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Joshua Ceril Vermillia

"I don't desire anything more than the heart of a maiden such as yourself... in truth you've painted my emotions with the colors of your love and no longer can I resist a place at your side."

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a character in “The Crimson Throne”, as played by Another Lie




⌈"I understand your pain my sweet, just know that I am ever a source of comfort."⌋


Ashe || 1925 (Acoustic Version)
Hiroki Morishita, Rei Kondoh || "And what if I can't? What if I'm not worthy of her ideals?"
Alex Roe || I had a name.
Motoi Sakuraba || Indomitable Fists that Know No Equal


⌈"A first impression is important... though just peering at your face makes one that is nigh perfection."⌋

Image Image

Josh, Brother ~ These nicknames are generally reserved and used by his brothers alone as most others refer to him as Joshua and nobody else in all the kingdoms has much reason to call him brother.
Charmer, Silver tongue, Young romantic, The Lord of Love ~ A few monikers given to him by the ladies he has enticed in the past, present and most likely future. Most started off as nothing more than childish pet names from a mistress or two... however over time they have evolved to be fairly well known among the common folk and nobles, they are occasionally used as a means of spiting Joshua.
Prince, Sir, Milord, Master Joshua ~ Names spoken as polite mannerisms by servants, commoners and the large majority of the nobility. These names are often used when Joshua's conversation partners are aware of his status and are speaking to him directly. He dislikes such titles depending on who uses them... a pompous noble is fine, but he'd prefer a pretty young woman to refer to him with something more personal.
Flirt, Predator, Pervert ~ Names often use to pick at Joshua's overly sexual nature. Despite not being TOO disrespectful of a woman's privacy Joshua has received such names... they irk him more than any other title and he is especially offended by the title of "predator".
The peoples prince ~ A name spoken in secrecy by a few select commoners who have met Joshua in public. This name is owed to Joshua's kindness to people of all races, countries and cultures. He is very fond of this name, though he tends to keep it away from his brothers and the nobility to keep up appearances.




The Third Prince of Vermillia

⌈Face Claim⌋
Jack Vessalius || Pandora Hearts


⌈"What's so great about sitting pretty on a tower of worship? I have never desired any throne... by the hand of fate I never desired the title of prince to begin with, but received it regardless. The restrictions that come with this job are not to my liking at all."⌋

⌈Hair Color⌋
A brilliant and pure blonde color, the very picture of a noble's tone Joshua's hair glows a brilliant pale yellow and if one were to look closely then it might also be worth noting that hidden among his deeper roots and rarely showing at the surface level are flecks of white... something that for whatever reason, Joshua does not seem to be incredibly fond of.

⌈Eye Color⌋
A deep and vibrant green, the kind of eyes any woman could get lost in if she wasn't cautious at her first glance. These eyes are the perfect tools for luring in women if used correctly and in the courts of a royals life they have the audacity to display a striking arrogance without many drawbacks. However, looking deeper inside, one might see a soft and understanding aspect that many of the people in the worlds present state tend to lack.

⌈Skin Tone⌋
A pale and porcelain tint in Joshua's skin further emphasizes his status as nobility, the brighter skin giving a regal appearance rather than a sickly one, such fair skin makes it difficult to even attempt to hide his status.


147 lbs

⌈Physical Description⌋
Known throughout the kingdom as the most handsome of his brothers and the nobility as a whole, Joshua is possessing of all of his families most attractive physical traits and the people whom his family rules know this all too well. The girls of the kingdom want him for his looks and rumored charming personality and the men are said to envy him for the same reasons... well most men, there are almost certainly men that desire him as well and he's not one to judge, just not one to indulge such specimens fantasies due to his orientation. He has a fine physique, not as muscular perhaps as some of his brothers or even some commoners, but he has enough built up for it to be noticeable. His muscular appearance and general physique are often described as "rogue-like" or akin to that of a well versed traveler or explorer. (Though he is quick to assure others that he has obtained his figure from VERY different sources.) He stands fairly close to six foot in height and his weight is about what one might expect for his age and height bracket. He is a veritable balance of elements in terms of physique, some might find him lacking in certain areas due to this, however others would be quick to disagree claiming that in their eyes he has almost literally the perfect male body. He doesn't honestly try to flaunt his appearance, however with perfectly shaped limbs and a chest wide enough to make any woman feel comfortable while cuddling close, he often loses this modest approach in the presence of any lady he wishes to court. He likes the company of pretty women and if his body helps him in drawing them in then he is most certainly going to use it.

