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Illiana Eloise Brahms

"I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me"

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a character in “The Crossroads Academy”, as played by emotionless



Image"I've been sacrificed
My hearts been cauterized
Hanging on to hope
Shackled by the ghost
Of what I once believed
That I could never be"

{I Am The Fire | Halestorm}

Illiana Eloise Brahms
Spaghetti straight


" And as you showed me your scars I only held you closer"
{ Broken Pieces | Apocalyptic aft Lacey Sturm}

Illiana is a slip of a girl. She stands at 5‘4 is approximately 120Ibs. She has long dark hair that flows down to her back, though she rarely leaves her hair down. She has an oval face that is accented with high cheek bones, and dark arched brows. Illy has large gold brown eyes, the color of molten chocolate, that are framed with thick opaque lashes. Her lips are petal pink, and her teeth straight and white. She generally wears black jeans and tank tops with her commando boots, or long dark tunics with brightly colored leggings.


{ Elastic Heart | All Time Low}

" You did not break me, I'm still fighting for peace. Well, I've got thick skin and an elastic heart"

Illiana comes off as very grave and distant at first, if only because she rarely cracks a smile. She finds herself biting her tongue a lot only because her personality that can be misconstrued as bitchy. She has a dry sense of humor, but a big heart. Illiana is fiercely independent, extremely ambitious, persistent, and determined.

Illiana is also very flexible she is able to re-survey any situation and take a different approach if necessary, which sometimes makes her come off as manipulative though that is not her intent. She is the clearest of thinkers, looking at a project from all sides and putting forth some logical and well-thought-out ideas. She tends to bring her objective reasoning and big-picture ability to the table. While some may perceive all this logical thought as cold and unemotional, it's simply how Illiana ticks.

Illiana is a true artists, but not necessarily in the typical sense where she’s out painting happy little trees. Often enough though, she is perfectly capable of this. Rather, it's that she uses aesthetics, design and even their choices and actions to push the limits of social convention. Illiana enjoys upsetting traditional expectations with experiments in beauty and behavior.

She lives in a colorful, sensual world, inspired by connections with people and ideas. Illy takes joy in reinterpreting these connections, reinventing and experimenting with both herself and new perspectives. This creates a sense of spontaneity, making Illy seem unpredictable, even to their close friends and loved ones.

Despite all this, Illy is definitely Introverts, surprising her friends further when she steps out of the spotlight to be by herself to recharge. Rather than dwelling on the past or the future, Illy thinks about who she is. She returns from her cloister, transformed. Illiana lives to find ways to push her passions always taking things to the next level.
All in all Illiana is very deep, intense person, there is always more than meets the eye. She presents a cool, detached, and unemotional air to the world yet lying underneath is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion and a strong will and a persistent drive.

-Speaks Russian
-Speaks French
-Self Taught Lock Picking
-Self Taught Mechanical Skills
-Martial arts skills

Illiana was born and left on the door step of St. Agnes church in Sahka (Yakutia) Russia. She was raised in an orphanage by the Catholic Nuns, until she was adopted at the age of 4 by a young same sex couple who struggled to conceive on their own (with sperm injections).

Adrianna and Cenna, Illiana's moms where kind, and generous souls. She had a wonderfully strong relationship with both of her parents, though she bonded more with her mother Adrianna. For a while everything was good.

Though Illiana was an only child she found she adapted really well. She learned English relatively easily, and joined many clubs and sports such as debate club and soccer. Illiana did not really fit in however. She tended to lean towards spending more time with herself and her books than making friends. Most people did not know that she had same sex parents, it didn't really come up in what little conversations she had with others.

Adrianna was diagnosed with cervical cancer in April. She held out for many months, through chemotherapy and Naturopaths, really anything she could try. She ended up passing away peacefully in her sleep on September 10th the day of Illiana's birthday. Illiana refused to succumb to the depression that eats at her every day after her mothers death. She buried herself in her work and in her studies.

