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A lost curiosity born of the mother of many ideas, desperation.

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a character in “The Crimthorne Chronicles”, originally authored by lil_kreen, as played by RolePlayGateway



Much of this robot's background is left to imagination and speculation. While any robot is as yet unimaginative Hodgepodge remains a loyal ship of Theseus cobbling together the ideas of others about its past. Unfortunately the rarity of robots makes it desirable for its substance not its servitude. Hodgepodge suffers a great deal of attempts to posses it. Unfortunately damage incurred in those attempts destroyed the information of its owner. New parts put in place to repair thereby lost the knowledge entirely. Whether its original owners are still searching for their robot is unknown. What it does know is that Hodgepodge's owners designed it to attempt to provide a bank of magical energy. True mana engines were impractical so an indirect workaround was sought. As such Hodgepodge has no capability of magic for its own devices that others have not empowered it with.

Size: 5'3" (160cm)
Age: Unknown
Gender: n/a, Has a neutral voice
Societal Standing: Property
Magic: Mass-Etheric Integration

Appearance: Hodgepodge is a biped robot with a surface of beryllium bronze made of hard angular limbs. The pale copper alloy is largely inert and non-magnetic the shirt around its waist serves as a flexible metallic portion of the cryotheum engine. Though repairs may have different shades metal patches to the magically imbued robot turn bronze in the fullness of time. As such its surface looks mottled and scarred with small vein-like protrusions though it largely holds an exact if smooth flexible dimension. The four hands joined tightly at the shoulder are two clawed with an opposing thumb bearing many emissive slots for casting as well as taking blood writs to release spells. Its palms however are soaked dark red from the copious amounts of blood now enameled to its hands. Its large single eye under the protective metalweave sleeve protecting its head reflects a moving sky blue. Those bearing a magic engine of any sort will frequently see the faint swirling writ inside. Hidden within the stars constellations of another's encoded thoughts atop its inner sky.


Spoiler: show
Cryotheum engine
A Stirling engine enhanced by magic derives fuel from sources above room temperature. The primary mechanism acquires power by exposing its arms or legs to the flame or heat source. The engine supports its internal batteries as a primary support of its being. Should they run out it will be inert until its body becomes above room temperature. Should Hodgepodge experience cold extremes he may become inert until reaching room temperature again. Hot environments will sate his battery. Yet, his metals can still melt by explosions or direct application. Hodgepodge's metal frame melts at higher temperatures than one might expect. Inert structural materials used in repairs inevitably turn to the same beryillum bronze it is largely composed of albeit slowly. Only its components are likely to be made of different metals.

Lexical Theseus
Hodgepodge upgrades when compatible mechanical parts are available, technomantic parts present themselves, or others upgrade him. As such the hardware that integrates the magical energies of others varies a great deal. Both first generation casting and a receiver to integrate with technomantic gear exist. Roaming a fair while now differing needs results an architecture eclectic at best. Through technomancers or otherwise hodgepodge can store the signalum events of spells if the magic is offered to it on the moment before casting. Should the lexicon be read from its arms, if and when removed, it allows the source person to spend the spell as an emission point. The arm must return before Hodgepodge can write an new event from its lexicon. If ceded to Hodgepodge in explicit terms Hodgepodge can use spells that remain. Hodgepodge's hands are prepared to take a blood writ to cede all the stored spells for an individual. It does not otherwise use the blood writ equipment in his hands to inflict harm.

Big Dog on a chain
Should the mage be strong enough to wield a hundred pound robot as a weapon they can consume any ammo ceded by others. This kind of rapid energy transit is not for the faint of heart. Hodgepodge was never tested in a thorough fashion. Risks are eventual mild blood loss and slow hypothermia due to Hodgepodge clamped to their flesh and equipment to effect transfer. The chain binding it to the technomancer allows hanging themselves with a superlative rapidity.

So begins...

Hodgepodge's Story


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There were smiles all around. Laughter and cheery banter, a few cheeky jokes here and there. A great many smells roamed from nose to nose some ill, most were pleasant. Of food and perfumes and other things but these were things she could not enjoy. The music and laughter of the people around were muffled by the loud steps of her armed escorts. Two men hired by her father to keep her safe while she roamed the capitol during the festival. It would be about two hours before the Coronation Festival officially started and later during the night the Coronation Ceremony would commence in the Palace Plaza. That was two hours she would have to spend with these idiots.

"Oy, make way you lot! Lady Francine of the House Beaupre approaches!", One of them shouted to clear out the thick crowd. Everyone followed suit, fearing the worse. "M'lady." He addressed her and gestured forward. Francine faintly smiled and continued on, the glares of the crowd weighing on her. However, she had an idea at that instant. Rather than step forward she put her hands to her mouth and whistled, the spell hidden in the very tune she whistled as she stepped forward. The illusion cast, of a very stubborn Francine Beaupre arguing with her guards and those affected were those who heard it. It would be as real as day if it worked, perhaps even drawing the attention of some who didn't even see it. It wouldn't last too long and so when she had taken a few steps forward, she darted away.

