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Frankie Corleone

"If I hear about you making anymore mistakes I will personally make sure you live to regret it."

0 · 191 views · located in New York

a character in “The Cosa Nostra”, as played by tayah12


Full name: Frankie Corleone
Nickname:(If any) Bambino
Age: 30
Gang: Corleone's
Rank: Underboss: He is the second in command of the Gang and any deals must be presented to him before shown to the Godfather. He is quite a strong worker and demands that thing's should be done in the proper way among the Capo's and soldiers. Occasionally goes out in the field to do some ground work but other than that he feels he has thoroughly earnt his position.

Appearance: Frankie is a traditional type of person. His upbringing always taught him to take pride in his appearance, appear clean at all times and make sure to buy quality stuff. He has dark hair, lightly tanned skin and brown eyes. He stands at six feet tall and he bares a few light wrinkles in his brow that are starting to form showing his age. He is never seen with facial hair as he is always clean shaven, a traditional rule installed by his Father. Frankie dresses pretty traditional to, if you saw him on his own in a regular town anyone would think he was late for a wedding or business meeting but he fits right in among his colleagues.

Personality: Frankie certainly has his vices. His main vice is one: Drinking and smoking. He drinks a lot and spends a lot of time in clubs flirting with other women despite him being married. He's always had a distinct wild streak in him which has worried his elders from as soon as he hit his teenage years when he discovered girls. Charisma and the ability to get people to like him is one of the main reasons of why Frankie is so good at his job. Having a good time is what Frankie likes to do the most and he usually leaves his wife at home with the children to go out and pursue other women. He has a short fuse and will not hesitate to shout and rant all he wants at his workers while remaining respectful and polite to the Don of the family. After observing his Father as a child he has taken on many of his Father's traits especially the like for drink but Frankie is somewhat smarter and more level headed - most of the time. He loves his family but has trouble staying faithful and has had many divorce threats from his wife who has still remained at his side. If anything happened to his children he is sure that who ever did it will certainly pay for their mistake.

History: Frankie is a direct descendant of Donnie Corleone. He had a fairly normal childhood but observed his drunken father coming home early in the morning shouting and waking everyone up. He was one of three children, one brother and one sister. His older brother Tommy was killed by a rival gang member shortly after he joined in working with the mafia fully and it has effected Frankie ever since making it his dream to fufil what his brother always wanted to do...Survive long enough to become the Godfather. His sister went on to become a doctor in England and lives there with her partner.

He became involved in the mafia at 16 where he did odd jobs like picking up money and sending messages. Although he was a direct descendant of the original members he had to work his way up like the rest of them and his elders quickly learned he had great potential. He was able to charm the smartest old lady out of her money and could sell ice to the eskimos. They put him with the loan sharks for a while until he became bored then moved to the smuggling of stolen goods and drugs where he also made another handsome profit. From there Frankie moved up the ranks and dabbles in all aspects of the family's business not letting anything go unseen. He has a huge passion for horse racing and has often been known to blow thousands of pounds gambling on horses, he is part of two racing Syndicates one for a horse named 'Niche Market' and the other 'Storyteller'. And he does everything he can to see that the horses win.

Frankie is now Married to Marie and has two children. The eldest Joseph (9) and Tallulah (6) They live in a large house on the outskirts of the city.

Equipment/weapons Frankie has a collection of Cars in which he takes great pride in, of all ages, makes and shapes.

His gun is a Desert Eagle .50 in which is kept in the inner pocket of his blazer. He rarely uses it and has only been fired at once when he shot at a fox who kept trying to eat his daughter's rabbits. He will not hesitate to use it, it has been pointed at many people but somehow he hasn't ever quite been angry enough but he is waiting for his chance.

So begins...

Frankie Corleone's Story