Evelyn 'Crow God' Amsel

'You hide your pain, why not use it?'

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Name: Evelyn Amsel
The surname Amsel in German means Black Bird
Gender: Male
Guardian spirit Summoner.
Age: 17


Evelyn was not brought up as such like others. But rather in a private place high in what remains of the Hakkōda Mountains by his grandparents. He was not 'Japanese' by birth, but rather German. He was a summoner from birth, a summoner of the Black Crow. He had a very tough upbringing, hiding and supplying himself with all he needed. Evelyn relied on Edo-period technology- his grandfather restricting him from the knowledge of modern technology.
Image Evelyn was very intelligent and strong for his age. Instead of using his Guardian Spirit to fight, he used his katana. He had a lot of upper body and lower body strength, his hand tough from working long and hard hours.

When he turned 11, his grandfather suddenly died from the weather of winter. His grandmother realised how dangerous it had suddenly become for them and fled down the mountain. They survived for 5 years in a small village until the church came knocking to find the rumoured 'Crow God'. In a years time, Evelyn had made himself a name with the locals, sorting everything from health to wars between families. People said that he had no need for the modern technology as he was as if a yokai had come from the past to save them from the plague of technology. He almost survived, however got found out and dragged out of his home.

He was taken to Paradise city and taught simple knowledge. Such as how to right in the new style rather than using Kanji and Hiragana- also he had a habit of writing downwards and still carries it one. He was also taught how to use his Guardian to its full extent.

Ranked out of 10
Power: 6
Cardio: 10
Strength: 9
Emotional: 1
Common sense: 10
Intelligence: Dependant- Modern knowledge:3 His version of knowledge: 7
Ranged: 7
Mid: 2
Close: 6
Pain resistance: 10
Teamwork: Indescribably bad
Charisma: 0
Motivation: 0


Ever since the death of his Grandfather and splitting from his home, Evelyn is dull and emotionless. Because of certain language block, Evelyn is socially awkward and has a natural avoidance to those with a dangerous presence. His mind has been warped into one that never puts down a fight, never to run away. He is brutally honest and unknowing to others emotions. He will kill without thought if it has the right reasoning- which isn't an actual thing in Evelyn's world.

He prefers to be alone yet in a group at the same time. His personality is very old compared to those of new times. He prefers using dated methods rather than newer methods.


Being quite adept in his abilities, Evelyn can do multiple things:


Black Crow is the guardian spirit who was nicknamed a God for it's abilities.
Image Black Crow, or as nicknamed by Evelyn as Schwarz, has a variety of unheard 'songs'. A normal crows squawk is not the most charming thing, and well, for this eighty foot giant- it is the loudest thing around. Schwarz is not always a giant, being able to decrease it's size to the average child's size. It's abilities get stronger the larger it is, eighty foot being its largest.

A single squawk can make a person deaf, confused, tinnitus or even permanent brain damage. However, when it is not singing, it is flying. Its wings can generate wind power that sometimes- very rarely used- can destroy trees and create large wind currents.

Because of Evelyn's tendency to bleed, Schwarz has adapted to using the blood to create smaller summoning circles in order to summon his own underlings- a murder of crows.

When not in use,Schwarz remains in Evelyn's katana, easily summoned in one swoop. He also pushes the abilities of the katana to a great amount, creating the next ability.

Katana skills:

With his katana, and help from Schwarz, Evelyn can use his technique nicknamed 'To kill a Swallow.' The technique derived from Evelyn's want to kill a Swallow. One strike will be avoided, however two strikes is harder to avoid. Yet, a hundred strikes is impossible to avoid. A hundred strikes in a second.
The second ability is called 'The screech of a siren' Evelyn hits the side of the leg with his katana, digging it in, then lets go. In the sudden second he does that, he let's go of his katana and claps loudly into his opponents ear. The pain would cover his movement up and their brain would be surprised by the clap, immobilizing them for a while depending on the loudness.

