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The Cosa Nostra

The Cosa Nostra


Join the Corleone family or the Esposito family in their fight for power in the city of New York - arranging crimes and doing their best to stay out of prison

674 readers have visited The Cosa Nostra since tayah12 created it.


Beyond the brilliant lights of New York. it's towering buildings and fascinating sights lies a seedy underworld dating back many, many years. Underneath the glitz and the glamour of the Big Apple lies Cosa Nostra...or the Mafia to you and I.

An organization built upon fear, greed and crime. For years men have operated in a way in which they involved themselves in their business and allowed hardly no outsider to know their 'business' Apart from their associates of course. Caught with a police officer - then your punishment will be due. They've been there through Prohibition, smuggling alcohol. During tough economic times they loan out money with extortionate interest rates. Although they only kill each other, it still doesn't replace the fact the Mafia is made up of cold hard criminals - exceptionally clever criminals.

Now in the year 2011, the business is booming, money, gambling, extortion, stolen goods anything they will do to make money while drawing as little attention as possible. New York is split up into two territories of extremely powerful gangs. The Esposito family and the Corleone's.

The Corleone's

The Corleone's have been settled in New York since 1901 where Donnie Corleone settled from Italy with his family of three brothers and each of their wives and children. From there they saw Prohibition, Great Depression, Second World War and other periods of time where they some how found a way to make money, no matter the period they managed it.

Steadily their empire grew and grew, booming after Prohibition with more money than they had sense to spend so instead Donnie Corleone who was now 62 decided to open an account that will be there for emergency in case the family came into trouble; so far the money as not been touched.

The Family steadily grew and grew. Members were either direct descendants, related to the Corleone family or others were of Italian Descent and simply worked their way in; fascinated by the culture and money that fell for the sky for these men.

The Esposito Family

The Espostio family are regularly new to the Underworld. The actual History of the Esposito family is uncertain for there are many rumours about how they started and not much truth going around. Members do know that the first man to start the Mob was a mane named Michael Esposito, who started the mob on his own by selling stolen goods with his brother and their business went from there. Michael died alongside his brother when they were shot by police after failing to drop their weapon and the foundation of the Esposito family was lost to history.

The members that had joined continued on operating and expanding further and further: all too aware of the Corleone family who were watching them closely and making sure they weren't getting to confident. Unlike the Corleone's, this family is a little more relaxed on who they allow into their group allowing everyone who proves themself they are good enough, so long as they were a male.

A few hiccups occured along the way with a few spiteful outbursts and a few injuries however nothing serious has fully errupted until now.

The Trouble

The Corleone has started loosing business due to the Esposito family: the family are able to sell more stolen goods, offer loans at lower interest and generally they seem to be doing better than the Corleone family at this point in time which has raised a few eyebrows as no one knows exactly why. While the Corleone's still inject a huge amount of fear in the citizens and all who are involved with them: the Esposito's are a lot less violent but seem to be slicker and have a good amount of 'street smarts' when dealing with street gangs such as those of Brooklyn.

So the Corleone's stepped their game up a little and one night a few of their best Cat Burglers broke into 3 Esposito warehouses, took out the nightwatchman and hauled away their products by truck all by the cover of night and how they were not caught was something that they were unable to figure out. They promptly shipped the goods over seas and sold them where the products were untraceable making a handsome profit from it to the annoyance of the Esposito family who vowed that they would get even with the Corleone's.

Since that night over one small incident, shootouts, burgles, lies, drama, injuries and a hoard of other incidents have happened all over the City creating interest of the New York Police Department and FBI. Trying to keep themselves out of trouble both of the Gang's Godfathers called a small period of six months where they would all lie low and operate as normal but after the Police heat died down they started back up again and the fighting continued...where the blood of victims will cross unclean hands.


Other plots that can take place in the roleplay are:

  • Affairs. A member of a gang has an affair with another member of the rival gang's partner. (Female characters either NPC or characters)
  • A shipment gone bad, posing trouble for the gang involved
  • Police investigation on a gang, making it difficult to defend themselves.
  • A death in the family
  • A wedding gone bad.
Some of these plots are just simple, but it's just an example to show that above the main plot there can be either more light hearted or serious subplots.

Characters,positions and titles


The Corleone's

  • God Father - RESERVED
  • Consigliere - Vincenzo Russo
  • Underboss - Frankie Corleone
  • Caporegime - Danny Corleone
  • Caporegime - OPEN
  • Soldiers - Unlimited
  • Associates: Unlimited

The Esposito Family

  • God Father - OPEN
  • Consigliere - OPEN
  • Underboss - OPEN
  • Caporegime - OPEN
  • Caporegime - OPEN
  • Soldiers - Unlimited
  • Associates: Unlimited


  • Esposito's Godfather; Daughter: Bellissima Esposito

**Please bear in mind the age of your characters. Soldiers tend to be younger and Godfather's tend to be a lot older, so try and keep realism in place!**

You can also join as a wife, girlfriend or child of any of the mobsters. There is also a chance to play as a Detective or police officer.

If you would like any of these roles, please either ask in the OOC forum or PM me. I will reserve roles for 48 hours then you must have your character (outlines are allowed and you can edit at a later date) so I know you are still interested. If you do not want the role anymore please write your character out of the roleplay to make it flow better maybe your character is taken to prison or murdered? Please only join if you are fully committed to seeing this roleplay through.


