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The Crimthorne Chronicles



a part of The Crimthorne Chronicles, by Weilacca.


Weilacca holds sovereignty over Crimthorne, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Crimthorne is a part of The Crimthorne Chronicles.

4 Places in Crimthorne:

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Bernardetta Lei Maturerá [2] Bernardetta loves to be descrived as a being in total control of herself... and she is one, big time.
Yuri Sokolov [2] Yuri is a crazy scientist/physician with a bizarre hobby of using his technomantic gear to "Facilitate all the means to create a more peaceful and equal world..."

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  1. possible wrong location

    by lil_kreen

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They never learn... thought Jaxon, roughly two hundred feet above Duchess Beaupre, watching the noble enter the plain clothing store.

From the balcony of the restaurant across the street sat the infamous highwayman, none of the guests knowing that he had snuck onto the elevated platform overlooking the street and taken his seat among the other patrons in a span of seconds. No one had even batted an eye. No one gave him a close look. He kept his head buried into the menu, hiding his marauder's hat within while his eyes kept gaze on one spot in the store in particular.

The street itself was packed. Granted, it was always packed with merchants and customers trying to purchase something extravagant for their own personal gain. But this time, the street was nearly tripled on occupants, all here to see the Coronation and enjoy everything the festival had to offer. Such an event would offer fantastic deals on typically high-priced items. Things as ornate as semi-valuable jewelry and party dresses to things as practical as baked bread and jugs of water. Even the prank shop down the street was out of stock of their highest selling item: Shock-Sticks. They were one-use batons that used a tiny amount of Synthetic Magic to send a small electrical volt into an unsuspecting victim. A child's gag, no less, but everything was being bought today.

After all, it wasn't like an empress was crowned every day of the week.

"Good evening, sir! Can I get you anything to drink?"

Jaxon barely glanced up from the menu, using his peripherals to examine the young serving girl. Her blonde hair done up in a dazzling style that seemed to gleam in the setting sun's light. Her eyes sparkled with excitement at the atmosphere around her and her smile was probably whiter than the neat and orderly uniform she wore.


"I'll need one moment, please," Jaxon gruffly replied from behind the menu. The girl nodded in understanding and walked off, helping another customer at another table. He turned his attention back towards the clothing store, waiting to see the woman walk out of it.


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Character Portrait: Bernardetta Lei Maturerá Character Portrait: Yuri Sokolov
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#, as written by luft

There were many places that Odetta should be right now, places like her house listening to his mother complain about her recklessness or maybe she could be finding a new wall to decorate in the many warehouses of her neighborhood and it´s was probably in her best interest to be with all the other trainees in her group, resting, studying or whatever those preppy newbies are doing at this second but to her none of that places seemed appealing, or not as much as watching the coronation. When she heard one of her roommates about the festival there was no doubt in her mind she would be attending, after all it was about time she went out for one of her night explorations.

The rules to sneak out were the same wherever she was "Just pretend to go to sleep early or lie and say you are not feeling great then sneak out, remain unseen and come back before you are missed" she told to herself and with Rika it was so much easier "For a military full of sinths and even elitist they really should take more care on the security department of the training grounds, I mean my roommates weren´t capable of casting a good spell to save their life’s but some of the teachers had really awesome magic" thoughts like this made her question how unbelievable easy it had been to sneak out even more so after that weird feeling she got before landing on the other side of the fence but since no alarm seemed to spread through the guards she just shrugged it off and made her way into the heart of the city.

Berly arrived sometime before the coronation ceremony which was cool for her since she was there for festival and maybe to see some neat magic being used as entertainment "so far so good now I just have to find a spot away from the military guarding this whole thing and chill for a while, maybe even see if one of this stores has some spray paint that I can ajem borrow"...


Capital of Drakani, Dr Sokolov´s clinic a week before the coronation festival

"...Thank you so much Dr Sokolov this cough was such an annoyance and you know how my lungs are, flimsy thing after that flu from last year and if it weren´t for you who knows what would be of me..." Ms Lormclock continued talking and stealing more time from Yuri but to him his job as a physician was just another small necessity to his research even if at times like this, a very tiring part of his otherwise very interesting schedule "Don´t even mention it my darling you know very well the cheerfulness of your presence is one of the very few highlights of an otherwise very taxing occupation and it´s just my one complain that it seems to be only through your misfortunate health that I’m capable of receiving the enjoyment of our conversations"he said this while leading the old woman to the door of his clinic "I must express my apologies but I´m press in time I´ll be visiting another patient shortly so I must prepare my bag, make sure to take the medicine and call on me if the symptoms continue".

After closing the door tightly he went down to his basement to sort the disappointing results of last night trials "It seems my research materials have again run out *Sigh* time to accommodate a new retrieving excursion to the Achenin border or maybe I can convince some of my puppets to go farther and help find some elite magic willing to help save the world, I seem to recall Sergei and his group owing me a favor or two" mumbling this to himself while searching for the information on Sergei´s underground group and after finding it he made his way to the phone "mmhh yes this will be a good hunting spot, full of different materials" tapping the newspaper next to the phone on the highlighted news about some sort of festival in Arcania...

Seven days and some variedly successful collecting latter found Yuri on the middle of the coronation festival talking gleefully to some vendors and scanning the crowd for some easy prey "even if it is just a lowly guard with a sinth suit or perhaps some young elite with powers that can be easily contained, something anything that brings more success to my test results" He though and by chance he witnessed a small disturbance in the mood of the crowd caused by an altercation between some nobility and guards, but something wasn´t right with that picture since a small girl very similar to the one arguing with the officers was going inside of a nearby shop "Quite interesting indeed..."