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Ellise Duncan


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a character in “The Cove”, as played by alight






The color yellow
Her boyfriend
The Sun


Her father

Name: Ellise Faith Duncan


Current Look:


Ellise has nothing amazing about her. Her features are plain and simple, she doesn't have an attractive face but it is cute and lovable. Her hair is a naturally curly, blondy-white color, as influenced by her boyfriend she was sucked into dying her hair a blond, but as it fades it transformed into a snow color. (Which is how she got the nickname Snow; after her hair.) Her hair used to be a light brown color. She ususally likes to have it out and flowing or usually tied into ponytails, or on the special occasion, braided. Her eyes are a slight green outerlayer while the inner core of the pupil is a kind of golden tint. Her skin is a pale white and is almost ghostly. She has faded freckles on her plumped cheeks but they are only faint. She has thick black eyelashes which are long and are a stand-out on her face. Her nose is so skinny you wouldn't even notice that it was even placed on her face and her eyebrows are thin brown curved lines matching her previous hair color. Her ears are pressed against her head, and they are pierced on her earlobe. Her face is overall natural and dull but in a way that can make her beautiful.
Her clothes sense is the goody-good girl. She will never break the rule to wear something out of her comfort zone. She has always stuck to the rules and although she has a rebel as a boyfriend, she is not prepared to let this falter her act around the school. She always wears her skirts below the knees and is conscious about her look, but tries not to worry about it as she just thinks about what rule is broken when fixing a simple skirt. Outside of school, she will usually tend to wear long faded blue jeans and a flimsy jacket, covering her long pale pink t-shirt.


((Be as detailed as you can here, it helps when RPing to have a really good understanding of who your character is and for other RPers to know how to react to you character. How would they react to someone insulting them? Do they joke around much or are they very serious? How do they feel about Braden Town? What type of people would they get along with?))


As soon as Ellise was born, her parents knew she was going to be the only child they were going to have. She was hard work dealing with at birth, giving her mother, Anna a hard time for while she was pregnant. That was all Anna could remeber so she had decided that after Ellise, that was it. Ellise was kind of disappointed she was an only child. She would've liked some sibilings. But there was no changing their minds.
Growing up, she has felt all alone. Her parents had each other, while she had "me, myself and I" to deal with. When Ellise started school, she found it hard to make friends as she was never used to it. She hadn't spoken to many people in her life, and wasn't used to it. But she did know that with being an only child comes all the attention and one step out of line, her parents would kill her. She had all the pressure on her shoulders. So she had to be perfect.
Her mother is an real-estate agent who tends to be only a part time worker. She had Ellise at a very young age and is now only twenty-nine years old. She is a part-time mum and has struggled with her studies to be able to control a baby as well. She hadn't married Ellise's father, but the two are still together. She is usually the free-flowing and cruiser one in the family. She will usually let Ellise have what she wants but her father on the other hand is different. He is the boss and the leader of the family. He is a manager at a retail store and doesn't assosiate with his brothers as he things he's to superior to even communicate with them. He hasn't exactly liked them since he was a kid, so as well as having no siblings, Ellise had no communicable cousins either. But her father is aged at about late thirtys.
At school, Ellise had always been an A-grade student. She has impressed her mother, so much with her results from her grades but has failed to please her ignorant father. He isn't exactly promising unless she becomes the Presidant. But Ellise tried to focus on the positive side and try to actually impress her father. Funnily enough, she had been scared of him. He seemed harsh and cruel, so when she went to his work once he was yelling and screaming his head off a worker who put a box in the wrong place. She was terrified, so has never faltered her marks towards her exams. She has actually managed to keep him happy after years of excellent reports and amazing projects. But there was still something she sensed that wasn't quite right.
After going through many years of school, she had redeemed a nickname. "The Quiet One." She didn't neccessarily like it, but she was never to proud to have it. She wasn't a teachers pet, no, but she is the good girl. Never a single rule broken and not a touch out of place and definately never late for classes. It's not like she never had a choice, it's just that was what she was. She had never wanted to be the one to fit in with the terrors. It just wasn't in her nature to.
For this reason, she also found it hard to make friends and become a popular soul. She had two best friends, however. There were long stories connected with the way the three met, but a summary will do.
Beverly, was a member of the popular girls. Although, not very pretty, but average, she did herself up to fit in with the girls. She was used though, and for the head of the gang, to date her brother, Micheal. Beverly felt shattered, like a broken piece of glass. But she had many ex's within her period of time at the populars. She left them and soon found friends with Ellise, after Ellise had separated herself from the world. To only take care of herself and defend for herself. But as soon as Beverly came, Ellise could finally trust her and spill her problems. They formed a really close relationship. Gertrude was from Sweden but she moved to America and was outcasted by her background. She was made fun of, so Beverly and Ellise made friends with Gertrude, the three forming an everlasting future.
But, when Gertrude's parents wanted to leave America to go back to the family issues at home, she had to leave the two. Beverly and Ellise had to say goodbye. But, Gert had been the glue in their friendship, so without that glue the pieces fell apart with her departure. Ellise and Bev just didn't connect anymore. Ellise hadn't lost her as a friend, they just didn't associate anymore. Soon, Ellise met a few more friends.
At the same time, her father offered her a job at his work. Ellise took up the offer and did a little bit of work experience. But Ellise grew tired of the job and quit. She soon found she was interested in baby-sitting. But, funnily enough her father wouldn't let her run a business until she was trustworthy. So they bought a dog, to see if Ellise could take care of it. She loved the dog, but it was hard work keeping care of it. But she succedded and took up her own business. That's when she got a call through to babysit a boy her age through his aunty. She accepted the ask but the two teens fell in love. She fell for the bad boy. She loved his attitude toward things and he made her laugh. He also was attractive, so who wouldn't fall for him? So, what happens now the two are dating? Well, this is where Ellise's story really begins.


Good Girl - Carrie Underwood

((She’s the ideal daughter with the perfect reputation. She’s sweet and caring and never judges a single soul. She’s never been in trouble and she’s a bit naïve, she’s use to her quite life in Braden and she wouldn’t mind staying her for the rest of her life. But when the sweet older women she often house sits for across the street, takes in her rebellious out of control nephew, everything may change. Will she be just the person he needs to save him from self-destruction and show him the true beauty of Braden? Or will he be the one the turns her from bubble gum sweet to sour candy?))


So begins...

Ellise Duncan's Story