All over the City of New York. There is no set locations apart from the main Gang Hideout which can either be a warehouse, a resturant, a house of someone's...any where, where there business is managed.

If you would like to create extra places for your gang, please just ask giving me brief detail about the place and I shall create it.

The all important rules

  • Swearing is allowed - just not in every sentence. This is a mature roleplay and I hope that you will respect that.
  • Do not kill off any characters without the player's permission. If you want your character killed off you can either leave or make another character!
  • If you want to leave - if possible please write your character out of the roleplay, if not possible please just let me know you are leaving.
  • Respect the roles of which position you choose - a soldier will not be making major decisions!
  • To remain correct, females do not participate in the mafia however the wives, girlfriends and children of the gang members are welcome to be played. Also if you want to play a Detective just make a character!
  • Romance is allowed, encouraged if there are female characters however please keep it clean!
  • Have fun! :)

Please use the character sheet below!

Code: Select all
[left][img]Image of your character here[/img][/left]     
[left][b]Full name:[/b][/left] The character's full name
[left][b]Nickname:(If any)[/b][/left] If they have a nickname, if not leave blank.
[left][b]Gang:[/b][/left] Which gang they are involved with.
[left][b]Rank:[/b][/left] Which rank they hold

[left][b]Appearance:[/b][/left] A short description on what they look like, what they wear, how they carry themselves.

[left][b]Personality:[/b][/left] Their Personality- No Mary Sues or Gary Stu's!

[left][b]History:[/b][/left]Their history, childhood, how they became involved?


Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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New York

New York by tayah12


The Corleone Family Resturant - Arollo

The Corleone Family Resturant - Arollo by RolePlayGateway


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Character Portrait: Vincenzo Russo
0 sightings Vincenzo Russo played by spikerer
"They put 1 of ours in the hospital we put 2 of theirs in the morgue. Capisce?"

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Character Portrait: Frankie Corleone
Character Portrait: Danny Corleone


Character Portrait: Danny Corleone
Danny Corleone

"Don't make me shoot you"

Character Portrait: Frankie Corleone
Frankie Corleone

"If I hear about you making anymore mistakes I will personally make sure you live to regret it."


Character Portrait: Frankie Corleone
Frankie Corleone

"If I hear about you making anymore mistakes I will personally make sure you live to regret it."

Character Portrait: Danny Corleone
Danny Corleone

"Don't make me shoot you"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Frankie Corleone
Frankie Corleone

"If I hear about you making anymore mistakes I will personally make sure you live to regret it."

Character Portrait: Danny Corleone
Danny Corleone

"Don't make me shoot you"

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Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

I'm dropping this for a couple reasons. 1 it never took off. 2 it's unoriginal, I saw something with the exact same name, older, on another site

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

Tayah I don't want to sound like a party pooper but Im' gonna drop this Rp. I've been waiting for awhile and I have a bunch of other Rp's so I ll take down Belissima.

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

Well I lost all the info for the Capo I was going to submit so I don't think that is going to happen now.

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

Alright thank you! I'm not sure what character I'll be making yet, I'm holding off making the Godfather character because that's quite a popular role so I think I'll probably be making just a regular Soldier haha ^^

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

I'm going to make a Capo for Esposito Mafia. Don't accept it till there is absolutely no one left that is going to join. I will submit it after you acknowledge this. I'm sure he won't be needed though.

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

Well I know for sure that I will be making another character on the Esposito side to counter-act the Corleone's. I'm not sure what else, I've asked the people I know but not many are keen on this type of roleplay unfortunately and also I have sent out a thread in which I've had a response from so I'm hoping to get more players in (I can't really play more than two characters at a time so yes :P)

And throwing in some Italian is fine with me, I was actually planning to do that myself occasionally so use as much as you want :)

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

So what do we do since there is a lack of people that want to oppose the Corleone's?

And can we throw a little Italian in there sometimes? Not like an entire post but just a word here or there.

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

Nope your characters are all fine :) Just waiting for the others to get their characters up and see if any more people are going to reserve spots, as the roleplay won't really work without the members of the Esposito family haha

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

Okay my characters done let me know if I need to change anything.

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

Sure thing :) Haha, if need be I may have to make an extra character to fill out extra rolls and advertise in 'roleplayers wanted' but this roleplay has gained some interest so I'm optimistic we will get more people wanting the important parts :P Thanks for your interest and the spot is now reserved for you ^^

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

Can I be the daughter of the Esposito Godfather, well when there is one LOL.

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

Okay ^^ I'll reserve the spot now for you.

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

I would like to reserve the Corleone Godfather.

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

You know, I could have sworn I uploaded one, but I guess I just missed it because I'm so oblivious to everything :P Haha thanks for that ^^

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

Looks interesting, but I suggest you have a picture for it so it can be on the front page.

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

nope that answered it

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

Well seeing as the original Godfather was about 20 in 1901 and this is set in the present day then no you shall not have to be Donnie Corleone, you simply have to have some sort of relation to the original Starter of the Mob. I hope this clears this up for you :) If not then I'll explain further

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

Do I need to use one of the Corleone family as they were in the The Godfather will be Vito?.....I'm thinking about making a character just not sure how cannon the story is going to be.

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

Sure thing ^^ I have reserved the spot now

Re: [OOC] The Cosa Nostra

Can I reserve a Caporegime on the corleone