Frozen time:
Evelyn is able to 'stop' time. Not truly, but metaphorically. His speed allows him to slip into a gateway of 'time' which only he has been trained to see. This places him into a different time zone, which strangely enough speeds his movement to the eye of those around him to almost were a second for him equals 0.0007658 milliseconds. However, he can only hold it for about half a second as the gateways can only sustain for a small amount of time and are extremely small. It causes Evelyn to become distorted as the exchange is quicker than a millisecond. Other than that, it takes little of his energy, maybe the same amount of energy for two laps.

Melody of healing:

A simple tune that surprisingly heals the singer and all who listens.
Where does the willow fall once it has died?
What does a tree sound like in an empty forest?
Truly no one knows.
How shall we ever know?

Originally sung in 'Crow' (a spirit language) however is here translated into English.


A last resort. What is better than destroying what is around you? Using a spell that is like Schwarz in appearance, Evelyn can effectively destroy everything around him using the wind and creating a vortex around him. Sadly, this drains him to a point were he is left to sleep in an (on average) four day coma. The vortex is also drained of oxygen and can leave him in a coma for longer.


So begins...

Evelyn 'Crow God' Amsel's Story

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The air was 'bitter' to the mountain-raised Evelyn Amsel. With dull blue eyes and black hair pulled into a high pony-tail, the dangerous teen stood upon the closest building to the market. Pulling at his kimono collar, Evelyn glared at the city below him, his eyes trained on wandering gangs. Jumping down at the spotting of a possible crime onto the floor, surprising many, from a four storey building. He stood still before stretching his right arm out and halting a bag thief. The bag thief lay sprawled on the floor, a middle aged man, and attempted to spray complaints as the robed sat on his stomach as he waited for law enforcement to arrive.

Soon enough, he was standing with the petty criminal, passing the middle aged man towards the burly and thin police officers. "Good job Crow, we could really use someone like you on the team," One of the suggested. Shaking his head with a stoic look, "Please use my full nickname if you are to call me that. And no, you do not need someone like me in your team," Evelyn said dully, his sentence broken and emotionless. Not waiting for the police, Evelyn turned on his heel and began to walk into the market.

A happy and vibrant aura surrounded the place as little kids bustled into each other. Smiling softer than a feather, Evelyn continued to walk past the happy people, stopping at a very specific blacksmith. "My Katana is dull," He said bluntly to the blacksmith. Evely had sat upon a spinning stool and spun by moving his legs back and forth, placing his hands in between the gap in his legs- muttering out a sarcastic cheer. The blacksmith took his blade and sighed, "Evelyn, you can't complain about something being dull. The sword reflects a persons lifestyle. Last I checked you only helped anyone because you were bored," Evelyn shrugged in response as the black smith sharpened his precious katana. Closing his eyes and reopening them, Evelyn saw what no one else did, pockets of time shown as small balls of light.

Shaking off the vision, Evelyn accepted his blade and slot it into its scabbard. Then he himself slid off the stool and began walking away, raising a hand to wave. Dropping his hand, Evelyn carried on, only stopping once he had arrived to a more empty section, where a group of gathered gang members stood. Looking up slightly, he could immediately tell they were going to attack someone- not exactly someone in fact, Evelyn could see him a little from a few stalls over - yet Evelyn wasn't quite sure what the youth was doing. The gang began to move when Evelyn drew his katana. From behind, he struck the leg of one, quickly clapping into his ear. The rest turned, as well as a few of the witnesses. "To kill a swallow... Is a hard job." He muttered, Striking at each of the gang members thrice. Two shouted loudly, the others didn't even have that amount of time. Due to the quick blows, no blood was truly revaled. One may have to be patched up, and if the others move- their chest may start spewing blood.

