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The Creators

The Beast


a part of The Creators, by Abraxas_Axis.

A living universe created by Roothor, ruler of the gods.

Abraxas_Axis holds sovereignty over The Beast, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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this is based on three things: a couple webcomics i saw in which there was a universe the readers created through suggestions. it inspired me to make this. a thing i did with the people at my lunch table 2-3 years ago. an rp i did on this site awhile ago. it was, yes, a mv clone, but we turned it into a sort of gods-create-world thingy. links: - awaiting input... - trial and [error] - do anything you want


The Beast was the first universe that was created in the Void. It was created by the god Roothor, god of nature and ruler of the gods.
The Beast is a living universe. It is dyed a dark green and dark red in alternating patterns, in a vaguely plaid pattern. If one looks closely, they will note it is because of streams of chorophyll and blood flowing through the universe, like veins.
The Beast is also intelligent. At the center of the universe is it's brain. If one would dare try to harm The Beast, it's nervous system would alert it and it would lash out with cosmic radiation at the foe, as well as the foe earning the ire of Roothor.
Of course, these were not it's only protection. Roothor also created Dryads, beings that acted like blood cells; ferrying radioactive nutrition to the Beast, as well as protecting it from harm. They were only semi-intelligent, little more than automatons.
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The Beast

A living universe created by Roothor, ruler of the gods.


The Beast is a part of The Void.

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Azazel [1] "404: Salvation Not Found"
Roothor [1] The ruler of the gods, as well as the god of nature and life.

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Roothor created many other creatures for his world. He created nymphs and elves; gnomes and goblins. They all dwelt in their own galaxies.
He looked down at the Beast, and was satisfied. But was everyone else?