His long and flowing golden locks also do him no favors in holding back his modesty. With hair signifying charm, wealth, status and nobility it is nigh impossible to keep women away. His hair is longer than most women's however and this can occasionally be a problem when it comes to maintaining a well groomed and noble appearance... or so one might think. Almost miraculously these shimmering locks always appear to be maintained in a perfect fashion, well washed, groomed and tied up neatly in a tail of hair that matches its overall length... Joshua's hair always looks perfect and (according to a few female sources) it is said to smell just as heavenly, scented with oils and herbs that create an odor that may just make Joshua seem pompous enough to have an abundance of said trait enough to support the entire royal family.

Above all else however, Joshua himself holds his face in the highest regard... vain as such pride in it may make him, Joshua is happy to say that he is one of the most handsome men in the country. A facial structure that looks to be sculpted by a genius artist mere moments ago, with cheek and collar bones forming in the optimum fashion. Lips as lush and soft as rose petals with a gentle and charming aura matched in effectiveness by his smooth and clean shaven face. A well structured and defined nose, poised and angled in a fashion that adds a masculine and mature essence to the entirety of his face... and then there are his eyes, mesmerizing at worst and all but soul stealing at best, they are near famous for their ability to capture the attention of women, with a brilliant green hue and a certain sparkle that shines in any light, these two pools of brilliant green are easily Joshua's most defining feature.


⌈"Am I really so destined to bounce from heart to heart? A pretty, charming face is what I am but... is that really all? I have to wonder."⌋

⌈Potential Interest⌋
The Bride to Be - Anika Halcyon ~ His brothers new "wife" or more the girl he has decided to steal away for such a purpose. She's truly gorgeous and her personality seems different from the common noble girl. Joshua can't help but feel interested in this enigma of a princess.

The First Princess ~ Joshua's eldest brothers long standing wife. Married to his older brother... any such desires taken to a serious level are very much frowned upon... but her devotion to her husband is an adorable quality and the refined nature of a lady is always something to be regarded with high graces.

The Oracle - Calliope ~ An immortal beauty with loyalty to the family she has served for centuries. Her care and love for the bride to be is surely admirable and with her race being elf-like and immortal she is certainly exotic enough to have Joshua raise an eyebrow at the very least.

New Member of the Court - Lealia Sauveterre ~ A demoni, even one raised to be a noble... how frowned upon it would be for a prince such as he to even consider any sort of pursuit... and yet Joshua finds himself interested in her. His over-accepting heart and highly romantic nature may cause him trouble if he isn't careful.

    âœĻ Coercion || With charm that the majority of sweet talkers with envy and the charisma to match, Joshua has an incredible talent when it comes to convincing people to do what he wants and act in ways he finds appealing, this particular talent also makes him an incredible liar, able to deceive most anyone with even his tallest tales, though he finds such talents are less effective against people who have known him for an extended period of time.
    âœĻ Nimble || Joshua always won when he and his brothers would race around the castle gardens by day and night alike. Naturally gifted in speed and agility, Joshua has been quick on his feet since birth. Combine this with the combat and physical training provided to him as a prince and it isn't a wonder at all as to why he can move remarkably quickly for a human.
    âœĻ Swordplay || While not as talented as his brothers, Joshua is sill very talented with a sword, easily proving a match for most and able to hold his own relatively easily against groups of weaker opponents. He is no master of the blade, but he will not go down easily if such a weapon is pressed into his hands.
    âœĻ Archery || Joshua's true talent in combat comes from his deadly precision with a bow, outmatching most men and women in all of the kingdoms when it comes to the use of a ranged arsenal; Joshua is said to be able to hit his target from over a hundred feet and the young prince swears on his life that if he had been allowed his bow in the duel for the throne, then he would be sitting as the king of Vermillia at this very moment.
    âœĻ Powers of a Prince || To put it simply, Joshua is a prince of Vermillia. Unless the king or his brothers go against his wishes then he can essentially have whatever he desires within reason. He rarely makes use of this influence but if he feels it is necessary then he will not hesitate.
    âœĻ High etiquette || Being trained from birth by his servants, Joshua can be the very essence of nobility when he needs to be, he is skilled at making conversation, remaining within the boundaries of royal social standings and... most importantly for the ladies... he is an incredibly skilled dancer, well versed in many popular ballroom steps and routines.
    âœĻ Poetic || Suiting of his princely nature... Joshua is incredibly poetic, able to draw meaning and beauty out of even the most mundane topics and having the all too important skills to express such beauty to others, something that makes him popular with women far and wide... as if he needed anything else to help with such matters.
    âœĻ Artisan of the Culinary Arts || A skill rarely used and befitting a commoner in the eyes of most royalty and nobility, Joshua is a skilled chef and in his private time he enjoys sneaking into the kitchens and preparing meals. To save his reputation, he has never cooked a meal for another person, though he one day longs to do so.
    âœĻ Stable Master Joshua is a talented horseback rider and often takes his own steed, a large black stallion by the name of "Oracion" out hunting in the forests close to the castle wherein he resides.


