Emanuel Aldsworth

"Don't worry James, I am certain I can endure not running things as long as your promise to endure being the SECOND best dressed man at court."

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a character in “The Court of King James: A New Dawn.”, originally authored by Ironman11, as played by ♥ILoveParis♥


"What can I accomplish with a crude piece of filthy steel along my hand? Look like an incredibly miserable excuse for a warrior that is for certain. Now what can I do with a rose in my hand, fragrance perfumed my body and gold within my pocket? My good sir I can present to you a kingdom of gold and honey!" A drunken boast by Lord Westbrook at the Gallant Green Knight, a Local Pub not far from the capitol.

Emanuel Aldsworth

As the Earl of the House of Westbrook, His Official Title is more commonly known as “Lord Westbrook”; The Bonnie Earl


On many occasion the Earl of Westbrook has been described as a very handsome man. He stands in meager height and a lack of physical stress along the peacock of a courtier has made him appear very unthreatening as a slender, short foppish courtier. Fair skinned with exceptionally bright blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair has earned him the nickname “The Bonnie Earl”.

Skin tone:
Fair Skinned



Other aspects of your appearance:
Emanuel tends to wear outfits of grandeur reflecting the fashions and trends of the courts. A rumor has lingered that the Earl possess the largest wardrobe of clothes, jewels, slippers, hats, etc in Avalon. The Earl has never been publically seen wearing the same outfit twice.

Poetry, Court Intrigue, Theater, Music, Art, Drinking, Clothes, Parties, Gossip, Bed Chamber Exploits and the Occult

Poor Humor, The Monotone, Radicals, Politics Outside Relations and Courts, Being Regaled as a “Girly Man”, Moralists

Being Burned at the Stake, Being disowned as a good friend to James, Destitution and Insects and Vermin

Court Intrigue, Natural Charisma, Literacy, Land Management, Seduction, Bed Chamber Grandeur, Culture Savvy and Occult Knowledge

Combat and Militarily Inept, Corrupt and Petty Reputation

Emanuel is an immensely petty and vain narcissist or so more he has been claimed by his political opponents. He has been known as quite the charmer across the courts and one of his only saving graces to his hedonist characteristics is that he is a genuinely sweet individual. Amongst everything else, Emanuel always has a strange aura about him of being carefree and composed a living embodiment of the civilized gentry.

Emanuel has been quick to associate himself with the more relaxed epsilons of worshippers of God, contrary to his family’s tradition of immensely strict worship. Secretly, Emanuel is the high priest of a society that venerates a pagan fertility god named “The Black Feather Society”. The use of his power and influence in the courts and close friendship with James has kept him far away from church investigators and inquisitors

Emanuel is a close friend of James ranging back from the days the two were in the service of the military. Though Emanuel was not much of a soldier (A pathetic archer guard commander at that) he was always a man who adore uniform, give his fellow officers, friends and men a very good times at the taverns. Seeing that James is now the King, Emanuel is attempting to use his prestige of being “The Best Mate of the King” as leverage over certain aspects of the court. His ambitions do not end there, as secretly his eyes lay over to the House of Devalin desiring to be the Duke to the King.

Relationship status:
Single – (Have invited both women and men into his bedchamber)

So begins...

Emanuel Aldsworth's Story


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"Yes to your health indeed!" A rather sharp if not charming voice bellow out from the very end of the grand throne room and Celebration Hall. A few of the toasting guests were left to pause as their brows turn to the vividly dressed individual at the entrance way. He stood in rather exceptional coronation colors himself, strangely appearing more of a king in his clothes and jewels but remained not so by the lack of a crown on his wavy rosy blonde head. Along his bejeweled fingers was not one, but to very beautiful maidens scandalously dressed in very revealing outfits for Royal Court, leading on his gem encrusted slippers step.

A few laughed, other grinned, some whispers, a rare one or two prayed and a large majority rolled their eyes, Lord Westbrook had finally arrived fashionably late.

Emanuel somewhat offered a rather bright smirk across his face, admiring the mirrors that made up the hall's decor as he strode down very gracefully leading his two 'guests' along in tow. Both were the daughters of Lord Duncan, Earl of Fleemings; a man of impeccable temperament and two very beautiful and very rebellious daughters. Emanuel display them much like his outfit to flaunt and enjoy and possibly break in later, he could not decide which one he had liked better so he simply decided to take them as a set. Besides, with the amount of scandals and mistresses that littered court every man in this room would be a polygamist in his book.

His eyes flickered across the crowd of people, moving through the row that had parted to honor the ambassador though taking full advantage. Katherine Devalin was among the crowd the flowery and wealthy socialite could not help but grin. Certainly she was possibly one of the kingdoms most dangerous factors dressed in red brugondy and gold embroilment, but she was also interesting, very interesting.

"Lady Devalin." He spoke out to her a friendly face around a crowd of high noses, suspicious glances and seedy whispers. His hands departed the fingers of the two milky ladies for a moment as he offered a gentleman's kiss of her hand before speaking again "A fine rose like yourself deserves to on display in a glass case. Not being forced in the sidelines like a wall flower by the..." he spoke for a moment as his eyes met the few around him "Critics." He answered without another motion he returned to his two ladies continuing along with some greetings as he got closer to King with each pace.

