villains and heroes...."That means the heroes are missing some people too." Xeno murmured. He sat next to Dismay, figuring out what their next move should be. The best option at the moment is to get some outside help.

Then Lena said that they should talk to the heroes. Xeno grinned like the Cheshire Cat and cocked his head to the left, his hair fell to one side casting a shadow over his face. "If we're going to their base I'll knock."


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#, as written by Ever

Dismay's eyes closed as she became engulfed in her own mind, the scene from today replaying on a constant loop. Why had he just stared back there?! God.. that amused look in that person's eyes... I want to bash his head into the concrete! hissed the outraged thoughts, violent urges washing over the shadow-controlling teen. In fact, Dismay was so caught up in her train of thought that Matt's words barely registered. It was when Helena spoke that some reaction was elicited from the metacognitive villain.

"We have to talk to the Heroes." rang out in the room, clear as a bell. Immediately, Dismay's blackened orbs flew open, a look of disgust swimming in their vast emptiness. Talk... talk to THEM!? Why?! screeched the appalled inner voice, seething anger behind each word. Crossing her arms tightly across her chest, Dismay shuffled the position she was currently in so that those converse-clad feet found a new home on the floor, rather than the table. However, as much as the young villainess hated the idea of cooperating with THEM, the logical side of her was arguing that it would be for the best. A small 'tch' was given before the teen gritted out, reluctance almost tangible, "Fine.... but I swear to God, someone has to hold me back."


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They took Lara out of the room that held the others, pushing and shoving her, the walls and door frames abusing her roughly. They raised her arm and she felt chains wrap around them. Fabric squeezed her head, making her eyes hurt. She heard a crash of plastic, undoubtedly her phone against wall. Then a pressure and pain made contact with her stomach. She felt the need to puke because whatever it hit her, it hit her hard in in direct line of her stomach. She held back the bile that threatened to shoot up her throat.

"You little freak, you really think you can just make a call to have the prince come save you?!" one of the men who tortured her earlier said. Another blow, but to the side her head. A dull aching started next to her temple.

"Your boyfriend told me to not touch you, and I'll honor that, but my friend never said anything about that," he said. A pounding to her mouth and a rush of liquid heat began to seep through her lips. She heard snickering and then more pain. It was a constant stream of pain, but never sharp or cutting, just the bluntness of fists though somewhere along the way she did feel the metal of bronze knuckles being added. They only stopped when she started to have black outs. They were short lived, but they were getting closer and closer. This was easier, however, physical pain. She could deal with that, she knew there would be healing afterwards and that it would go away after a while, unlike what they did to her earlier. The emotional torture she had gone through that day would never go away, she felt as though she would never be able to restrain those feelings, those memories, again. Lara wasn't sure if she could deal with waking up to those images flickering through her mind everyday, having them attack her brain every time her eyes were closed and never being able to open them again because of all the emotions she felt. In a strange way the physical pain helped gain control that she had previously lost. It made things physical, brought her senses back into reality and away from her past.

As they dragged her back to the room where the others lay, battered, bleeding, and bruised, a smile played hidden on her lips. There was the control back in her hands. Though she still had the blindfold on and was far from being able to physically take them down, but she felt calmer. She was in control of her brain again, at least for the time being.

They threw her on the ground, she could barely move. A small laugh escaped her as they closed the door.

"To bring the pain upon another, one must first feel it themselves," Lara said, though her voice was harsh and she could barely register what the words she said were. She laughed against and rolled onto her stomach so as to not choke on the blood that still dripped from her mouth. To the others in the room she was sure she sounded as though all the torture was breaking her, oblivious to the fact that it may have done just the opposite.