⌈"I am not a user of women, I'm simply trying out as many as I can, eliminating possibilities until... well, I suppose you'll have to wait and see... same as myself."⌋


At the beginning times of early mornings, when sunlight is at it's lowest point and the world is shrouded in absolute darkness... servants have whispered about the subtle sounds of forlorn weeping and the familiar elegy of pained tears hitting the hard stone floor, all emanating from the room of Prince Joshua. Are they the sounds of abandoned lovers and broken hearts created by the hopelessly romantic prince? No... for they are lonely tears wept by a mans voice... and they pierce a listeners ears with their emptiness.

    ❖ Flirting || Joshua has become so used to doing this on a regular basis that he sometimes finds it difficult to stop himself when the need arises. If a girl is pretty, has a personality to match and overall just appeals to Joshua's desires for a woman then he will be having her, no questions asked. He will charm, coerce, make promises empty and tell lies aplenty until the woman in question is falling head over heels into his arms... and if the woman is noticeably attractive and he has his way? He hopes she'll eventually be falling instead into his bed.
    ❖ Drinking || Not a single person in the entire palace seems to understand how or why it came to light... but Joshua has a bit of a drinking problem. Often times he'll raid the castles reserves for wine or ale and within a few hours he'll be found passed out in his bedroom. If anybody cared enough to actually look into this issue they might realize that Joshua seems to hide emotional scars deeper than one might expect and that he drinks his problems away in order to hide from them further... however nobody has ever bothered to think so deeply on the issue and most simply chock it up to his escapades with women.
    ❖ Embarrassment || Despite flirting with women all the time, Joshua can not say that he has ever truly developed feelings for another that could go beyond the realms of childish or sexual... as such if he were ever to be thrown into a situation in which he meets a girl whom he may actually love for truth... then over time he would find himself blushing and flustering like a young boy with his first crush, more than likely shocking all whom may know him personally.
    ❖ Blunt at best || Despite having more than enough skill in the art of coercion and lies, Joshua prefers to be completely honest and truthful to the point where it's painful. If the situation calls for more tact then he will of course put on any necessary facades... and when charming women such honesty is rarely appreciated. However when in the company of those he trusts, Joshua tends to be brutally blunt and painfully honest about the most insignificant or important details.
    ❖ Pretender || Joshua tends to instinctively hide his innermost feelings, he has bottled up every serious emotion he has had for almost his entire life, he turns to random women to try and fill the gap in his personal life that this leaves... but despite this he tends to find himself completely alone whenever it matters most.
    ❖ Folded arms || Whenever Joshua is uncomfortable, awkward or at rare times embarrassed. He tends to fold his arms to his chest as a defense mechanism and look away from the source of his uncomfortable status. It is rarely effective and more often than not simply shows that he's feeling negative emotions at that point in time. Sometimes people tend to use this against him as a result.
    ❖ Letters to an Unknown Reader || In order to vent frustration, Joshua partakes in a rather odd habit, when the stresses of life reach a breaking point the young prince puts quill to paper and writes a letter to an unknown receiver. This letter is never sent but instead stored away in a jar rarely seen by any others and hidden in his chambers away from the sight of the World.


