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Ixian Iwemap Rixy

"If I have to fight, I will!"

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a character in “The Conspiracy of Spirits”, as played by LookingAtPerks




Theme Song!: gravityWall

Name: Ixian IWEMAP Rixy.

Nicknames: Ixy, Subject XIII. (Twelfth Clone of Subject I)


History: Ixian was actually taken from an orphanage as a baby and utilized as a test subject to develop weapons using people with superpowers or other supernatural abilities. And it was not just the painful bad kind, but the dark ones too. The experiments involved Ixian being opened up again and again, as one of the "Core Subjects" in their attempts to implant more powers and abilities into him, to turn him into a weapon. Weapon, Weapon, Weapon. That was all Ixian was told, and it awakened a secret ability hidden to even the scientists.

Originally, the scientists had taken Ixian because of his unique ability known as "Adaptability", which made him genetically able to accept and utilize all foreign tissue. However, this new ability was only awakened thanks to the extreme trauma, and was formed by the thought he had at the time, which was "Create Weapons". He thought that, if he had one of these weapons the scientists ranted on about, he could escape and have freedom, live a life he wanted. And so, that was the ability he developed.

Ixian's new power caused a huge amount of damage as he escaped, and allowed him to cause the release of many other test subjects. What was surprising is that they all shared white hair and red eyes, and even their facial features were similar if not the same. ANd then, they soon learned. Ixian was actually a clone using implanted memories from the first subject, and he was subject thirteen. The youngest of the clones.

Outraged, the subjects wiped out the scientists, and then escaped into the world. They sort of keep in touch, but they often also lose track of each other. Supposedly, there is one brother however that is tracking all of them, because he was given a supernatural ability to do so.


Although Ixian has plenty of powerful abilities, because of the experimentation done to him, and has great combat sense, he himself considers himself quite weak and isnowhere near the strongest. Although he can do close combat, he specializes in ranged mobile combat despite his affinity for swords being high. This is probably because a punch to the face will still hurt him like hell, although his resilience is quite high thanks to what he endured.

He possesses a high amount of speed, endurance, charisma, but low strength (compared to other Spirit Users), his intelligence is...hard to describe, and he is not very cunning. Additionally, he is not very knowledgeable of the outside world, and constantly gets himself embarrassed or into trouble.

Personality: Although Ixian's personality is honestly too complicated to put into words, here is a general summary. He is a shy, sweet kid who can get easily startled, embarrassed, and tends to be the one that cries a lot. However, if a fight starts, he isn't the type to run away, but fight. Furthermore, because combat brings out painful memories for him a bit, as well as some positive ones, he can be rather ruthless and efficient once he actually enters his "Combat Mode".

What he can do:

Spirit Guardian Summon: Boo Boo

Ixian summons his Spirit Guardian, which appears as a silly and childlike white ghost doll thing. Boo Boo should not be estimated by his looks however, as it has cloth that can stay intact even if space itself is cut across it. Additionally, when it charges at someone, it coats itself in an unknown, uncalculated energy that increases damage and toughness further then its already high offensive and defensive ability. It also serves as Ixian's Shield, Playmate, and occasional partner in crime. It can fire beams of energy from its...hands...and eyes, and its mouth can let loose a shockwave attack. It can appear as large as a building, or as small as a hamster, depending on the energy Ixian feeds it. It seems to act like its own entity at times, but will always follow Ixian's orders. When Ixian needs to give it orders, that is. When Ixian calls it out, some of his blood is used, but it never seems to effect him. However, it does suddenly expand like crazy to form the summoning gate. Additionally, sometimes Ixian uses this method to call out large scale weapons.

Weapon Creation:

Ixian is capable of making any weapon possible, materializing it in the real world to fight. This includes magic, although he has not totally mastered that yet. He can also create shields, and other objects to some degree, but his ability decreases significantly the farther it gets from weaponry. For some reason, money and food are entirely impossible, possibly because they are grown (technically, the material used to make money does grow so....but coins, while possible, tax him. Also, the codes would be blatantly fake). He can also freely controls the weapons he creates, and can even make them float, fly, follow, and target whatever he wants. Note that this ability does take some bit of his energy pool, which is an energy currently unquantified.

Song of Swords:

Ixian can summon forth not just one sword, but many. Although he can create any weapon, he seems to have a strong affinity for summoning swords. Among all the weapons, Swords are his strongest to the point that they never seem to break. They can be used as his defense as well as offense, and are capable of annihilating anything that gets in his way. He can keep track of more swords then any other weapon as well, and it should be considered something of a signature, like Boo Boo.