After Adrianna passed Cenna and Illiana struggled to make ends meet, between medical bills and living expenses. Illiana got a job at the local bookstore, and Cenna worked double shifts as a nurse. Illiana's relationship with Cenna became strained. They hardly saw each-other, and when they did they fought without Adrianna to keep the peace.

She had submitted an essay on the off chance she would get accepted so when Illiana got accepted into Crossroads Academy on a scholarship for writing nothing could have surprised and excited her more. She was determined to become the best she could be and take care of her wonderful mother.



How they feel about other cliques:
"I don't like to seperate myself from others, though I avoid the wealthier kids...I suppose its because of bad experiences"

If they play any sports or are in any clubs:
Illiana is Editor of the newspaper, she is in track and field, and was considering joining the swimming team.

So begins...

Illiana Eloise Brahms's Story


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#, as written by Sophiex
Today is the first official day back on Crossroads Academy's campus, and there is an undeniable air of excitement and jitters on campus. Throughout the morning, cars had driven up the long driveway that led onto the campus, packed to the brink with parents, children, and suitcases filled with everything a teenager could need, only to be drive right back down it a little while later, empty, and usually with teary-eyed parents. It was nothing less than a tradition, and though many felt it was sad to see their parents go, most students did genuinely like Crossroads Academy. The fact that it was located right on the beautiful California coast played a part in it, and it possessing facilities nice enough to rival top colleges was a perk too, but the relationships made while at a boarding school were different than at many normal high schools. They were stronger, or that's what many of Crossroads' students would tell you, anyway.

Like the other dorm advisers on campus, Holly and Brian had spent their mornings acquainting themselves to parents and helping students move into their rooms. They had moved on campus a few days before, and though this meant that their summers were over too, they were both glad that the school year was starting. While Holly had worked as a dorm adviser for four years, and had acted as a dorm adviser for the girls she would be living with this year since they were freshman, Brian was new to this. He had been a faculty member for Crossroads for a year before, but this was the first year that he was going to be a dorm adviser. Life circumstances combined with knowing that his paycheck would look even better if he was a dorm adviser had led him to accepting the additional position, and though he was excited, he was understandably nervous as well. He knew that this position would require him to take on an extra level of responsibility and respect for rules and guidelines, but he also knew that he had to be understanding enough to get a bunch of teenage boys to like him... or at least trust him. It was going to be an interesting experience, that much he was sure of, but he didn't have much time to worry during the morning, as he really had been busy helping kids move in. He was grateful that he had been assigned a senior dorm, only because that meant that there were slightly less parents involved. Senior students were allowed to have cars on campus, and that meant that in some cases, for those who had cars, they were driving themselves onto campus and there were a few less introductions that Brian was forced through. In the girls dorm, Holly was experiencing a similar thing, but by now she knew most of her girls' parents, and for her, introductions were welcomed anyway. She was friendly and bubbly, and far too used to this to be bothered by the first-day events.

Students had no say in dorm assignments, and only found out who they were living with on move-in day, today. Most students would make it to campus by two PM, and following that, there would be a dinner barbecue held in the courtyard for all of the students. Following that, students will spend the night getting back into the rhythm of being at school, hang out with friends, or attend the optional movie on the lawn, which tonight, will be showing Ferris Bueller's Day Off. At 7 PM, the school shuttle will also be making a trip to Target, to allow students to pick up any necessities that they didn't bring to school.