His eyes flickered over to the adorable couple of Lelinus DeGrey and Rivera. Or were they friends? Juicy gossip was so rare at court today but he was certain he would spice something up by the end of the evening... He paused for a moment and slightly cringe. Sea Blue was very much out of style, but he had to confess... Jamie's brother had amazing legs.

Regardless of thought and flight, the regally dressed gentleman did arrive at the Royal Chairs nonchalantly taking a glass from one of the servitors that graced the entire celebration as he offered a very coy smile to a very good friend. He did pause and returned his glance to the foreign man before him. Normally he absolutely disdained ambassadors, short hairy men who seemed too much like stooges, lackeys and boot lickers with utterly awful accents. But something about this man, he liked, he seemed absolutely charming.

"Mr. Ambassador if I may?" He requested as he gestured to the King with a vivid grin across his face before returning to Jamie and toasting the glass to him before giving him a look.

"Now come Jamie! Whats this I hear about you becoming King!?" he slightly jest as he somewhat shook his head playfully "And your toasting without me!? Honestly Jamie! Honestly! Sometimes you make me think that you keep me around just to tell you what will be in and out of high fashion this month!" He coyly played as his introduction.


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"And I had been hoping that his invitation had been lost," Lelinus muttered under his breath. Lord Westbrook was man that had given him more headaches than all his childhood illnesses combined. He was flamboyant, reckless, influential, and, of course, had to be his brother's best friend. Their father had had a hard enough time keeping the nobility in line when he was just their vassal. Now with James on the throne, his indiscretions would reflect badly upon the Crown and give Devalin more ammunition to use against them. Still, he couldn't pretend that Emanuel was all bad. He was, at least, sincere in his loyalty to James and was an useful ally in court. He would just have to remind him that he couldn't expect James to bail him out whenever he got into trouble later.

He glanced around and saw that the Grand Cleric was spluttering incoherently about Westbrook's choice of guests. The priest wasn't alone. In fact, an older gentleman was experiencing a similar reaction and looked at the women like he had a piece of his mind to share with them. He caught their smirks and resisted the urge to sigh. They were his daughters, then. It was too much to ask that his brother's friend wouldn't inadvertently cause them trouble the first day. Hopefully, it would remain a private issue and should things get out of hand, James would have the sense to mediate between the two lords before the man seriously injured Westbrook.

"Why couldn't he stay in his bedchamber?" he asked himself.


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Emanuel Aldsworth

The Privy Council of Nobles, a group of the supposed wisest and most influence assortment of Earls, Counts and Dukes that made up the greater noblemen of the Kingdom. A gathering had been held at the request of the King, an urgent matter which only the Kings must trusted advisers could bear ear to. Emanuel were of these men, and rather bored already. The council meeting was held inside a rather lavish hall with a very long table, all seventeen men were now waiting for the King to arrive.

The room was abuzz with talk, some rumors had begun that the Duke of Western Edge had finally sparked his rebellion at the night of the coronation and was now mobilizing his troops to attack the country side, others began idle talk that Luxor were sending ships and men abroad in support. Of course, other men of greater intelligence were dismissing these rumors are simple lies stirred up by Rumormongers and War Hawks.

Emanuel had been seat at the King's place of honor, idly fiddling a finger around the top of a goblet of gold. Like he had suspected he had arrived the best dressed man between all this dull and overused black burgundy furs and radiate gold jewels. Emanuel had arrived in a beautiful doublet of bright silks dyed in indigo. It was embroidered with the finest golden threads, stitched together to decorate a very floral and extravagant design. On the bud of each golden flower was a small gem that shinned as brilliantly as the envy of those around him. Over the indigo dressed was a rich cloak of the court's fashion, a mantle providing large shelves which was a deeper hue of purple which so starkly contrasted with the ceremonial black that the privy council was wearing. On top of that was a bright feathery hat of indigo, with the feathers of a peacock a bird only spoken of in myths and stories of far away lands.

The outfit certain had cost a great deal of money, Emanuel merely smirked to admire it again as he examined his bejeweled fingers again and then returned his attention to the door as did the whole council awaiting their King to arrive and inform them on what on earth was going on.


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Emanuel Aldsworth

Emanuel had raised a brow very inquisitively as he heard the news, the councilors were quick to spread their looks and words across the table very lowly and humbly. Shock seemed like the general profession of most of the men seated, which Emanuel himself could completely and quite easily understand. The Bonnie Earl kept his glance at Jamie as he talked. His right pinkie was scratching itself, he was nervous. Every since they were children Jamie would scratch his pinkie when he was unsure or uncertain about it though if he had not know that it would had seemed that Jamie was presiding as though he knew something everyone else did not.

His friend was looking to him, and then he realized why the Privy Council was called for. He looked back to Lady Huor examining her. For a woman that was condemning her own flesh and blood to death she still had a remarkable figure. Slightly he leaned upon his own bejeweled fingers spreading them along his chin as he stroked his well trim beard. "An interesting testimony Lady Huor, I would advise you take a moment to consider if you had left anything crucial out." He prose before he looked over to the scribe in the room "Mr. Secretary, I sincerely hope will take an empathize to record those statements and accounts."

