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The Cost of the Wind

The Cost of the Wind


A thief and a prince who both collide together in one of the deep forests within Khine. One has a secret, the other holds the key. (1x1 roleplay between Skwidge and blackwolf)

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The Storyline of this roleplay is based in medieval times. The prince under the king who reigns over Khine has become tired of how his father is ruling, and decides to take refuge in one of the forests in order to get peace and come up with a plan. However, he has something to hide. The other, a thief, is under employment to find documents of all the information of the war such as weapon tally, ship numbers, men, and other such things.

And she never fails a job. Only problem is, this one's a bit more than what she was expecting. She ends up getting caught in the middle of the war, and torn in two directions.


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Character Portrait: Querry Auvrint
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#, as written by Skwidge
Querry read over the letter again, reading the details of her new employer's 'job'. She absently shrugged. "Should be easy enough." She mumbled quietly to herself, watching out for guards before scurrying up to the hedging of the castle. She climbed quickly, almost as if she had animal qualities, and then swung into an open window after making sure the room was clear. Her head tilted to the side in exasperation, hating just how easy this was. Just have to find the documents and get out. The thoughts in her head were clear, and she slipped past the king-sized bed towards the door. She edged it quietly open, sticking her head out just a bit and looking from side to side. Her left foot pressed out onto the tiles, and she just as quietly shut the door of the room before sneaking around in the candle lit corridors.

Querry finally came to what she thought was the king's official's room, and pulled out a lock pick from a pocket in her corset. She stuck the metal in, twisting it and jiggling it just a bit before hearing the satisfying click of the tumblers rotating together. Querry slipped in, and started rummaging through one of the desks. Her eyes widened as she finally figured out what her employer had wanted. No, this guy couldn't have- But her thoughts got no further as she heard the yelling of guards and the pounding of feet against the floor. She groaned, stashing them in her pocket, and tried to slip out of the room since there were no windows in this room. Just a fraction of her clothing was seen, and one of the guards called out, and they put on a whole new burst of speed. Ugh, I'm not going to be able to shake them. She turned a corner- only to run into more guards. They attacked her, and she cried out, feeling her own flesh tearing apart and the flow of blood begin to trickle out. She grabbed her arm and side, and then decided it was time to get away with her life.

She silently began to morph as she made a sharp turn and ran down another corridor, completing it as she made it to the door. A house cat with the features of a lynx: same ears, same fur; except the fur was long and soft, not to mention as black as midnight. The feline's tail was long, though short haired. Yet blood still trickled out of her ribs and her shoulder, and it was getting worse by the second. Flee. Have to... She thought dazedly to herself, hearing the yelling of yet more guards. "It's the shape-shifter, quickly, after her, before she gets away again!" One man cried.

Querry made another sharp turn, darting under the bushes and out into the night.

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Character Portrait: Edmund Zachary
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Night. The night was already here, feeding the world its darkness. The darkness covered everything...from the trees to the ground to even the sun. The last sunlights shone brightly suddenly like they were trying to struggle, to escape the darkness but at last, the sun lost and the darkness ate everything. He sat on the ground, leaning against a tree, watching the night became the victor as it defeated the daylight without even trying. Darkness crept up the teen's yellow eyes as he just sat there, unblinking like he was hypnotized by the sheer beauty of the dark.

Blinked. Once. Twice.

From far away, all of the sudden, a bird cried out, its cry was sad and it made the sunset scene even more bittersweet, like adding a tear in a heartbroken story...The teen looked up, there was something flickered in his blank eyes but it was gone quickly as the cry ended. The teen sighed and ran a hand through his white long hair, making it even messier than it had been. He was always in a strange kind of mood whenever he watched the sunset. It was as if the darkness itself was affecting him in a way he would never understand. He didn't even notice that his fingernails were beginning to lengthen and his eyes became brighter, almost like the eyes of a cat. His mind grew fuzzier with each passing second and he closed his eyes, his entire body relaxed and he appeared to be deep in sleep.

But just for about a minute...

Almost instantly, his eyes opened again and they darted back and forth in a calculated manner. His lips curled into a dark smile as he shakily stood up. Stretching his arms and legs, the teen sent one last look at the dark night and without another word, he turned his head and walked away, back to his precious little castle...He hoped his mistress didn't have any jobs for him to do tonight...for once, he actually wanted to relax...Yesterday was very exhausting...and pushing himself beyond his limit was not helping, either...

As he was walking home, he frowned and stopped. Something was wrong with the air tonight...Was his Mistress angry at someone again? Or was it something else? He shook his head, point in worrying about something like that, now...If he didn't hurry up and got back home in time to do whatever his Mistress wanted, he would surely be punished. The teen suppressed a shudder. He hated those punishments...His fingers automatically moved to play with his necklace, the name Edmund Zachary was embedded deep in it, reminding him what he really was...a prince...but right now, Edmund didn't believe himself to be a prince...not in the nights, he would just be Edmund Zachary the slave and nothing else. Sighing deeply, the teen shook his head and began to walk again, his pace increased slightly...God forbid if his Mistress was angry with him for his lateness...

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Character Portrait: Querry Auvrint
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#, as written by Skwidge
Querry shook her head, trying not to pass out from the loss of blood. She soon came to one of the forests, having ran a long way to get there. Her form collapsed onto the grass of a clearing, her eyes closing and her breathing ragged. She could feel the marks where she was hit, the blood matted into her fur and still trickling down her body, the mark on her shoulder screaming out in agonized pain. The feline let out a pained hiss, and she laid there, her chest and stomach pushing up and down raggedly with each breath. The moon's light was filtering through the ebony shaded leaves of the night, and Querry listened wistfully to the shudder of the trees from the wind. There was a small scratching noise coming from somewhere. It kept getting louder, but, in Querry's state, she couldn't make any sense of it.

Her eyes flickered shut, and the animal tried to regain enough strength to at least cleanse the wounds. This was achieved as she mustered up enough strength to at least bend her head over and run her rough tongue along the cuts and gashes. She winced with every connection, but for the most part she tried to ignore her own pain. Her eyes suddenly widened, and her ears were alert as she heard a crashing through the bushes. Her ears were pinned forward, and she could just make out a shape of what she hoped was not a bear, before she blacked out into nothingness. Her form was laying there in the litter of leaves and pine needles, completely motionless aside from the faint signs of breathing in which her chest ascended slightly and descended shakily.

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Character Portrait: Edmund Zachary


Character Portrait: Edmund Zachary
Edmund Zachary

"I have made a mistake...and I regret it...but I don't regret leaving my Father"


Character Portrait: Edmund Zachary
Edmund Zachary

"I have made a mistake...and I regret it...but I don't regret leaving my Father"

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Character Portrait: Edmund Zachary
Edmund Zachary

"I have made a mistake...and I regret it...but I don't regret leaving my Father"

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