    â™Ĩ Women || A simple explanation for a simple like, Joshua enjoys the company of attractive women, be it for a night out at a fine inn, a romantic evening at a scenic location or a night in bed where fun times of a different nature can be had. Joshua just loves women for reasons that may appear obvious, but are actually hidden deep at the core of his very being.
    â™Ĩ Alcohol || Reality is a cruel and horrible place filled with cruel and horrible happenings, sometimes emotions build up and no amount of women or writing can cure the princes wretched feelings, so he instead turns to ales and wines to intoxicate and remove him from the life he leads and the pain he feels.
    â™Ĩ Writing || A quill to a parchment and ink forming words is one of the kindest releases that Joshua could ever hope for... be it letters, poetry, short stories of incredible heroes or songs devoted to the everyday man... as long as it can be written, Joshua will write it.
    â™Ĩ Sleeping || Long days of daring escapades, romantic get togethers, princely duties and exciting adventures would leave any young man exhausted beyond belief. Sometimes there is nothing Joshua enjoys and years for more than a warm bed, soft pillows and a good, well earned, nights sleep. If such a sleep could be had int eh company of a well toned woman.. well then all the better eh?
    â™Ĩ Dueling || Be it a pretend scuffle to get the blood pumping or a serious battle to defend ones honor and pride (or that of a lady), Joshua loves the chest heaving excitement of combat. Be it the clashing of steel or the slight whipping sound made as an arrow pierces the air... apart from a different kind of body on body battle for dominance taking place in the bedroom... fighting is the only exercise Joshua wants or needs and a day just doesn't feel complete in his mind without a semi-life threatening situation.
    â™Ĩ Recreational Archery || "Bow" and "Arrows" are two of Joshua's favorite words, always showing more prowess in ranged combat than in close quarters; the bow and arrow is and always will be Joshua's preferred weapon of choice and even outside of combat Joshua enjoys a spot of archery, be it hitting targets from far off ranges or hunting boar and elk in the nearest forests to the castle.
    â™Ĩ Cooking || The art of preparing and serving various meals and foods of all descriptions. A somewhat secret talent that Joshua feels obligated to keep hidden for the sake of his reputation. He dreams of one day serving a meal cooked by his hands to someone truly special.
    â™Ĩ Horse Riding || In many ways, Joshua's horse Oracion is his closest friend and most trusted ally. The one living thing that he is certain will never leave him... and as such he absolutely adores spending time with the stallion. Galloping across the plains, riding down through the town to greet the commoners or walking through the forests on a hunt, Joshua will ride anywhere.
    â™Ĩ Music of all Kinds || Listening to the music of the people entertains Joshua greatly and he loves singing along (albeit very badly) or dancing to tunes of all kinds. He can become the life and soul of the party if the right music is playing.
    â™Ĩ Fine Dining || Exquisite food in an establishment with an incredible atmosphere always puts Joshua in a wonderful mood. Especially if it's in company that he enjoys. He enjoys partaking in exotic dishes as well and is known for almost never ordering the same dish twice.
    â™Ĩ Being among the common folk || Deep down Joshua adores any and all people who are willing to sit down and "break bread" so to speak. Genuine kindness and caring impresses him more than anything else and the tight bonds of the common folk that he and his family rule have always brought smiles to his face. As such he, often to the distaste of any nobles who find out, dons the clothes of a commoner along with a brown shoddy hood to cover his face and hair before leaving the castle grounds and walking among the common folk as one of their own. He visits taverns, talks to the friendlier folks and meets the majority of his women on these escapades into the common World and occasionally he has been known to leave for days at a time.

