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Rose Cunning

"Of all the people in all the world, why me?"

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a character in “The Coven of the Silver Moon”, as played by Mischief Managed


Name: Rose Marie Cunning
Appearance: Rose has dark brown hair with ash colored highlights in her curly mess. Her skin has a tint in it from her Grandmother who was African-American. She's tall with a skinny figure that she usually covers with pastel colored shirts and light jeans. Her eyes are cocoa brown with thick, dark lashes framing them and pink lips.
Age: 17
Living Relatives: Grandmother (Heather)
Power: Telekinesis
Personality: Rose is just a sweetheart who takes care of her grandmother, the town crazy lady who thinks she sees ghosts. She just wants a normal, quiet life and is heart broken when she learns of her magic powers.

So begins...

Rose Cunning's Story

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The sun hit my back as I walked down the sidewalk to school. Some kid raced past me on a skateboard and I almost fell over, stumbling a few steps before catching myself. The school was only a few blocks further, I kept telling myself, you're almost there.

I'm not really what you would call popular at school, of course that's to be expect when your grandma is always ranting and raving about one spirit or another.

I groaned when I got to the doors and tried to pull it open, over my shoulder I caught sight of a kid that was about to walk into the road because he was texting, I tried to shout out to him but he was too far away. A car came racing around a corner and I forgot about the door, my hands went up and a rush flew through me. When I looked up again the kid was on the ground a few feet away from when the car just went past.

I stood there for a while before I was almost pushed over by the moving bodies around me and I went to math.

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Mary Houndsbreath was standing right in front of me. Body-10, breath- a solid 4. I smiled at her because of her rockin figure but when she returned it with her open mouth smile, white teeth and all, I had to hold back a gag. Luckily, I saw Ian walking down the hall and excused myself to go talk to him. I had to jog to get to him in time to escape her desperately shout "call me".

"Hey, man. You have no idea how you just saved me right there," I said when I caught up to him, taking a back glance at Mary to see her wave at me," She's so fucking desperate, it's annoying."


"Mary Houndsbreath."

"You mean, Mary Houndsworth?"

"Oh, is that it? I've had it wrong for a long time now then. No wonder she looks at me funny when I call her by her last name."

He scoffed and rolled his eyes at me.

"What," I asked in defense, moving my hands to show my innocence.

Suddenly the room froze. Everything around me stopped moving. I spun around for a second but when I looked back at Ian everything started to move again.

"You're such a fuckboy, Eden."

He walked off and I was left standing there, wondering what the hell just happened. I noticed that that girl with the curly hair that lives with her grandmother was watching me. Rain, I think that was her name.

"You got a problem," I asked. She shook her head rapidly and walked off. I shook my head and went to Physics.

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#, as written by fox;;

Fawn was anxious and fidgety. she had much better things to do other then sit here and learn about things that aren't even going to help her after school. I mean, yeah i'm glad helium exists and whatever, but is it really that important to know it's mass, density, letter thing or whatever the heck Sir was blathering on about? Sighing, she turns her attention to the clear water bottle in font of her. under the desk, her fingers began to move slightly, swinging upwards, eyes fixated on the smooth surface. well, once smooth - as the seconds ticked by the surface began to move, small vibrations rippling along, causing a small smile to tug at Fawn's lips.
Suddenly, a spout of water shot up, surprising her so much so that she toppled back in her chair, the water bottle following, completely soaking her shirt. The teacher stopped talking, the class silent only for a few seconds before the laughter and whispering began. great. fabulous. perfect. she hoisted herself up and began to head for the door, not even caring what the teacher thought. he was going to tell her to clean up anyways.
"Excuse me Ms. Bronwyn, but you can't leave without a buddy!" Sir called after her, stopping Fawn in her tracks. "Anyone care to volunteer?" The teacher added, questioning eyes scanning the class.

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Both girls gave me a hard glare, one even throwing in a scoff, before they walked off together. I thought about following them but then changed my mind. Why bother? Anara and Dawn will always be there tomorrow. Maybe I can find Ian and ask him about the Mary girl again. Wasn't she having a party tonight?


"I'm home, Grandma!"

The house was pretty silent, glancing through the back window I saw Grandma collecting her herbs and humming one of her little chants to herself. I shook my head and jogged up the steps to my room. It wasn't quite sundown but you could hear Mary Houndsworth's party already getting started down the street. I never get any sleep whenever she throws one of her ragers.

I tripped over something when I walked into my room. The floorboards are so uneven in here. Kneeling down to try to fix this one, I realized that it comes up. A large book in the floor, wrapped in a black cloth. On the book there was a symbol; three circles intertwined in a ven diagram thing. It was filled with words and symbols in Latin. The cover read "Lunam et Argenteum de Coven."

The Coven of the Silver Moon.

What the hell?