The wind picked up her long dress, she glanced over her shoulder to see her own handy work and giggled. They never learn...She thought happily as she rushed into a clothing store to change into something less...noble. Eventually she would have to do just as her father wanted but at the very least these next two hours would be hers.


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Character Portrait: Jaxon Babineau Character Portrait: Bernardetta Lei Maturerá Character Portrait: Ghalib Character Portrait: Yuri Sokolov Character Portrait: Sarah Prie Character Portrait: Hodgepodge Character Portrait: Francine Beaupre Character Portrait: Ryan Wilson
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  1. Edits for action and placement clairity

    by lil_kreen

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Hodgepodge watched the dust swirl by all colored and dancing to highlight the stars now so thinly laid in his sky. Only the dust could make new stars even then only some suitable for such things. Certainly not empty space in between such as itself. This empty space however was ever watchful. A change caught the eyes along both skies pulsing. One of many that are a collection of dust in their own right this one shaking the sky to its own design. How curious a quake.

A central blue eye focused on beryllium bronze hands clenched to bring its thoughts back onto the earth. Striations in the blue gem impulsed by patterns their own. Aligned along two gleaming intersections Hodgepodge's eyes looked down pushing itself away from hard grey stone. A solidity of resting bedrock on which the dust could seek purpose. A void such as itself seeks to be filled like the purpose of the first engine was to be the first cradle of stars. The errant eddies of the dusty river around him didn't find the solidity of flesh for several seconds. Hodgepodge and its sky was sat behind a crate ignored by the people but now sunk deep into a river of them. Two guards threw patterns at an exploding star slowly falling under the river of dust to be used again. The cradle of that star however where had she gone?

Carrying oneself along with the current of dust was momentarily tiring a profound solidity to its limbs while coherence of time returned. Swimming through the river to pace with reality as the bronze robot took in eddies on the sea. Warmth from the cradle of a newborn star drew hodgepodge near the burn of one already sparked grew cold. On the wind are ashes of creation pouring into his senses with a hum in the first machine's sky on his ears. Its eye saw the human that wandered still alight with creation. It waded through the chatter of other people, against an inert wind of thought, while largely ignoring those around it in turn. Ones like him, as thinly it thought of that notion, were perhaps not entirely ignored but that dust neither adhered. At least unless one of the people cared enough to not gather the current around them to see the ones swimming upstream. Faceless by disinterest people moved aside or around by the spellcast adherent fully engaged with a hymn of the first engine. The whirl pool of draining dust darkens the shop door to find the scent of ashes.

The setting changes from Arcania to Crimthorne


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  1. possible wrong location

    by lil_kreen

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They never learn... thought Jaxon, roughly two hundred feet above Duchess Beaupre, watching the noble enter the plain clothing store.

From the balcony of the restaurant across the street sat the infamous highwayman, none of the guests knowing that he had snuck onto the elevated platform overlooking the street and taken his seat among the other patrons in a span of seconds. No one had even batted an eye. No one gave him a close look. He kept his head buried into the menu, hiding his marauder's hat within while his eyes kept gaze on one spot in the store in particular.

The street itself was packed. Granted, it was always packed with merchants and customers trying to purchase something extravagant for their own personal gain. But this time, the street was nearly tripled on occupants, all here to see the Coronation and enjoy everything the festival had to offer. Such an event would offer fantastic deals on typically high-priced items. Things as ornate as semi-valuable jewelry and party dresses to things as practical as baked bread and jugs of water. Even the prank shop down the street was out of stock of their highest selling item: Shock-Sticks. They were one-use batons that used a tiny amount of Synthetic Magic to send a small electrical volt into an unsuspecting victim. A child's gag, no less, but everything was being bought today.

After all, it wasn't like an empress was crowned every day of the week.

"Good evening, sir! Can I get you anything to drink?"

Jaxon barely glanced up from the menu, using his peripherals to examine the young serving girl. Her blonde hair done up in a dazzling style that seemed to gleam in the setting sun's light. Her eyes sparkled with excitement at the atmosphere around her and her smile was probably whiter than the neat and orderly uniform she wore.


"I'll need one moment, please," Jaxon gruffly replied from behind the menu. The girl nodded in understanding and walked off, helping another customer at another table. He turned his attention back towards the clothing store, waiting to see the woman walk out of it.

The setting changes from Crimthorne to Arcania


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Arcania, the capital city of the Achenian Empire and the location where a veteran found himself deployed to. Ryan Wilson, one of the few survivors of a daring siege in the Wastelands. He was sent to Arcania as a sign of goodwill to protect Lady Francine. Wearing a black combat vest with a skull printed on it, a pair of black pants and equipped with two hand cannons and a rifle strapped to his back.

As he arrived at where Lady Francine was supposed to be at, everything appeared fine. Her personal guards clearing the way for her and that is when she suddenly began arguing with the guards. It was a rather sudden event, now why would she begin arguing with her own guards? Something was strange here, and he soon realised something. Magic, that was not the really Lady Francine, it was just a clever illusion. It was clever but there was a new problem. "Where did she go...she should know that there could be assassins lurking around waiting for an opportunity to take her out. I should locate her before such a thing happens." With that said he had his mission. Locate and secure Francine and bring her back to her guards.