Ixian can also use that unquantified energy pool to fly in the sky freely without wings. However, it takes some time to build up the energy to fly, so it wont necessarily stop him from falling to death.

High Velocity Barrier:

Objects that travel at a high enough velocity cannot harm Ixian, as it will be stopped by his barrier. These objects include bullets, orbital cannons, ship weapon fire in general, and most modern weapons. Even crossbows would not work. However, certain energy based attacks, melee weapons, and a number of vehicles can still move slow enough while being able to deal fatal damage to Ixian.

Full Control:

Ixian is able to take control of any machine or construct by touching it. However, the length of which he touches it determines the length it can be controlled. For every second he is touching it, he can control it for ten seconds after releasing it. He can also do this to people, but they might be able to overcome it with willpower. However, if their minds had broken in the past for whatever reason, they would become much more vulnerable.

Regenerative Abilities:

Ixian will always regenerate wounds, and it is unclear if he is capable of aging anymore. Neither him nor his brothers had grown an inch after their escape, though some of his brothers were blessed with being older. It is currently believed that the scientists had been giving them some sort of drug to make them grow, and without it they will stay this age.


Ixian's body is capable of utilizing and absorbing all foreign tissue without issue, regardless of the source.

Images of some of the various things he can do: (I tried to make them fit nicely, buuut.....also sorry but the actual image for the character shows up in nothing... >.>)


So begins...

Ixian Iwemap Rixy's Story

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Paradise City. It was a bountiful, multi-cultural city that rested on an island that shared the same name. Other then the city, it also had a vast forest that was believed to be filled with secrets and treasure, but also was rumored to have one of the largest population of Spirit Beasts and Rogue Spirits. The city was strange, being highly advanced while also having some old fashioned parts. They had things from old styled dojos, to clean public baths, to play grounds, to high tech buildings, streets, and robots.

It was a city where the technological and the spiritual came together. And it was also where various forces had converged, since the area around the city was rich in both resources, and Spiritual Power in the air. It might still seem strange the island had developed so quickly, or in such a weird way, or that so many factions were interested in it, but that was what the people knew about why. And also, it had a habit of drawing in all sorts of people, especially strays...


Ixian made a noise as he emerged from an old wishing well, that still had water in it, and gasped for air. His clothes were laid out and drying after having been washed before hand, and his Spirit Guardian Boo Boo was already summoned. Not to watch out for anyone who might see him, but for thieves who would try to steal his only earthly possessions in the world. Although Ixian understood normal people wore clothes normally when outside, Ixian had been raised inside a laboratory until a few weeks ago and lacked the common sense of the world. Which is why, after realizing he was absolutely filthy, and that being filthy was a bad thing, he was taking a bath inside the wishing well. It did remove the stink, and he was getting cleaner, but it still was not a proper bath. Well, no one would really notice, but it just meant he would need to take another bath again sooner then usual.

That said, it was early morning, and the wishing well had been placed in an area that did not receive much foot traffic even when it was mid day, so he would be fine. And although he was vaguely aware of the real world common sense, his own was based on being raised in a laboratory where they treated him as nothing more then a test subject or an object, not a person.

Having finished, Ixian pulled himself out of the well as Boo Boo, his spirit guardian, dried him off. His stomach grumbled at the same time. "Ah, guess we should get food soon".

In the lab, Ixian was only given what he needed, so ever since he escaped he had a habit of splurging on food...well, he was short for a boy his age because the scientists only gave him enough to suit their purposes, so basic malnuitrition. Ixian made sure his clothes were dry enough, and then put them on, before heading out towards the marketplace. You could find anything in the marketplace, there was even a swordsmith or two, but a lot of it was food, randomly salvaged technology, or other things.

Of course, Ixian had no money, so he would have to pickpocket to eat. After his escape from the lab, Ixian was not interested in going to some group or organization for help, even the well established ones for being good like WHO he did not trust because of that experience. So instead, with the exception of help from his "brothers" when they met on occasion, he would be on his own...unless he made a friend he could trust, that is. But Ixian was new to the city, so he had not done that yet.

Of course, as Ixian was picking pockets with surprisingly good skill, he had yet to realize thanks to his lack of experience he had drawn the attention of a gang that considered this area their turf, and were moving in to deal with him...

