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Griffin Dover

"Life makes those things most precious impossible to do. Why? Cause Life's a Bitch."

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a character in “The Cove”, originally authored by Geekly, as played by RolePlayGateway




Junk Food
Extreme Sports
Horror Movies... except Jaws

Health Food
Average days
Cheesy romance movies
Feeling small

Griffin "Finn" Dover
Griffin has a slight wave to his hair from constantly being in the sea water and he honestly doesn't bother to fix it up most times, so he usually has a mess of brown hair on his head. Oddly enough, even after constantly falling on his face during extreme sports, his teeth are practically perfect. His eyes, when you get close enough, have small tints of green behind the chocolate brown. He doesn't particularly like many layers of clothing slowing him down, normally just wearing a random shirt and jeans. You’ll know if he is attempting to dress up because he wears his one leather jacket that he loves so much. He isn't particularly fond of getting tattoos but he does have several scars scattered around his body from various accidents and falls, and one recent scaring, a shark bite on his side. His muscles are subtle, but they’re there, not that he flaunts them.


Griffin is normally a mellow guy, what else can you expect from a surfer? In truth he hates people assuming he’s happy just because he surfs. Really he is a passionate guy, but that side of him only really comes out when he’s ticked off. He loves his friends dearly and is protective of them. He doesn’t know exactly how to act around people; honestly he isn’t sociable in the least, but the good friends he has, he’s had for practically a lifetime. Griffin has always been an extreme person, doing crazy sports or activities, so people usually think that he plans to leave for the city one day and never return. Griffin has never even really thought of leaving the town, his plans for life has always been family oriented and set in Braden Town. Griffin would really be friends with anyone, as long as they didn’t have a bad attitude. He can take an insult but swears as soon as you offend his friends he will get extremely angry.


When Griffin was young, his father had left his mom and him. His mom had to work day and night just to get by, so Griffin has practically raised himself. The two of them had always been struggling financially but frankly Griffin never worried about money, he was more preoccupied with other things as a child. When he came of appropriate age, he’d gotten a couple jobs, and had much more responsibility. It was because of this that Griffin had taught himself not to worry about many things and be mellow, while at the same time, being protective of the few things he does have. The one good thing that he had in his life was [Girl1]. They had been best friends since they were kids and he would do anything for her. They had both found interest in surfing, learning how to while laughing at the others wipe outs. In fact, Griffin had found out about his addiction to thrill while surfing, having wiped out and being very close to drowning. It was odd but he felt even more alive when he was almost dead. Ever since then he tried to find random thrills to fulfill that need, to make his stomach flip and make him so scared he was excited. During his quest so far, Griffin had broken 21 bones and gotten one concussion and one shark bite. That bite was pretty close to what he had wanted, but he had just been scared and much too close to death for his liking. He refused to get back into the water despite [girl 1] trying to convince him otherwise. It might seem crazy, but that one shark bite still hadn't quenched Griffin’s need for that one thrill.

He wears contacts because of his horrible eyesight, but he does have glasses he wears occasionally.[/font]

So begins...

Griffin Dover's Story


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#, as written by Geekly
Griffin Dover

Griffin chuckled lightly, he really did know her family very well, and they were an awesome bunch. His smile faded into a grimance as he heard Ally call out his name in that sweet voice she used sometimes. That voice wasnt very rare but still deceptively sweet, he knew for a fact she wanted something from him when she used that voice. "Finny, You wanna go see who the new girl in town is? She's at Adeline's right now... with Dale."

Finn looked to the window and he did infact see the blond head of hair that belonged to Dale. This did catch his interest, he had been trying to make friends with Dale ever since he got his Dirt Bike. How bad had Finn wanted to ride that thing, he'd practically do anything for it. He bounced on the chance looking with a grin to Ally, "Oh you know how to play me Al. And besides, Adeline wouldn't mind a couple more visitors right?" He nodded standing and tucking his skateboard under his arm. He stood still for a minute suddenly bursting out, "Race you there!" And running towards Adeline's house.


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Character Portrait: Cambriah Van Dam Character Portrait: Dale Flowers Character Portrait: Allyson (Ally) Emma Merrill Character Portrait: Griffin Dover
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Allyson Merrill

Finn said, "Race ya there!" and took off for Adeline's. Grabbing her latte, she yelled her thanks to the Luciens and ran after Finn. "Not fair," she said as she caught up to him. "Where's that sportsmanship gone?" She smirked and then ran faster. When they reached Adeline's front porch, they couldn't decide who had won, so they reluctantly decided it was a tie. Ally peered into the window. She saw her friend Dale talking to Adeline and the strikingly beautiful girl from before. Wait, was there another one? Ally rubbed her eyes and saw that there was a lovely younger girl, maybe thirteen? Fourteen? Ally knocked on the door and waited for Adeline to come out. She looked at Finn, who was standing around, and said to him, "It's the dirt bike, isn't it?"