    ✘ A lack of Honor || Dirty tactics in combat are disgusting to any man who chooses to live and die in combat in an honorable fashion and Joshua is no exception. He may have a silver tongue but when it comes to the field of battle he believes that any sort of trickery is weak and cowardly. If he is to die in battle due to his skill with a blade lacking... or due to his bows aim falling short... then he would die fighting till the last breath. Those that do otherwise disgust him... however this is all relating to the defense of the self, when defending those whom one must protect then... such rules can be bent.
    ✘ Pompous fools trying to change him || Joshua wants to live his life to the fullest in every facet and most all efforts he makes are a means to that end. However when his royal family or other members of nobility try to control him or force him to act as they do then he gets annoyed. He is well able to play the part of the aspiring royal, but deep down that's just not who he is. He'll act as he needs to in the appropriate company, but it's best for everyone if he is left alone outside of such affairs.
    ✘ His Status || Yes it's true, Joshua does not like being a prince, sure it helps him attract alot of fine ladies that otherwise might take a bit more convincing. But he wants to win such people over on his own, he wishes to live for himself not for his country and his family, he wants to be a normal man with normal value... not a symbol of what the World should look up to and aspire to be. Unfortunately we can never truly have what we want and more than anything else this inspires great anger and frustration in Joshua.
    ✘ A Daily Routine || Every day should be an adventure! Filled with new romance, experiences and battles to be won. However the drib drab everyday routines of every man noble and commoner alike tend to draw away from that ideal. Grooming, eating, sitting at boring meeting and preforming boring mundane tasks... how very boring it all is. Joshua does his best to cut corners, only doing what he feels is necessary (maintained hair, quick and simple breakfast, multiple of the same outfit and a quick shower over a long bath... to name a few examples.)
    ✘ Sob Stories || Be they his own or those of others... Joshua believes in peoples ability to solve their own problems. He doesn't wish to hear about every other persons depressing life when he has his own troubles to deal with. This dislike has led to many a lonely night for him however... and it is a large contributor to his drinking problem.
    ✘ Alcohol || Just as Joshua relies on alcohol, so to does he despise that reliance. He wishes that he could deal with things alone and not have to worry about drink of any kind. But such is life, when things pile up too high he feels that alcohol is his only option and he hates that.
    ✘ Himself || A liar who hides himself away so that people see nothing but a carefree and bubbly personality. A man who makes himself a charming rogue and comic relief just so he doesn't feel overwhelmed by the lonely emotions and constant boredom that come with everyday life. In Joshua's eyes... how could anyone enjoy such a person at all?
    ✘ Sweet Foods || He finds sweets and the like to be incredibly sickening and he finds it difficult to understand how anyone could stomach such things. He quite often receives sweets and the like from women whose hearts he captures (chocolate hearts and the like) and upon receiving such presents he will smile and promise to eat their generous gift at a later date... only to throw it away with the rest of the rubbish upon returning to the castle.
    ✘ Expectations || Yes he is a prince... but there are two other princes, a princess and a king present in the castle... so why does everyone act like he should be doing something that he's not? He doesn't want to act the part of perfect royalty as has been mentioned many times already. So he'd very much appreciate it if every other noble would stop looking down their noses at him as if he had somehow done something to wrong them personally.
    ✘ Bright Lights || Joshua has always preferred sitting comfortably in the shade. He can think of no major reason why... other than that's just the way he is. Bright lights irritate him and having them beaming down on his face just angers him. The only light he claims to tolerate is the sunset, which he claims is one of his favorite parts of nature as a whole.

    âœĒ Fast || As previously explained, Joshua has an innate speed built into him and has trained that talent to make him one of the most nimble and fast paced fighters in all of Vermillia. This paired with the bow and arrow he carries with him at all times can make him a deadly threat from afar and in close range. As he would say, "A bow is deadly from any distance, near or far, as long as its fast and it hits. Two requirements that I can easily fill."
    âœĒ Poetic || Joshua is able to draw out the inner beauty and meaning behind even the most mundane topics using naught more than his eyes and mind. A flowers and its thorns, a woman kind and fair, the sky so blue as it is and the sea that returns the notion. All of these are taken for granted in Joshua's eyes and he makes it his personal mission to show the world their true beauty through the poems and meanings he writes and records.
    âœĒ Charming and Charismatic || For better or for worse, Joshua has an incredible way with words that is often used to his great advantage in many different ways. Should he be trying to talk his way out of work, making up excuses for his escapades into the World of the common folk or even just talking a woman up to the point where she is desperate to be bedded. Joshua's silver tongue can convince many a man or woman to do any number of things.
    âœĒ Humble || Despite his high status and honorable heritage... Joshua flat out refuses to consider himself to be better than anyone else. He considers every living man and woman, human or no, to be his equal. He completely disagrees with slavery of all kinds and despises his younger brother and older brothers for their mistreatment of life and hatred for others who have given them no personal grievances. Like many things however, he keeps these feelings hidden from the World.
    âœĒ Kindhearted || Apart from being considered perverted needlessly romantic to unsavory degrees with most women, deep down Joshua is pure and kind. He refuses to kill when it isn't necessary, despite grudges he holds against his brothers and late father for actions they have preformed he still loves them and views them as family, he would rather live among the common folk over the nobility and he sneaks off into the night not to return for days on end just to live among them. When his younger brother the king refuses to solve problems for those beneath him, it is not unheard of for Joshua to do his best to provide what little help he can on the side. This is yet another facet of the prince that is hidden from the majority of the World. Though some of the servants do talk about the young Prince of the People and the deeds he preforms in the name of aiding the weak.
    âœĒ Brave || Joshua never backs down when he is called upon to take up arms and defend himself, his loved ones, or that which he believes in. His inner strength is weak and dwindling... but it is there and even with such a small spark left burning in his heart, Joshua shows no fear when charging forward as if deep down he roars with the heat of a blazing inferno.