The man paused for a moment somewhat hiding a blush as he continued to write away, a few days prior he had a little rondevue with the professional at the stables. Who knew someone who buried his nose into too many books would be such an... animal. A soft chuckle emerged outward at the thought before he realize he was in a serious setting looking around the strange glances before he returned his attention to the King.

"Lady Huor is now our key witness and should be under the watchful protection of the King until this investigation is fulfilled." He prosed elegantly to the King "I would advise she remain in comfortable Quarters in the Palace under royal guard protection separated from Court so that if there is a ploy at play any other collaborators would not be able to harm our brave testifier." Emanuel had other intentions of course, if she was telling the truth then she would now be assured that no one would touch her, if she was apart of some plot to murder Rivera she would now be as trapped as her supposed sister bellow them though in a more lavish cage.

"Before we continue with questions find this supposed postman, I am certain he will be in town or in the Palace still."


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Rivera had said not a word the entire questioning, her eyes merely trailing from one lord to the next, finally rest on James once again as he spoke directly to her.

"This may be your last opportunity to speak."

The words angered her. A part of her wanted to remain silent, and another part simply wished to explain why she refused, and yet another part of her wanted to lash out. It would be the latter to win that internal battle, for better or for worse. Her eyes burning, she glared at the man who stood before her as King of Avalon. She started out in a normal tone of voice, but with each word her voice grew, until she was actually yelling.

"My last opportunity to speak? Truly? So that's how it ends, is it? Is my fate already decided? Why then, pray tell did you drag me in here in the first place? Why should I have to say anything, James?! I grew up with you, you, Lelinus, Arrabella, and Gwendolyn, you have been the only family I've ever known! What would have to gain by betraying you, any of you? Nothing! But I can tell you exactly what she has to gain from it!" She pointed directly at James. "That harlot has plenty to gain from my supposed betrayal and execution, the least of which being your good favor. Are you truly that blind, James, that you would think that I would actually do something like this?"

She finally stopped, her head down, and in a calmer voice said, "You know what? This is exactly the kind of decision you would make. You always were brash, and tended to act on what you wanted rather than what you should do. You want to send me to the gallows? Fine. Go ahead. No, I have nothing to say in my defense, because frankly I don't think it would make any sort of difference. These Lords are all thinking the same thing, it's written all over their faces. Go ahead, write me off to death's door. Frankly, I just don't give a shit."


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Emanuel Aldsworth

"I for one think that is the stupidest thing I have every heard in this room."

Were the first words the Emanuel departed from his lips to voice his discontent. The other lords somewhat looked at him obviously insulted by how crash Lord Westbrook was, but he didn't care as he idly ran a finger across the top of the goblet. If Rivera continued to talk like that she would just talk herself to the grave. He knew she was innocent, and he knew if she was sent to death Jamie would never forgive himself.

"If you truly believe you are innocent, then you do frankly, give a shit whether you live or die. Your doing that god awful meat-head knight bravado again deary. Where you start acting like a child that has given up already." The man slightly belittled in courtly mockery though his tone became rather apathetic afterward. "Frankly I don't bloody give a toss on what you feel on the matter. It is my job to find out if these very serious allegations are true or not." He gave out harshly, but truthfully and harsh truths was exactly what this god forsaken boring place needed at times.

As he cleared his throat, Lord Westbrook somewhat stacked a group of letters together as he read them off again slightly, only focusing on the names each one of these letters were addressed to.

"Now with that out of my system I am going to ask you a question. I don't want a long winded statement, I don't want to know what you bloody believe in, I just want you to answer it with a direct answer." Emanuel prose, in reality he was trying to save her life, Rivera was just too thick headed for her own good so he used the harsh words to slightly ground her back into reality.

"What name do you common go by to receive official postage through messenger?"

Some of the lord nodded their heads, other talked, some whispered, many raised their brows in disgust. Westbrook didn't care, and if Rivera did care she would swallow that god forsaken pride of hers and answer the question. The noble idly took a drink as though perching his throat after all those words were said and done he knew he would walk out of this room with a black eye when he could prove that Rivera was not a conspirator.


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Rivera's eyes locked on to Aldsworht's as he began to speak, and throughout his speech, she began to laugh. "Oh shut up, you stuffed peacock. Your misguided concern means absolutely nothing to me. And when I said I don't care, I mean that I do not care where I am sent. I never let on that I do not care whether I live or die. You see, dying is not something I plan on doing for a rather long time. And I certainly don't plan on dying in the Gallows." Her grey eyes once again settled on James, whose own eyes held a slight mortification on her response to Emanuel's question.

"There is one thing and one thing only that I have to say to you. This land can grow and become even stronger, so long as its people stand united. But the minuet even a speck o disgruntlement is discovered, and this land becomes divided, Avalon will fall from its very core outward. No one among the royal family, myself included, wants to see that happen. United we stand, and divided we fall. Remember that, James."