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Emmett Nickson

"This place is crap, and I'm actually being nice when I say that."

0 · 193 views · located in Braden Town

a character in “The Cove”, as played by arteech0kee


Eighteen Years Old


. Smoking
. Drinking
. Partying
. Hanging out
. Lazying around
. Listening to Music
. Swimming
. Racing Cars
. Hitting on Girls
. Having Sex
. Insulting People
. Joking Around
. The City
. Pie // Especially his Aunt's Apple Pie

. Bossy People // Authorities
. Rules // The Law
. Chores
. Whiny People
. Prim and Proper People
. Girls who are so Uptight
. Getting Grounded
. School
. Quiet and Boring People and Places // i.e., Teachers, School and Braden Town
. Ex-Girlfriends
. Everything that is a Pain in the Ass // Which is everything to him

. Listening to Music
. Partying // Drinking // Smoking
. Sleeping
. Drawing
. Swimming

Emmett Nickson
"live to do what you want to do"

His records wrote that Emmett was a 6 foot (182cm) and 163lbs (74kgs) teenage boy with dark brown hair that
had a Diadema Style haircut, which was usually styled to stand upwards with gel, and hazel eyes. An athletic build, broad
shoulders, toned chest and visible muscle lines on his abdomen. He preferred keeping his face clean as he doesn't particularly
like having facial hair, and he's fussy when it came to hair that he even shaved the hair all over his body.

Emmett has no scars on his body, but he does have a birth mark in a shape of a bean on his right side of his abdomen, along
the ribs that is a size of his thumb. He pierced the top of his right ear and his left eye brow. He has a saying, 'live to do
what you want to do
', inked along his right inner forearm.

His clothes have a recurring style to them. Emmett has a love for shirts or singlets of any color as long as it has a print on
the front of it, which could range from a cartoon character to a word that described what he was feeling. He had a few of
them made while some were store bought. He's often seeing pants, high top shoes and a blazer or long sleeve that is left open
with the sleeves rolled up during Spring and Fall seasons, and in Winter, he would be fully covered up, but during winter, he
would be seen with shorts and Vans shoes that came at nearly every color. He would sometimes wear a hat, but that would be
when it got sunny, but in any season, he would wear Ray Ban wayfarer styled sunglasses to cover his eyes. Emmett's favorite
accessory would be his black Rolex watch that his Father gave him when he turned Fifteen, and a dog tag necklace with his
name on it.

Examples -- [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

Emmett, well, he's an asshole, and there's no denying it. To everyone who has seen, associated, befriended and dated
him would know that he's a walking definition of an out of control bad boy. He's not acting either. Dale's rude, swears in
nearly every sentence, drinks, smokes, aggressive, short-tempered, egotistical, disrespectful and undisciplined. His Parents
have tried to discipline him so many times, but his mouth would just open and talk back to them, and he would do that to
every adult he ever interacted with -- well, except his Aunty in Braden Town, who would be the only one who managed to put
up with his behavior, but living far and at a really crap town (in his opinion). The only people he would ever be seen
talking to are people who were like him, people who made quite an impression on him, and people who he felt would be a
good friend, which limited his group of close friends to about two or three, since he didn't easily accept people into his circle.

First impressions with people are really important for him, and if he doesn't like someone then he wouldn't hesitate to tell the
person in their face as he's also brutally honest. If anyone asked him for his opinion, he'll be truly honest about it. One of his
ex-girlfriends cried because he told her that she gained weight when she asked if she looked fat in a dress, and he broke up
with her because of that. Emmett's mouth and words are unfiltered, and he's blunt, so things he would do are done without
any second thoughts, especially things that'd get him into trouble. He also lacks any attention span, so once he's bored, he
is bored. He's the type who really doesn't care about a lot of thing, but when he does, he would be protective and be polite
about it. It's a rarity for him to actually like something or someone, especially if it's a girl.

Emmett's a joker, his jokes are dirty and perverted sometimes, but as long as he's laughing and people around him are
laughing, he doesn't care how far it'd have to go. He's also a bully, and teasing someone to make others and himself
laugh is also part of his bad boy routine. He's also lazy. His perfect day would be a weekend, when he'd be home, feet up and
lying down on the sofa, watching TV with a cigarette between his lips. Although when it came to parties, it was a different
story, as he would be all over the place making an idiot out of himself in his drunk manner, but on the plus side, he's a very
happy drunk that everyone became his best friend. However, when he's angry, it'd result to punches here and there and
him being arrested because of assault.

A positive point to Emmett would be that he's actually quite protective to people he would care about, and even if he doesn't
show it often, he does love his Family. When on a good mood, he'd actually pay attention and listen to everything that
is being said in a conversation, but that's also a very rare moment. You either love this guy or you don't.

Emmett Gregory Nickson was born the Second and Youngest child of Mark and Elizabeth Nickson, who ran a Restaurant
business in the big city. His Older Brother, Matthew, was five years older than he was, and he admired his Brother to the
point where he wanted to be exactly like him. His Mother was a resident of Braden Town before she moved away and met
his Father, got married and had children. Once and a while, he and his Brother were sent to Braden Town to visit his only
Aunt and Uncle on his Mother's side, who he also admired. Emmett was a decent, loving and a polite little boy while growing
up, but at the age of Ten, he experienced something so traumatic that changed him to the man he was today.

For Emmett's Tenth Birthday, his Uncle flew in from Braden Town and took he and his Brother to a visiting Carnival. There he
enjoyed the remainder of his innocence before he saw his Uncle and Brother getting shot. On the way home, their cab ride
was being robbed, and his Uncle, being a Military-Veteran, had stood up to the group of thugs. His Brother, who was only
Fifteen at the time, had instructed him to hide under the chair and covered by a piled of jackets that they brought, it was so
his Brother would go and help his Uncle from getting beaten. Emmett actually peeked from beneath the chairs to the opened
door and saw the two men he looked up to get beaten to the ground, the group of thugs had used a bat and a wooden plank
before one of them pulled out a gun and shot three times at each unconscious body. He saw the blood seep out of each the
limp bodies. Emmett was sent to a Therapist after the incident, and it even reached the news. But since then, he just wasn't
the same anymore. He just gave up on himself.

He took up smoking when he turned Twelve, started getting into a heap of trouble at Thirteen, alcohol at Fourteen, and lost
his virginity at Fifteen. He sneaked out to attend parties that he wasn't even invited to, he fooled around with girls that
were older than him, and he got into a certain amount of fights that his Parents feared he would be targeted while walking
down the street one day. Emmett was nearly been sent to Juvenile Hall more than four times, and attended three different
schools. He dug to the bad crowd the moment he reached High School, which he eventually took control over a year after,
but after pulling a massive prank on his third school, he was expelled and his Parents could no longer handle his bad-seed
saga that they decided to send him to his Aunt for Summer, to his dismay.

Theme Songs;
"Lost" by Gorilla Zoe ft. Lil' Wayne
"Crawling" by Linkin Park
"To Be Loved" by Papa Roach

So begins...

Emmett Nickson's Story