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Bo Hargreaves

"Each and every moment you've lived make up who you are, some moments are just bigger than others."

0 · 151 views · located in Braden Town

a character in “The Cove”, originally authored by ali_rox96, as played by RolePlayGateway




Surfing, obviously
Listening to music and tuning out the rest of the world
Surprisingly, ever since the shark thing, gardening
Any type of sport that has a definite winner and loser
The sunshine

Losing, any kind; losing badly or only just losing.
Rain, it just makes him feel miserable
Being told what he can and can’t do it and how to do it
Selfish, arrogant people

Bo Hargreaves
(ignore septum piercing)
Bo has light brown hair that is always ruffled and uncombed. He also has dark greeny blue that you can only really tell the color of when he’s out in the sun. He is tattoo free, but he does have a birthmark on his left shoulder blade that looks like an ink splodge. He has a largish scar on his left thigh and a bite mark on his left arm from the shark attack, nothing life threatening or close to losing a limb though. Bo generally wears v neck tees that are usually plain colors, and well fitting, dark jeans.

Bo is incredibly competitive, and ultra stubborn. The worst to traits to be coupled together, he can’t back down from a challenge and often refuses to lose. When he says he’s going to do something he’s going to do it, and he hates anyone doubting him. He also has to do things in his own time, in his own way, he hates people bothering him when he’s working on something. While we're onto his pet peeves, he also hates people thinking they know better than him or trying to tell him what to do, or make him feel less than he is. He knows his worth and he doesn’t need other people to prove it for him. As long as he has his friends who appreciate him for who he is, he’ll be happy.

Bo is also very caring, kind and down to earth, in his own way hidden way though. Only people who really know him and understand him, know he kind and sweet he can be. He likes to do things behind the scenes, he doesn’t like being the centre of attention. He believes strongly in actions over words though, and he doesn’t make fun of people or insult them for just being human. No one’s perfect. He also always takes time to enjoy the little things rather than worrying about the big things. He doesn’t like to rush things, he likes to take his time and enjoy the way there.

Bo loves Braden Town, he loves the beach, he loves the slow, simpleness of the town, but most of all he loves the people. To him, it’s like everyone in Braden Town is there because they have found their place they belong. He’d honestly do anything for anyone in the town, and he’s not just saying that, it’s just that type of guy that he is. Though he likes to think that they’d do the same for him. He can be a bit naive this way.

Bo has a twin brother Clayton, and then a younger sister Macy. Bo was always close with his brother but they were never those twins that are each others’ best friend. They just had different interests in life. That and Bo has been best friends with his neighbor since before he even began consciously making the decision to hangout with her. Bo’s parents are both still happily married and excessively family oriented. His mother works at the Braden Town preschool and his father a carpenter. He grew up happy, forever attached at the hip with his neighbor, always surfing and dreaming big. The last weekend before the summer began though, his parents decided to spend the whole day as a family, going family related activities. Bo wanted to surf a bit though first, so he snuck out at dawn and went surfing with his neighbor. While he was out surfing though he was attacked by a shark. It first grabbed his left arm as he was paddling and pulled him straight down. He managed to free his arm, though as he began rapidly paddling back to the shore, it tried to bite him again. This time though it took a massive chunk out of his surfboard and got his left thigh. He managed to make it to the shore without the shark going after him again. Luckily he was left with only minor injuries compared to what could have happened. He only ended up with stitches in his thigh, and a couple in his arm. Though there was a moment there when they were tossing up wether his arm even needed stitches. That was a few weeks ago and any day now he’ll be getting his stitches out and getting the okay from the doctor to start surfing again. He's not too sure he's in a rush to get back to surfing though.

Anything else?

So begins...

Bo Hargreaves's Story