(That should make for a good intro post)

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(Got sick, sorry for delay)

Ixian was moving through the crowd, as he finished acquiring funds. It was at this point he began to notice there were people following him. He was slightly depressed he had failed to notice these people sooner.

"Uhhh...what to do..."

Ixian did not want to cause a commotion, but he noticed more and more people that looked aggressive. At that point, Boo Boo appeared in front of Ixian without even being called out. He began to wave its arms and make squeaky noises in an incoherent manner that was not even close to being understandable...

"Oh, I see. So they are all this one of those military organizations? Then, we should probably act quickly".

Ixian ended up mistaking a simple gang with something he heard from the scientists, a military organization that might come after him for totally different reasons. And so, he remembered the training he was forced to do. He maneuvered through the crowd, staying just at the edge of their vision range, and headed into an isolated side alley away from witnesses.

"Ha! Got you now! Big mistake brat, working our turf like that as a newcomer without permission. But you were safe in those crowds. Now, we give you a proper welcome".

One of them took out a large pistol and immediately fired it at Ixian's hand. But before it could reach, it had been blocked by Ixian's high velocity barrier.

"He has abilities?! Shit, he was pick pocketing instead of participating in Rumbles, so I thought he was weak or had no powers...maybe that barrier, can only stop high velocity shots? No matter, we can't underestimate this brat!"

Rumbles, a new part of society where those with power and ability would fight each other and get paid in a safe, managed environment to prevent lasting damage or death. Of course obviously people still get hurt, but it was seen as one of the best ways for people with these abilities to vent and to try and contain the impulses of those who loved to fight with them.

Suddenly three of the gang members that looked older and tougher summoned out Spirit Guardians, a deer, an elephant, and a vulture and they all attacked Ixian at once.

"Boo Boo! Now!"

At the same time, Ixian summoned out his own with a huge amount of Spirit Energy, while also calling out an array of swords that spun around him as he started floating in the air. He had been charging flight since he first noticed then, so it was at a state of being extremely efficient. The higher he charged, after the required charge period, the better its efficiency. The swords had knocked away anything he couldn't dodge, and Boo Boo passed them all and attacked the gang members directly, knocking them down and out.

And it was only then the large man, the gang leader, had decided to step out. "Everyone pull back. This interesting me".

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"This guy..."

Even Ixian knew this guy was not normal but a powerful individual. He could feel the Spiritual Energy coming off this guy. Furthermore he knew that this guy had experience.

"Cerberus, Fetch".

At the same time he said that, a large three headed dog appeared behind Ixian and came right for him. Ixian flew up to dodge, but that man had moved as well and managed to punch Ixian's Sword Defense. When he did, the swords faltered for a second, but Ixian fell to the ground.

No, that isn't quite it...the swords in the back faltered less. But still, it took out my flight completely...could it be?!?!

"Disruption Pulse".

"So you realized it with one blow? As expected, your not normal. And if I am right..."

Ixian wanted to charge up flight again while he was talking, but it was pointless. This man had the ability to release a disruption pulse. Abilities with physical form, like his Weapon Creation and Boo Boo, that had manifested were less effected, but Ixian's flight which did not manifest but manipulated energy and physics could be completely shut down.

Before the fight could get anywhere though, sirens began to scream out. "Damn. Hey, little boy. Don't go and die or get caught on me! You seem rather fun to fight!"

Ixian puffed his cheeks a little at being called a little boy, be he ignored that as he recalled his swords and Boo Boo shrunk down to a small size, about a third the size of Ixian's head, and the two ran in a different direction, towards the train station.

"I guess if I let myself go all out that easily this early, it would be bad".

Boo Boo then flew up to him, and warned him.

"They are going to be checking everyone in the area? Uh oh! We better book it!"

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(Sorry for the delay, I had and still have tests so I was busy studying and what not, and some things escaped me. Should be back now)

Ixian moved around, using alleys and side streets, in order to make it to where he wanted. The train station. He managed to push through the bustling crowd, and even...

"Full Control is active now".

Ixian "picked up" a cellphone, his power of Full Control already at work. Normally, he could only temporarily take control of something, and what it would, could, or should do, and it would revert back when it was released. But Ixian needed a phone, and more importantly, an ID. So by expending a good amount of energy and pushing his limits, he was permenantly rewriting the code in the phone to suit his needs. Disabled tracking, setting up secure lines, alerts and notifications. It was during this he found something interesting...