    ⌘ Liar || About his feelings and all that which really matters to him deep down... Joshua lies. He goes around in life, pretending to the faces of the people around him that he holds not a single worry in his entire being. His life is fun, frantic and filled with adventure and romance... that is what he tells the World. Only in the dead of some nights when he sits alone in his chambers can he truly release the feelings that he bottles up every single day.
    ⌘ Broken || Joshua is a man tortured by his own actions and the actions that others have taken against him. He is secretly an emotional wreck, clinging desperately to any woman whom might prove to be someone he can hold close. He is scarred and scared both and he can never truly bring himself to look in the mirror. When the pressure becomes too much he drinks himself into submission until passed out on his chambers floor... and nobody bats an eye because all of this pain fits so perfectly as immaturity in the mask he has created for himself.
    ⌘ Lonely || The greatest grievance in Joshua's life is his lack of human companionship. A curse he has lived with from the day he was born and onwards from there. He has never been anyone's "favorite" he has never been truly chosen by anyone else. He has never truly felt the emotion of love and his yearning for a taste of it torments him in the day and pulls tears from his eyes in the night. All he wants is the privilege of meeting someone who might look him in the eyes and see reflected the true pain that he feels.
    ⌘ Yearning || Due to his desire for understanding and companionship... Joshua can be manipulated and used by those who might gain his trust. Anyone whom might decide to show him true kindness and caring... and not just some empty date or a night beneath the sheets... could in theory use his loyalty to guide his hand in any desired direction. Such a trust however, strong enough to force him to commit heinous actions, would require a long period of time and understanding to build up, most certainly it is not something that would manifest in a single day.
    ⌘ The Curse of a Poets mind || Being able to see things from a poetic viewpoint can sometimes mean seeing the true darkness behind beauty... poetic thinking brings increased perception and with increased perception comes levels of understanding that perhaps the thinker did not wish to achieve. Peer long enough into any sort of abyss at your own peril, for staring too long may warrant the abyss to in turn stare right back into you.
    ⌘ Martyrdom || Joshua at this present time has very little care and thought put into the value of his own life. For his country, his beliefs, his family, even for the IDEA of love itself, Joshua is willing to die... perhaps even yearning to. He will fight with everything he has in every situation... he will not simply lay down his sword and bow and accept that death has come for him. However, should fate decide that today is the day that he should die? So be it. He has no qualms with accepting that.
    ⌘ Secretive || Joshua has many MANY secrets that he is desperate to keep. When your entire personality and image is balanced carefully on a tower of lies... then the slightest tip in power could bring everything crashing down. As such, Joshua is willing to go to dangerous lengths to keep his secrets safe.


⌈"What's that? You want to know about ME? Well I suppose it's my duty to tell a lady what she wants to know... I'd just warn you to be careful about what aspects of mine self you decide to look into.⌋

Flirty | Romantic | Understanding | Broken

A personality so carefree and romantic that its become nigh famous with the nobility and commoners alike. Taking a glance at Joshua you see the image of a prince who is far from princely in everything apart from appearance, he plays instead the role of some rich playboy courting new women every night and drinking heavily at random intervals. He uses his pretty face and influence to his advantage when attracting women, leaving to go to the homes and taverns of the commoners where he'll constantly pick up girls and whisk them away to a night of royal romanticism, "true" love and adventure. It's not uncommon for the servants or other members of the royal family to enter Joshua's room only to find him half naked in bed with some random woman whom, I assure you, nobody in the castle will have met before that night. Joshua is hopelessly flirty, if a girl has a pretty face then he'll be on her like a hound on a hare, he knows how to attract a woman... subtle confidence, royal etiquette, empty promises and eventually some subtle contact... a touch of the hand, a stroke of the cheek, a kiss on the knuckle, a hand around the waist... it depends on the situation, but Joshua always knows exactly when to apply the needed motions. He's not flirty and romantic for the sake of it... he's flirty and romantic because very good at it and that's exactly how the World sees him. In the eyes of the people, the nobility, his brothers and every other, Joshua is just an overly romantic teenager who sleeps with too many women and drinks the night away all without a care in the World.

