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Allyson (Ally) Emma Merrill

"Live as if you were going to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were going to live forever."

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a character in “The Cove”, as played by graphicromantics



Allyson Merrill is a tall-ish girl, with long legs, but a rather small bust. This is because she is extremely athletic. She has long dark brown hair and electric blue eyes. She has pale skin, but just because it looks like porcelain doesn't mean that her skin is perfect. She wears minimal makeup, (eyeliner, mascara, lip balm, DONE) but she is not very self conscious. People tell her that she is pretty, and that her eyes are gorgeous, but she never believes them and thinks that her eyes are weird. She dresses very casually. In colder weather, she wears skinny jeans, a plain v-neck t-shirt, Converse, and a hoodie, and in warm weather, she wears shorts, sunglasses, a tank top, and flip flops. She owns a lot of different earrings, so she switches up her earrings a lot. Her hair is down most of the time, but if she feels like it, it is in a ponytail. She has a scar on her forearm from when she fell off of her bike when she was nine.


Ally is definitely "one of the guys". She is okay with getting messy, and she likes to play around. She hates it when people think that she can't do something just because she's a girl. Many of her friends are boys, and she has always been fine with that. She is outgoing, and at times, a little brash. She can be painfully honest at times, but when she wants to (which is very rarely), she can be awfully deceptive. She likes to take pictures of anything fun that she does, so she carries a digital camera around most of the time. If she is insulted, she will usually laugh and shrug it off, but if the insult is particularly awful, or if it gets too personal, she will get mad. She gets along with most people, but has a bit of an issue with stuck-up people. She will never judge people until she really gets to know them.

She loves Braden Town. She has lived there her entire life, but she finds everything about her small town great. She loves how tightly knit her town is, and how everyone knows each other. Of course, sometimes it can be a pain when her mother knows stuff about Ally that Ally really wishes she didn't know. Her favorite thing about Braden Town is the ocean, and she loves to spend weekend afternoons surfing.

She likes: surfing, running, volleyball, pictures, excitement, people, trying new things, sour gummi worms, lattes, the ocean, aviator sunglasses, Braden Town and laughing.
She dislikes: snobs, cheating, arguments, awkward silences, candy corn (too sweet!), the color orange, and suck-ups.


Allyson can be seen with her digital camera, and either a pack of sour gummi worms, or a latte in her hand.


Allyson has an older brother, Andrew. Growing up with an older brother probably was the main cause of Ally being such a tomboy. She has lived her whole life in Braden Town. She lives with her mom and dad, and she has a Jack Russell named Hamlet. Her dad is the Literature professor at the local high school, and her mom is an artist who makes art out of ordinary things that you see in Braden Town. She used to be best friends with her next-door neighbor, Griffin, but after he was attacked by a shark, they haven't been hanging out lately.

So begins...

Allyson (Ally) Emma Merrill's Story


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#, as written by Geekly
Griffin Dover

Griffin chuckled lightly, he really did know her family very well, and they were an awesome bunch. His smile faded into a grimance as he heard Ally call out his name in that sweet voice she used sometimes. That voice wasnt very rare but still deceptively sweet, he knew for a fact she wanted something from him when she used that voice. "Finny, You wanna go see who the new girl in town is? She's at Adeline's right now... with Dale."

Finn looked to the window and he did infact see the blond head of hair that belonged to Dale. This did catch his interest, he had been trying to make friends with Dale ever since he got his Dirt Bike. How bad had Finn wanted to ride that thing, he'd practically do anything for it. He bounced on the chance looking with a grin to Ally, "Oh you know how to play me Al. And besides, Adeline wouldn't mind a couple more visitors right?" He nodded standing and tucking his skateboard under his arm. He stood still for a minute suddenly bursting out, "Race you there!" And running towards Adeline's house.


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Character Portrait: Cambriah Van Dam Character Portrait: Dale Flowers Character Portrait: Allyson (Ally) Emma Merrill Character Portrait: Griffin Dover Character Portrait: Character Portrait:
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Allyson Merrill

Finn said, "Race ya there!" and took off for Adeline's. Grabbing her latte, she yelled her thanks to the Luciens and ran after Finn. "Not fair," she said as she caught up to him. "Where's that sportsmanship gone?" She smirked and then ran faster. When they reached Adeline's front porch, they couldn't decide who had won, so they reluctantly decided it was a tie. Ally peered into the window. She saw her friend Dale talking to Adeline and the strikingly beautiful girl from before. Wait, was there another one? Ally rubbed her eyes and saw that there was a lovely younger girl, maybe thirteen? Fourteen? Ally knocked on the door and waited for Adeline to come out. She looked at Finn, who was standing around, and said to him, "It's the dirt bike, isn't it?"