The Cosmic Diner

The Cosmic Diner


In a small but popular diner deep in the Helix Nebula, humanoid explorers, adventurers, travelers, and even a galactic hero or two sit down and relax with beings from all over the universe to exchange exciting tales. What's your story?

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Deep within the Helix nebula and settled in an asteroid belt in the Gamma Trianguli star system floats a sleek little building accented with chrome and neon. This is the Cosmic Diner, a popular gathering place for the locals as well as well-traveled adventurers and vacationers. There's never a dull moment once you walk inside these doors. Humanoid galactic heroes share drinks with creatures with three heads. Planetary diplomats enjoy a rest before a big council meeting. A young couple, both beings hailing from different galaxies, blush and whisper sweet nothings over a milkshake. Everyone from all species from anywhere in the Universe are welcome at the Cosmic Diner, and everyone is encouraged to share their story.

So don't be shy - what's your story?

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Come inside and have a seat!
Sit down at the soda fountain or relax in a booth. Everyone is welcome here. Welcome to the Cosmic Diner. Browse our extensive menu, featuring the finest in galactic cuisine. Spend a minute or two near the juke box, playing the latest hits from around the universe. Find someone new and strike up a conversation - you never know who you might meet!

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Character Portrait: Olivia Pulsar


Character Portrait: Olivia Pulsar
Olivia Pulsar

An aspiring adventurer with dreams as big as the galaxy itself.


Character Portrait: Olivia Pulsar
Olivia Pulsar

An aspiring adventurer with dreams as big as the galaxy itself.

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Character Portrait: Olivia Pulsar
Olivia Pulsar

An aspiring adventurer with dreams as big as the galaxy itself.

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The Cosmic Diner

Hey everyone!

Thanks for looking. So basically, this is a sci-fi free-for-all! Please feel free to come up with any type of character you like, whether it be humanoid, robot, or even just a ball of energy - be creative! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with and what kind of scenarios we make up together.