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Kaelina Lily

"I will live. I will have my revenge."

0 · 173 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “The Contract: Reborn to Kill”, as played by fauxreality



Kaelina Lily








Two small daggers. They're easy to hide and easy to kill with.


Despite the pose she is in the picture, Kaelina is confident - maybe even a little cocky. The only time you will see her looking so vulnerable, is if she is faking, if she is reminded of her husband, or someone takes her by surprise. Even then, she might just be pissed off about it. She also doesn't wear a dress, as that would be incredibly impractical. She does wear black however, as it helps when hiding in the shadows. Generally speaking, she just wears black pants and a tight black shirt. She never, EVER, removes the onyx earrings from her ears. The placement of her daggers very from day to day and she'll never tell you where she's hidden them. That would take the fun out of everything, wouldn't it?


Living, obviously or she wouldn't have signed the contract in exchange for her soul. She hates the idea of death and doesn't think it fair that she had almost-sort-of-signed-a-contract-so-she-couldn't-die at such a young age. She hadn't lived a particularly bad life either, but we'll get to that later.

She's always had an appreciation for rainy weather. It makes everything smell clean and fresh. It's relaxing and can briefly make her forget that she's not supposed to be here, that there's a demon making itself at home in her body. Not that she isn't grateful for the power, it'll help her in the long run.

Art is beautiful, and before all of this supernatural craziness began to happen, she had been quite good at it. She would paint all the time, everyday. Everything from abstract to realism. The feel of a brush in her hand and the way the paint glided across a canvas...There was nothing like it in the world.

Dogs are a man's - or in this case a woman's - best friend. They're loyal, loving, and won't leave your side unless it's to run around for a bit outside. Not to mention the absolute adorableness they have to offer the world.

Winning. Who likes to lose?


Death. Maybe if she had had her brush with him at a later time in her life or had she been suffering from a painful illness with no chance of recovery, it would have been different. But she was young and on top of the world when he came and tried to take her away.

The man who ended her life, for obvious reasons.

Hot weather, as in so-hot-that-that's-the-only-thing-you-can-think-about weather. She's always been a pale girl, thanks to her English father, and burns easily in the sun. Not just burns, but really, really burns. She'll turn as red as the lipstick she wore when she was a normal human girl.

Guns are far to unpredictable for Kaelina's tastes and she's never liked them. They're loud, they're messy, and that's what her murderer used to kill her.

Cats, unless they're hairless. She just doesn't like the way most of them look. It's just a preference thing, really. Most people think she's nuts for believing that a sphynx or peterbald are the most beautiful felines in the world.


Most of the time, she is serious and focused on nothing but the goal: win. Once that is accomplished, she'll find the man who ruined everything and ruin everything for him. Everything she does is for one thing and one thing only, revenge. After that she doesn't care what happens to her. There are times though, when the old Kaelina breaks through. The one who laughs, smiles, and loves people. The more time that passes, though, the more that girl becomes harder and harder to bring out, leaving the cold and ruthless one in her place.


Before she died, Kaelina lived a perfectly normal, perfectly happy life. She was an artist, a really good artist. She did shows and people bought her work. Her husband was supportive of her, always buying her tools, and begging her to not sell his favorites. He never minded that there was paint everywhere and drying canvases in nearly every room of the house. They had even planned on having a baby soon. She had everything she ever wanted and more. Nothing could ruin this for her, nothing but death and the fucker who led him to her door.

There had been a few disturbances in their neighborhood, but nothing her or her husband seemed to worry about. It was just a few stolen things and they never thought that someone would break into their house. No expects that. On her way home from an art gallery, Kaelina had walked in on her home being invaded. There were four men in masks and one without, the one without had a gun. She begged them to stop, threatened to call the police. Then she saw the body on the floor, her husband's chest barely moving, barely alive. She snapped, grabbing whatever was closest to her and started attacking. The unmasked man shot her once, hitting her shoulder, but she kept going. She kept going until he shot her straight through the heart.

She woke up with Daeva, a demon, who offered her a contract. She signed it, hoping that her husband was still alive. When she found out he wasn't, she signed it for revenge.


Click here. Credit goes to the artist.




Level One
Usually at night or when shadows are present, Kaelina has the ability to hide herself in them and become completely invisible.

Level Two, I guess?
Allows Kaelina to copy another person's power/ability.
(Only one at time, of course. Once she switches to someone else's or that person dies, she loses their ability.)

Level Three
If she were to say, lose a limb or get a serious injury, she would be able to heal herself. The wound cannot be fatal though. If someone were to chop off her head, tear her jugular in half, or rip out her heart, that would most definitely kill her.

"Life Thief"
Special Ability
She can draw in the strength or energy of any living thing around her. Be it a tree, plant, or animal. The only thing it can't be is supernatural or unnatural. I.E. another demon possessed human or a computer. Other than that, she could take the energy from an entire forest and turn it into raw strength. Though, that would kill the entire forest off.


Fire. Burns are the one thing she absolutely can't heal, no matter how insignificant or small they might be. If she were to get engulfed in flames, she'd light up like a gasoline soaked house.

The revenge she wants against her killer will often distract her.

Reminding her of her husband may just turn her into an emotional wreck.

Picture Credit: Radittz on DA

So begins...

Kaelina Lily's Story