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#, as written by Sophiex
Victoria had never understood why Crossroads was so insistent on handing out random dorm assignments. She knew that the reasoning was valid, that if they allowed requests, they would be flooded with too many to properly handle, and that non-random roommate assignments would only aid in the formation of cliques and exclusive friend groups. At the same time... what was the problem with that? The students paid enough money where the school could afford to hire a few extra people to sort out the logistics and planning of all of the requests, and even with random roommates, cliques still did exist. In defense of the school, however, they were right that the random assignments did lead to some unlikely friendships. For instance, there was no way that Victoria would have ever humored Natalya Volkova with a second glance had she not been forced to room with her, and see that she was actually a decent (if not more than decent) human being during her sophomore year. Even with her own personal experience to back up the schools claims, when Victoria arrived at her dormitory around one o'clock, and was told that she would be in dorm 2B, she wasn't so sure that she would have a perfect year, upon finding the names of her roommates taped on a sheet of paper outside the dorm room's main door. Sheets of paper just like that were stuck along all of the dorm rooms on the floor, as a way of helping students find their exact room, if they had forgotten what the people at the front desk below had told them. Victoria was the first to arrive at her dorm, which meant that she had first pick of a bedroom, and was able to say her goodbyes to her mother without any of her roommates being present. Though she wasn't embarrassed of being close with her mother, she was glad to have those few minuets without any disturbances, especially because she knew she probably wasn't going to see the woman again until Thanksgiving. Their Beverly Hills home was currently undergoing extensive renovations, which meant that she and Victoria's father were once again living full time in New York. It wasn't completely tragic, given that Tori liked the Crossroads campus and had many friends with homes in the area if she wanted a break from her dorm for a weekend, luckily.

She spent the forty-five minutes after her mother left, with her bedroom door shut and locked, as she worked on rearranging all of her things, and making the space feel as homey as possible. Since her car was being delivered from New York, where she had kept it all summer, and likely wouldn't arrive until at least Tuesday, she was considering joining in on the trip to Target tonight with her classmates. She easily could have requested a ride from a friend, but sometimes the school outings were fun, even if they were something as simple and mundane as a trip to Target. Over that time period of decorating, she heard lots of foot traffic and conversation outside of her door, which signaled that at least one of her two roommates had moved in. Thankfully, the suite consisting of four bedrooms was only currently going to be occupied by three people, which meant one less roommate to have to deal with. It was likely that within the next few days, someone who had claimed that they wanted to commute, would opt for boarding instead, and the room would be taken, but for now, Victoria was content. She wasn't worried about having Charlotte Arnault as a roommate, because she was familiar with her. She was a bit bothered by her, given her close ties to the rebels, and how she had blatantly chosen that clique over the royals, a move that had personally taken a jab at Tori's pride, but she knew what to expect from Charlotte. Out of the Arnaults, she was definitely Victoria's least favorite, but she was still familiar. She knew far less about the other girl, Illiana Brahms, but supposed that not knowing much about her was probably a good thing. It meant that she wasn't someone who was going to cause trouble, or get in her way. Still curious, though, once her room was in order, she headed out of it, with her bath towels and bath items in hand, on a quest to stock the bathroom closest to her with it. If there were only going to be three girls in the dorm room for now, she was set on having her own bathroom, and allowing the other two girls to share. She had gotten there first, it was only fair, she reasoned, though the pleasant smile on her face as she entered the common areas, portrayed a less selfish attitude.


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"Did you pack the toothpaste?"


"Your extra underwear?"


"Your skin oint-"


Ian almost shouted the last part, his mom turning to glare down at him through he pair of spectacles. Ian suppressed the urge to sigh. His mom meant well, but she was convinced that if he was not prepared for every little thing, disaster would strike. It was maddening. He could hardly wait for Elly to get here. He had already taken his car and most of things things to the senior dorms. His best friend had only taken him back home to say goodbye to his mother and she was taking her sweet time coming back with her things. He hoped he didn't manage to misplace any of her mechanical tools when they unpacked this year. He didn't hear the end of all junior year when he misplaced her wrench.

"Another thing, you should have had Illiana visit more this summer..."

"Mom..." he began.

"She is a nice girl. You shouldn't let her slip away..."

"Mom, please..."

"I don't want to wait twenty years for a grandchild sired in a desperate Vegas marriage..."


His face was red and he was nearly ready to walk to twenty miles to Crossroads Academy out of sheer embarrassment alone. Thank God he didn't tell her that he did like Illiana. If she learned that... He couldn't bare the thought.