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After Evelyn had secured the small youth, he made his way towards a bar stall. Although under-aged, Evelyn knew the tender, and so was allowed at most ten units. He gulped down a large wine glass, claiming he'd pay later. Rubbing his forehead, Evelyn growled as a crow landed on his shoulder, screaming into his ear. "If you don't shut up, I'll make sure Schwarz doesn't hear the last of it." he threatened to the bird, not fully understanding the context of the bird's speech. Then it clicked. "You're joking... You're not?! How many? ...3? Suspected forth," he spoke in pure crow, responded to the bird as dark as night on his shoulder.

He sighed, griping the handle of his katana. "I'll head over there and analyse it, you stupid bird." With his free hand, he pulled the cross necklace from under his kimono, the identification to his allegiance to the church.

Walking slowly, Evelyn shooed the bird away. His shimmering blue eyes glimmered harshly in the light. Listening intensely, Evelyn shook his head as he jumped onto the roof of a larger building, crouching down on the tip as he now spotted a gang with identification for three spirit guardians- clearly soon to summon them to attack a young-looking boy- in the alleyways. He did nothing, confused at how the bird mentioned a possible fourth.

Contacting his own summoning, Evelyn closed his eyes.
'Schwarz, check out the situation, where is the fourth?'
'Does that kid have an identification within your knowledge?'
'I've never seen him bef-'
'I'll watch for now if that is the case,'

Evelyn internally groaned, opening his eyes. His quick vision caught the quick glances of light that seemed to contain a spirit guardian before they appeared in full. 'I'm sure at least one of those have been in Rumbles,' He thought, focusing on the scene. He was somewhat surprised once he saw the boy's summoning. And then his eyes widened at the boys unique ability. Looking around, Evelyn went into his primitive vision, dots of coloured lights everywhere. Falling back into one; Evelyn saw the world slow down, everything become clearer. He analysed the boy's movements before standing, and slipping into more to move. He soon reached the back of the alley, hiding into the shadows where his vision remained perfect due to the floating lights. He watched calmly as the leader began to speak.

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(Sorry, got new computer and it wasn't working fully at the time, )
Observing the boy's movements, he followed silently. Beside him, a crow appeared, silent as ever. His blue eyes glowed within the lights, signifying he was about to leave. Leaving the time zone, Evelyn caught up to the boy, hidden within shadows. Taking out a small sheet of paper, he wrote a few words on it before passing it to the crow- which flew off.

Evelyn's boredom grew as he watched the kid run. He so would have preferred the others- but the kid intrigued him.
'Caught him yet?' The crow god echoed into his mind.
'I want to observe until I question him,'Evelyn replied.
'What, so the church can take him in?'
'I frankly don't know,' And the conversation finished.

Looking forward, Evelyn could tell the kid was headed to the eternally over-crowded train station. A place that Evelyn had yet to step foot into. Rushing forward, Evelyn jumped down into a small street that the kid would have to pass. Lurking within, Evelyn glared at the air.

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(Sorry for the delay, I had and still have tests so I was busy studying and what not, and some things escaped me. Should be back now)

Ixian moved around, using alleys and side streets, in order to make it to where he wanted. The train station. He managed to push through the bustling crowd, and even...

"Full Control is active now".

Ixian "picked up" a cellphone, his power of Full Control already at work. Normally, he could only temporarily take control of something, and what it would, could, or should do, and it would revert back when it was released. But Ixian needed a phone, and more importantly, an ID. So by expending a good amount of energy and pushing his limits, he was permenantly rewriting the code in the phone to suit his needs. Disabled tracking, setting up secure lines, alerts and notifications. It was during this he found something interesting...

"A territory marking app?"

It appeared a large group of people were constantly monitoring faction territories, and their strength in each one. Ixian was just leaving the territory of one gang, however...it appeared that before he got to neutral territory, he would be passing through another if he did nothing...

So Ixian put his hand on the floor of the train, and utilized Full Control to make it skip a few stops and get him to neutral territory as fast as possible. It seemed to him that going there would be the safest, and that he should find some place to stay for the night eventually.

He looked outside, and noticed there was a battle being broadcasted on a billboard type screen of a Rumble, one of those things he heard about.