"A territory marking app?"

It appeared a large group of people were constantly monitoring faction territories, and their strength in each one. Ixian was just leaving the territory of one gang, appeared that before he got to neutral territory, he would be passing through another if he did nothing...

So Ixian put his hand on the floor of the train, and utilized Full Control to make it skip a few stops and get him to neutral territory as fast as possible. It seemed to him that going there would be the safest, and that he should find some place to stay for the night eventually.

He looked outside, and noticed there was a battle being broadcasted on a billboard type screen of a Rumble, one of those things he heard about.

"It seems like training is popular entertainment? Why? Real combat is brutal".

Having undergone inhumane tests children should not be subjected to, Ixian saw the broadcasted battle, which was one of the first qualifiers for a large scale fighting tournament that would happen soon, as nothing but practice. But in truth, those two were fully serious. Not the best, but serious. But to Ixian, who saw no attempt at all to go for vitals or do lasting damage, it only looked like practice to him.

"Maybe I should get some practice in though? Need to keep my skills sharp to protect myself".

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Blue eyes glared as Evelyn followed the kid steadily. As the brat entered the train, the Crow-God followed swiftly. Landing next to him were fifty crow or so, but who knows. Taking out his 'mobile phone' Evelyn groaned, a dozen or so missed calls from the church.

As the train failed to stop, Evelyn side-stepped towards the front, kneeling down next to a sealed control panel. Ripping off the metal seal, Evelyn checked through series of controls, his knowledge stemming from what he had been taught by his Grandfather. "Dammit!"Evelyn swore loudly as he found no way to hack into the system. Groaning, he ran a hand through his black hair. The best he could do was open a door. Holding onto the edge, Evelyn swung his legs over his head and entered the door. People glared at him as he forced the door shut and pushed his way through the crowds.

Thankfully, he noticed the area of his target was less crowded, so out of instinct, he jumped to the roof and climbed his way past. Landing on both feet, Evelyn looked around. His blue eyes landed on a white-haired kid. With no expression on his face, Evelyn pushed past a few couples and families.

"Hey, Brat... You're not registered, nor did you pay for this train ride," Evelyn sneered, getting behind the kid. Signalling a hand, the people behind him rushed out and closed the compartment door. Leaving Evelyn and the boy.

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Ixian looked back at the man who had stopped him. At least, Evelyn felt like a man to Ixian who was short. As he signaled the others to leave, Ixian began to get concerned. Ixian instinctively stepped away as he turned around.

"What do you mean?"

When Ixian asked that, he was already alert. This man was someone who had moved quite well. Ixian had not detected him until he got within a few meters.

"How could I get in if I didn't pay?"

Ixian was ignorant of the world, but he was not that ignorant. He was quickly picking up things, and the concept of money was one of them. As he asked this question, the train car was finally empty.

Boo Boo appeared beside him in a smaller form, and seemed to make squeaky noises and waved its arms at Ixian.

"So its only a bit longer until we reach the stop? And are you sure this guy is probably a suspicious individual who plans to fight and attack us in order to kidnap us or abduct us or something? I had hoped they would not make a move in public, but it looks like I have no choice..."

Suddenly, two pistols appeared in each of his hands.

"Please back off?"

Ixian was honestly asking that without any intention of threat, but he was not an idiot who left himself unguarded either.

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No expression. Then Evelyn laughed softly. "Kid, you're all wrong. Evelyn drew his katana, For one, you should have realised that guns won't work, the atmosphere and area will not help you. People will go flying if you shoot." The sentence was not fluent, Evelyn's language block sealed that fate.

"For two, asking nicely ain't gonna get you anywhere." Evelyn whistled sharply, crows flocking aroud the train compartment. "And three, To kill a Swallow is a hard job..." And with that and a flick of the wrist, the pistols were taken to the floor in bits and pieces.

A crow got in from a now-open window.

"Listen here kid, I ain't gonna hurt you, sure the crows will demolish you if you harm me," Series of crow squawks went off in agreement, "Listen, come with me and we'll get you registered with the church, a safe haven for people with your abilities.... So, you wanna have a home or be chased down for the rest of your life?" Evelyn asked, sheathing his katana and tugged on his own low collar.

Black feathers began falling as Evelyn cut his palm, and out of the fallen feathers, an extremely large crow emerged- wings ready to attack, "You have one chance, kid." Evelyn said, not bothered about how he was almost defenseless as he pinpointed multiple lights.