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Nerissa Leen

"I'm coming with you."

0 · 265 views · located in Arsaweith, 1400s

a character in “The Country of Arsaweith”, as played by RainbowFace



Nerissa Leen

She isn't exactly sure, but she belives she is somewhere are the 200 year mark.



Nerissa has long, wavy, black hair, that reaches her chest, that she prefers to wear in a loose braid. Her skin is very fair, and she has serveral scars along her back and legs. Her nose is dotted with several freckles, and her appearance is very Human-Like, aside from her eyes and teeth. They are a deep crimson, and are quite large compaired to the rest of facial features. Her teeth are a striking white, and each are pointed and razor sharp (For this reason, she barely gives an open mouthed smile) Her body is unimpressively built, and she is slightly chubby, but stunning all the same.

Nerissa is very pessamistic, but will always put on a smile for others (Trust me, you'll soon find out she isn't your typical Demon). She is the Village's Baker, so, naturally, she is skilled in the art of baking and cooking. She is one to keep her mouth closed, and has very few friends. She is also very quick to make rash decisions, and this often causes her to make many mistakes when she first attempts things. She also has extreme anger issues, but usually keeps her anger pent up in front of others. But when she's alone...whooo She distroys everything in her path.

~The other villagers finding out she is a Demon.

~Fire (She is talented in the art of Pyrokenesis)
~The Dark

~She is skilled in Archery
~She always has a dagger strapped to her hip.
~In her home, She has a large scyth hidden in her bedroom. She also has an identical one hidden in the bakery below her house.

She doesn't know much of her past. She only remembers growing up in the forest. She practicly raised herself, and lived off the forest. She knew that she would get nowhere by just sitting around, and doing practicly nothing, so she snuck into the Village, and teacher herself to be an average Human. (Still being processed)

So begins...

Nerissa Leen's Story

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Nerissa whiped the back of her forhead, clearing the sweat off of it. She continued punching the ball dough, putting all of her strength in it. The flour was flying, and she was unable to hear the 'ring of the bell as a customer walked in. Well...customer probably wasn't the right word. The "Customer" was a little girl, one whom often came into the bakery because Nerissa gave her free cookies. They had taken a liking to each other, and Nerissa enjoyed the little girls company.

"'Ello Nerry!" The little girl called out, tottering behind the counter to tug on the Demons Bakers green dress. Nerissa shifted her red eyes from the fluffy dough the was punching, to the little blonde girl.

"Hello Susan. And that's Ms.Nerry to you, missy." She joked, whiping her hands on the apron, and picking up the little girl. Her family wasn't as well of as some of the other vilagers, and the little girl's clothing and face was streaked with dirt. The little girl laughed, tugging on Nerissa's hair lightly.

"I've got something for you." Nerissa said, setting the little girl on the counter. She girl smiled, and knocked her feet against the counter. Nerissa dissapeared into the back room for a second, and came out a second later, a small blue dress in her arms. Nerissa set the dress on the counter, smoothing out the wrinkles. The little girl's eyes widened, mouth in a small "O"

"I take it you like it?" Nerissa said, giving a wide smile, proud of her work. The little girl froze, staring at Nerissa's mouth.

'Your teeth are always so sharp Nerry!" She squealed, before turning her attention to the dress, pulling it onto her lap. "I love it!" Susan jumped off the counter, twirling around holding the dress upto her body.

"Imma go show my mum!" The little one yelled, preparing to run out of the doorway.

"Wait!" Nerissa yelled, pulling a cookie out of one of the jars, handing it to the little girl. The little girl's smile widened, quickly running out of the doorway to her home. Nerissa laughed quietly, and began to punch the dough in front of her once more.

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Audric walked down the cobblestone streets of the Village, smiling at the human women that looked his way. He knew he was good-looking, and very wealthy, and he flaunted it well. The sun shining down on the Earth made Audric's skin seem to shimmer, it's warm tones making a stark contrast to his light, blue-green eyes. His shirt hung pretty loosely, the neckline low, showing off his large, toned chest. But this was strange for him, because he normally wore clothes that fit him more properly. He reached up and scratched his chin, where deep, black hair grew in neatly. He didn't just get lustful looks, he also got dirty, negative ones. Audric, you see, is also very, very tall. He intimidates people easily because of this.

Walking a bit further down, he pushed open the door to the local bakery. His face instantly warmed at the smell of bread, and sweets and he smiled, showing off his perfectly straight, white teeth. Audric stepped up to the counter, watching the small woman work on kneading some dough. "Hello there, lovely. What've you got for sale?" He waited for her to look up at him, a smile still held on his handsome face.

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Character Portrait: Nerissa Leen Character Portrait: Audric Radley
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Nerissa's eyes were closed as she kneaded the dough, humming a light tune. She heard the light 'ring as the bakery door opened, but kept her eyes on her work. She heard the figure's heavy footsteps with her keen ears -obvuously a male-, and could feel the heart radiating off of the man's body.

"Hello there, lovely. What've you got for sale?" At this comment, Nerissa lifted her head, crimson eyes narrowed. She came face-to-face with a rediculously handsome male, a bright smile apon his angled face. She had met many men in her time, and her expression barely wavered at the man's looks. Nerissa raised an eyebrown slighty, pulling her hands from the dough, whiping them off with a cloth. The man seemed cocky, overly so. Nerissa guided her over to a specific case of assorted breads and cakes.

'Well, everything in here in under 6 bits." She said, pointing at the case. She shuffled over to one next to it, filled with even more cakes. "And these are 7 bits each." Nerissa took out a small sugar pastery, walking over to the man.

"Here," She said, placing it in the man's hand. "Try it." She watching, waiting for the man's reaction. They were usually the same, a slight gasp, a broad smile. In short, she was good at what she did. And the whole village knew it.