Joseph Roberts

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a character in “The Courage”, as played by Ken Shiro


Full Name: Joseph Roberts
Nickname: none
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 20/7/1997
Zodiac: Cancer
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: British
Hometown: Southampton
Current Residence: Tea Garden State high school
Occupation: Mechanic
For how long?: < 1 year
Do they like his/her job?: Yes
Salary: 22 per hour

Any significant ancestors?: No
Grandparents (describe relationship): 1, distant
Aunts/Uncles (describe relationship): 3 not well liked
Parents (describe relationship): Father, good relationship
Are they still together?: Mother is dead
Siblings (describe relationship): Older brother and sister, not well liked
Nieces/Nephews: 1 distant
What is the character's family life like: Constant arguments and strife between the family
What does their family love most about them?: Nothing to mention
Hate?: His presence
Does the family have a specific set of values?: No
What would their family be described like by another person?: Selfish
Have they ever had any pets?: Yes
What happened to them?: All dead


Have they ever cheated on a partner?: No
Has a partner ever cheated on them?: N/A
How did they react?: N/A
Who was their first crush?: N/A
First love?: N/A
Are they in any kind of romantic relationship?: No
How serious/relaxed is it?: N/A
Who is your characters closest friend?: Indigo Rose
How did they meet?: School
Why do they get along so well?: Understanding of each other
Describe relationship with any other significant friends: N/A


Favorite foods: Steak
Least favorite food: Sushi
Favorite colors: Silver, White, Black
Least favorite color: Blue
Music: Rock
Literature: Fiction
Smell: Campfire
Feeling: Relaxed
Season: Autumn
Pets: None
Place: City
Favorite sport(s): Rugby
Favorite Sayings: You miss 100% of the chances you don't take.
Possession this character values most: Silver braid necklaces
Why is it so important to them?: Last gift from his mother

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs
Body build: Average/Toned
Eye Color: Brown
Glasses or contact lenses?: Neither
Hair Color: Dark brown
Type of hair: very short
Hairstyle: French crop
Complexion and skin tone: becoming tanned
Any particular blemishes?: Several scars on his right hand and forehead.
Shape of Face: Normal
Scent: None
Voice: Deep
Mannerisms: Polite and well mannered
Health: Average
Style: Shabby/casual
How do they walk?: Normal
What are their Nervous Tics: None
Usual Body Posture: Relaxed
Do they have any disabilities?: None
Speech patterns: None
Preferred Clothing: Baggy jeans, tight open shirt/tank top, trainers
Shirts: Tight fitted, usually unbuttoned
Pants: Baggy jeans
Shoes: Skater style shoes and trainers
Accessories: Watch, two rings
Formal wear: Casual black suit
Sleeping wear: None
Swimming wear: 3/4 length shorts

Did they go to school?: Yes
Where?: Southampton boys school - Tea Garden State high school
What did they learn?: Engineering, maths, English, french
Did they complete the curriculum?: Only engineering and maths
What were their grades like?: Average to good
Native language: English
Do they know any other languages?: Partial french
How smart are they?: Average
What is their strengths?: Engineering
Weaknesses?: English
Manner of Writing: Rushed
Any Mental Illnesses?: None
Character's short-term goals in life: Fitting in at school
Character's long-term goals in life: Building a better life from his family
How does your Character see themselves?: Quiet, relaxed, not overly confident
How does your Character believe they are perceived by others?: Dose not know
How self-confident is your character?: Not greatly
What makes their self-confidence waver?: Anything new, being flirted with
What would embarrass your character the most?: Failing
How does your character feel about love: Dose not know
About crime: Dislike
Politics?: Hates
People of a different sexuality?: No opinion
Different nationality/race?: No opinion
How does your character show affection/love?: N/A
How does your character handle grief?: Keeps his emotions bottled up.
How does your character handle physical pain?: Very well
Emotional pain?: Poorly

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