Olivia Pulsar

An aspiring adventurer with dreams as big as the galaxy itself.

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a character in “The Cosmic Diner”, as played by jewel-of-the-jungle


Olivia is a 16-year-old humanoid hailing from the planet of Alypso. She's an aspiring adventurer whose dreams are as big as the galaxy itself.

Physical Description
Olivia is five foot seven inches tall and weighs 120 pounds (on Alypso). She has long, dark brown hair that reaches her waist. She has blue-green eyes and strong eyebrows. She has milky skin and slender fingers. She's often seen wearing a sleek white spacesuit with royal purple accents.

Olivia is an optimist. She nearly always has a smile on her face. She is shy around new beings but will warm up quickly. Often she is a good judge of character. She is ambitious, affectionate, and stubborn.

Personal History
Olivia lived a relatively normal childhood on Alypso with a mother, father, and younger sister. She loves her mother and her sister but her father is extremely negative and because of that Olivia cut him off and does not let him be a part of her life. She specializes in math and science in school but has yet to learn how to apply her knowledge to technology.

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Olivia Pulsar's Story