But... they're all wrong.

Joshua is tired and lonely, the ache in his heart grows stronger every step he takes and the empty feeling he has flowing throughout his entire body is almost overwhelming. Throughout his entire life he feels like not a single person has ever truly loved him for who he was... he puts on the mask of playboy prince with different ladies on his arms every night, but in reality he only takes these women because he's lonely and he hopes that one day one of the women he courts will stay with him... that she'll try to look past the image of the "Young Prince" and see that underneath everything he's just a person with feelings, pain and all. So every night he attempts to courts a different woman, not because he's overly perverted, not because he's a womanizer, not because he wants to boost some sort of ego... but because his very soul is begging for someone whom he can love and who will love him in return. He's going through woman after woman searching for the right one and so far he's come up with nothing. The girls are sent home and Joshua may search for them again... but never has he rediscovered anyone he once shared an eve with. To cope with his incredibly overbearing loneliness, Joshua will lock himself in his chambers and write letters... these letters describe his feelings in detail, his pain, his hurt... and they're all addressed to a single unknown receiver, though not a single one has ever been sent; Joshua always seals the letters away in a glass jar he has hidden in his chambers, by now that jar is reaching its maximum capacity. When the letters don't fulfill him enough and his emotions pile up too high Joshua will turn to drink. Once Joshua starts drinking he can rarely force himself to stop, he's a very depressed drunk, always getting angry and annoyed and shouting in slurred tones at those who approach him in that state... most of the time people don't get a chance to interfere. In most cases Joshua will raid the castles stored for ale and wine before returning to his chambers to drink himself into submission, he never locks the doors when he does this, so it's usually the servants who find him passed out on the floor, occasionally surrounded by spilled alcohol and vomit.

What makes this entire persona so tragic, is the true Joshua that lies hidden underneath the flirty young prince's mask and the sadness of letters and drink... deep down Joshua is a kind and understanding man who loves nature and all living things. When around his horse, people often notice a different side to the prince they normally see, a man smiling a genuine smile, not one designed to charm. When in the forests they see a man with a hearty laugh and a love for the atmosphere, rather than a pampered prince engrossed with the high life. Once it is said that a servant spied Joshua cooking a meal in the kitchen... and he was spinning in place and humming as he went about his work. When Joshua reveals his true self he is caring and will listen to anyone's troubles if it is required of him, he dislikes sob stories, but he is not so callous that he will turn them down. He can relate to many common folk, servants and slaves unlike any other royal based entirely on the fact that he knows what it's like to be oppressed... if only by his own self-affliction. Joshua is a great and gentle man, filled with love which was never returned and understanding enough to comfort to everyone from farmer to demoni to royalty. However... due to his position as prince, his lonely heart and the overall mask he wears to cover his true intentions... this great man has never been, and may very well never be, seen for who he really is.


⌈"The past isn't somewhere I'd like to revisit. I like to believe that what's done is done... I see no benefit in discussing things further."⌋

April 25th... a cold morning, frost present on the castle grounds... a mother gives birth to a third boy that day, a child with a single tuft of gold and white hair puffs out from his head. The parents are overjoyed to see such a healthy baby boy, with eyes so green as his and a face cute as a button... surely this child would match his older brothers perfectly. What name to give such a perfect child? One who would surely bring nothing but honor to his family? "Savior". Oh but a child named Savior... how pretentious, not even the king and queen of Vermillia could do something so bold. So prhaps they should make the name more subtle in a translation. Hmm... yes... Joshua, a perfect name for what was hoped to be a perfect child.

Joshua was the third son born to the current generation of the Vermillia blood line and the expectations placed on him by his late father and mother were great. With a face the people could adore and a natural charm that was apparent from birth... his mother saw him as a vestige of hope while his father saw him as a symbol for the people, a baby who would one day grow into a man worthy of standing as a face that the common folk could follow, perhaps even one day this would be the son chosen as king... or so the late king had thought. Quickly this man realized Joshua was flawed from the start, he cried more than his brothers did, he whined more frequently and as his first year of life progressed he was already showing himself to be far inferior to his brothers before him in terms of raw emotional strength... perhaps this was an unfair judgment to make on one so young as a few months, but the king was a stubborn and cruel man and any sign of weakness, regardless of age, was still a sign of weakness in his eyes. In one year the king went from loving his son to resenting him... it was almost miraculous how judgmental the king was of his own son... a baby no less. But the king had sensed a weakness, something that was simply lacking in Joshua that his older brothers carried. Was it a lust for war? The strength to rule and conquer? The king had never revealed his reasoning and as of right now it is believed that he carried his explanation for despising Joshua to his grave. Joshua's mother still cared for him... but even she grew weary of his tears, with two other boys to take care of she was barely at Joshua's side at all... but she was still there at least, for a few months longer anyway.