"It seems like training is popular entertainment? Why? Real combat is brutal".

Having undergone inhumane tests children should not be subjected to, Ixian saw the broadcasted battle, which was one of the first qualifiers for a large scale fighting tournament that would happen soon, as nothing but practice. But in truth, those two were fully serious. Not the best, but serious. But to Ixian, who saw no attempt at all to go for vitals or do lasting damage, it only looked like practice to him.

"Maybe I should get some practice in though? Need to keep my skills sharp to protect myself".

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Blue eyes glared as Evelyn followed the kid steadily. As the brat entered the train, the Crow-God followed swiftly. Landing next to him were fifty crow or so, but who knows. Taking out his 'mobile phone' Evelyn groaned, a dozen or so missed calls from the church.

As the train failed to stop, Evelyn side-stepped towards the front, kneeling down next to a sealed control panel. Ripping off the metal seal, Evelyn checked through series of controls, his knowledge stemming from what he had been taught by his Grandfather. "Dammit!"Evelyn swore loudly as he found no way to hack into the system. Groaning, he ran a hand through his black hair. The best he could do was open a door. Holding onto the edge, Evelyn swung his legs over his head and entered the door. People glared at him as he forced the door shut and pushed his way through the crowds.

Thankfully, he noticed the area of his target was less crowded, so out of instinct, he jumped to the roof and climbed his way past. Landing on both feet, Evelyn looked around. His blue eyes landed on a white-haired kid. With no expression on his face, Evelyn pushed past a few couples and families.

"Hey, Brat... You're not registered, nor did you pay for this train ride," Evelyn sneered, getting behind the kid. Signalling a hand, the people behind him rushed out and closed the compartment door. Leaving Evelyn and the boy.

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Ixian looked back at the man who had stopped him. At least, Evelyn felt like a man to Ixian who was short. As he signaled the others to leave, Ixian began to get concerned. Ixian instinctively stepped away as he turned around.

"What do you mean?"

When Ixian asked that, he was already alert. This man was someone who had moved quite well. Ixian had not detected him until he got within a few meters.

"How could I get in if I didn't pay?"

Ixian was ignorant of the world, but he was not that ignorant. He was quickly picking up things, and the concept of money was one of them. As he asked this question, the train car was finally empty.

Boo Boo appeared beside him in a smaller form, and seemed to make squeaky noises and waved its arms at Ixian.

"So its only a bit longer until we reach the stop? And are you sure this guy is probably a suspicious individual who plans to fight and attack us in order to kidnap us or abduct us or something? I had hoped they would not make a move in public, but it looks like I have no choice..."

Suddenly, two pistols appeared in each of his hands.

"Please back off?"

Ixian was honestly asking that without any intention of threat, but he was not an idiot who left himself unguarded either.

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No expression. Then Evelyn laughed softly. "Kid, you're all wrong. Evelyn drew his katana, For one, you should have realised that guns won't work, the atmosphere and area will not help you. People will go flying if you shoot." The sentence was not fluent, Evelyn's language block sealed that fate.

"For two, asking nicely ain't gonna get you anywhere." Evelyn whistled sharply, crows flocking aroud the train compartment. "And three, To kill a Swallow is a hard job..." And with that and a flick of the wrist, the pistols were taken to the floor in bits and pieces.

A crow got in from a now-open window.

"Listen here kid, I ain't gonna hurt you, sure the crows will demolish you if you harm me," Series of crow squawks went off in agreement, "Listen, come with me and we'll get you registered with the church, a safe haven for people with your abilities.... So, you wanna have a home or be chased down for the rest of your life?" Evelyn asked, sheathing his katana and tugged on his own low collar.

Black feathers began falling as Evelyn cut his palm, and out of the fallen feathers, an extremely large crow emerged- wings ready to attack, "You have one chance, kid." Evelyn said, not bothered about how he was almost defenseless as he pinpointed multiple lights.