Joshua Mitchell

"I'll keep an eye on 'ya, more than that, I can't promise..."

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a character in “The Creeping Dead”, originally authored by Lloyd999, as played by RolePlayGateway


ImageName: Joshua Mitchell
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Likes: At this point, anything that feels like a gift, and even the littlest things can be gifts, oh and sweets, he has a weakness to those. He also likes animals, any animals other than insects.
Dislikes: Zombies, especially intelligent ones, though, he still hates to kill.
Weapons and Equipment: Josh has a tendency to avoid the use of guns, as they are loud and attract zombies, and ammunition is limited, not to mention he isn't extremely use to using them and hates killing. He often crafts his own duck-taped weapons so he can use other types of objects for ammunition.

His Syringe Gun is a weapon that he created to shoot darts made from either medical syringes (often filled with some sort of tranquilizer, drug or poisonous substance and sometimes gasoline) or Nerf Darts (modified by placing shotgun pellets in which causes them to gain a ton of velocity to the point where they are possibly lethal or at least extremely painful to get hit by). The weapon itself is based off the design of a Nerf gun toy.

He has a Crossbow that is meant to shoot both arrows iron rebar and similar objects, with a battery which when turned on, can be used to electrically heat iron rebar to turn it into a powerful weapon, and has a salvaged scope taped to it. And he has a Colt Python of which he doesn't use as often.

He also carries a hunting knife, and makes molotovs, and also has a crowbar, a fire-ax, a fire-extinguisher, a flare gun, and matches, all of which he carries in his backpack, along with medical supplies. He tries to salvage as much medical supplies as possible, for he has a profession as a doctor and often acts as a medic for survivors, though he is often low on rations.
Personality: Josh can be noted for his courage. He once was a lazy coward, however, his experiences with both fighting infected and meeting other survivors, whether brave or scared, taught him to be couragous, and even caring. As a medic, he often has to deal with grief counseling with his subjects. Almost everybody, including himself, is scared, and when a person is close to death, Josh often becomes the last person they see, so Josh has to make sure that even if a person doesn't die, they are somewhat at ease.

Along with his caring nature, Josh tends to always try to stay positive, no matter how grim the situation is. He always suggests that someday, humanity might bounce back, and tries to reassure others and himself of a brighter future, whether it is either false hope or true hope. Also, to stay in positive nature, he always celebrates any time of 'victory' and takes anything good as a blessing.

Though behind the brave, caring and dependable side that has grown on him, another darker and depressing side had developed as well. When first encountering him, you'll either meet him on his good side or bad side. If he's on his good side, he'll be friendly, and offer you any help, whether it be medical assistance, assisting in pointing somebody in the right direction, and he may even give you a weapon. However, when you meet his bad side, you'll find yourself with a gun at your face.

You see, after all the mortifying sights he's seen, he has built up a lot of repressed stress, enough to make anybody snap, something many others likely have experienced. Not to mention he has had rundowns with 'vampires', a term he sometimes uses when referring to intelligent infected. This has caused him to occasionally show signs of distrust and anger, with little warning, but these occurances happen through stress. If he discovers a 'vampire', he becomes as angry as can be, and often resorts to abuse, rarely killing upon first discovery, and disregards whether or not they are willingly infected or of their intentions. He'll kill infected even if they're just unlucky people fighting for a cure.

Background: Josh was once a typical doctor, and often specialized in treating injuries, a surgeon. However, another interest. One of his best friends was good at engineering and crafting, and though Josh had learned crafting a lot in high school, he ended up going for a medical career anyway. However, the two would still work together on many different projects, and that's how Josh still had his skill for crafting what he had crafted. Josh was inexperienced with weapons, the only experience he ever had was from the various shooter games he played, along with all the Nerf and paintball games, which Josh and his buddy would use their crafting skills to make special weapons for both games.

However, when the infection started, Josh had become one of the many survivors fighting for their lives. Josh has been through many tough trials, as many of the people he fought alongside and got to know had been killed. He had met many other survivors and helped him, as they returned the favor, but they would always get killed, and it was always to the fault of one of the more intelligent infected, and almost every time, it was somebody who nobody would expect, somebody who Josh would have grown to have known, along with the rest of the party of survivors.

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