When Joshua was fourteen months old his younger brother was born. The boy whom would one day be the prince, accepted by their father and loved by their mother... this boy already showed signs of the strength that Joshua somehow lacked. His father all but lost to him and his Mother barely sparing the time for the lonely babe with a newborn and two older boys to contend with... Joshua was left all but alone. Despite seeing his family often... glancing at his father and mother oh so occasionally, playing with his brothers when he got the chance... despite all of this he felt more lonely than anyone else... and this was all before he was two years old! He didn't even understand his sadness when it was thrust upon him. His servants took on most of his care taking after the death... but even they tended to dislike the Prince while he was still a child. In their eyes he was just another son to a cruel and unforgiving ruler and he would more than likely grow up to oppress them same as his father before him.

However... one servant stood above the rest and took the duty of raising Joshua as best as he could... a personal steward assigned to the boy by the name or Rowen Xillan. A kind and honest man who once served as a tactician for the kings armies... he had since retired to the position of royal steward and when the job of looking after Joshua was made apparent he was the first in line to take the job. He took the role of a father to Joshua, fulfilling the actions that the king never could... even after the passing of Joshua's mother took place Rowen still stood as a stalwart figure in the young prince's life, teaching him everything from court etiquette... to combat training... even the influence of nature and people in the world, lessons that would one day go on to forge the prince into the "Prince of the People" that he is today. In Joshua's eyes, Rowen was the father that he had always yearned for. As the years passed, Joshua would play with his brothers often and he began to take an interest in animals of all varieties, it became apparent that he had a sort of talent for connecting with the beasts of the World. Noticing this, for his fifteenth birthday, Rowen surprised Joshua by gifting him a stallion... still only young when received, Joshua set about raising and maintaining his new horse and friend, Oracion.

Truly, Rowen was the only person Joshua could confide in... but as fate is a truly cruel mistress, so to was this confidant soon to leave the prince behind. On Joshua's sixteenth birthday, Rowen collapsed while enjoying a lavish cake with his young ward... Joshua had known that his mentor, his friend... his father, had been one of the oldest men in the entire castle and he knew that he was not long for this world, but despite that the sudden collapse and eventual death of Rowen tore at the young princes mind. Joshua proceeded to lock himself away into his chambers for days, only opening the door to receive meals from his servants. Roughly two weeks after this began, Joshua emerged... a changed man, he seemed more arrogant somehow but in a charming way, his personality seemed more roguish than anything else and he began to flirt with many of the female servants and members of nobility. At first people saw this as Joshua's way of coping with his loss, but soon it became apparent that this was a change of a more permanent nature and before long the World began to accept that this was whom Joshua really was now, that no more was he a kind and loving man as Rowen had raised him to be. Once the servants had been replaced and the people grew weary of remembering times gone by... it became the case that only his brothers and birth father, the king, would have any knowledge of the way Joshua had been before the loss of Rowen Xillan.

Two years later upon the death of his father, Joshua did not have any reaction. He did not care... and on a few occasions when in private with his brothers or certain members of the nobility he was known to spit and curse the man to "The Hell he now burns in!", much to the shock and distaste of those whom listened to him. Soon the duel for the throne came to light... Joshua was unable to bring his bow to the fight and he went down incredibly quickly, being the first to fall many speculate that he completely threw the duel, not making any sort of effort to win to begin with. Now Joshua's younger brother is king and he's still acting as flirty and romantic as ever, an attitude nobody seems to think differently of now... almost as if the original Joshua, the weak child, kind and caring boy... beloved ward to a father of a different blood... never even existed at all.


⌈"When this delicate balance we call our society, our world, falls to pieces... who will be there to pick it up? What relationships will these people share? Kings and queens, princes and princesses... I wonder, when there's nothing left, how much will these titles mean to us all? How much did they mean to us to begin with?"⌋

So begins...

Joshua Ceril Vermillia's Story