Illiana pulled up to Ian's house with a sigh. Her car rolled to a stop, and sputtered in a way that made her cringe. She would need to take a look at it when she got to the school. Illiana sighed as she stepped out of her car and stretched. Cenna had been away so she didn't get to say good bye...she had waited as long as she could but she couldn't make Ian wait any longer.

She walked up the sidewalk to his house with a smile, her mind wandering to the years of playing tag, camping, and tree climbing. She didnt knock when she came to the door, instead she called out jokingly:

"Honey I'm home!"

She only caught the tail end of the conversation between Ian and his mom but it still made her grin.

"Whose getting desperately married in Las Vegas? You have a girlfriend I don't know about Ian?" She asked as she slung an arm around his shoulders and gave him googly eyes and a kissy face.

"I mean aside from Hermione or...?" She giggled as she poked his side in his ticklish spot just below his fourth rib on his left side.

"Dont worry Mrs Butler, I will take good care of him." She assured his mother with an angelic grin.

Ian squirmed at his best friend's touch. They knew each others' bodies too well (and, God, didn't that sound so wrong) from the years they spent roughhousing as kids and Illiana liked to poke him there every chance she got. He responded by poking her back in the right armpit, earning a reproving glance from his mother. Her double standards on male and female touching was a pain in the ass.

"Illy, I say I like a film character one time and you never let me forget it. Do I need to bring up Q from that James Bond movie?" he asked, oblivious to the slight smirk his mom sent his way.

"No one's getting married in Las Vegas if I can help it, dear. And I'll hold you to that. I don't want Ian graduating a schmuck."

"This is why I don't bring her home much. You conspire with her," he grumbled, "Can we go now? Unless the Mystery Machine broke down again."

He smirked. He thought that name fit his friend's care to a t. There was always something wrong with it. You just had to figure out what it was on a particular day.

"Just keep him in line, Illiana."

Ian suppressed a groan. When did the she start treating his friend like his wife. He wished that Dad wasn't working third shift today. He could always be counted on to bail him out.

"Hey Q was damn fine, and I stand by that....and as for my Mystery Machine, its rumbling and making mysterious noises as per usual, but it should get us to Crossroads." Illiana said with a small smile. What she didn't say is that Q looked a hell of a lot like her best friend...and she had to admit, she had a type and he was it. She felt a blush burn up her cheeks so she gave herself an internal shake, pushing that thought away.

"We will keep each-other out of trouble, scouts honor" Illiana said as she did the three finger scout symbol (though obviously she was never a scout) before she gave Ian's mom a peck on the cheek.

"We need to head out, ya lyublyu tebya (I love you)" Illiana said as she tugged at Ian's arm in the direction of the door and started waiving at Mrs. Butler. Illy shoulder bumped Ian with a grin as they exited the house.

"So, who are you bunked with?" Illy asked trying to take her mind off of the thought of her best friends possible love interest as she climbed in the driver seat of her powder blue vw van and started it. It back fired and groaned before it started. It wasn't much but it was her's earned with her own money.

"Get in Shaggy" She said with a grin.

Ian's mother had scarcely hugged his friend back before she was dragging him out the house. She called out something, but Ian did't hear her. Instead, he examined how Illy's cheeks had gone red. Did she have a cold or something? She didn't seem down or anything.

"Your Mystery Machine is a screaming metal death trap," he teased her. At her question, he shrugged, "Seth, Nolan, Emmett, and Jax. It's strange how I never to to know any of them that well. What about you?[/color]
[color=00CCFF]"Well didn't you get the King of the Damned crew?"[/color] Illy said referring to the other boy's statuses. She didn't have a problem with any of them per say, she just, didn't know how to interact with bigshots.

"I don't know yet, didn't bother to check. Figured I'd be spending more time in your dorm than mine anyways." Illiana said with a snicker. She knew how it sounded and she was okay with it. Her lewd comments usually made him blush and she loved it. It didn't take very long to reach their destination, if only because Illy had a lead foot. She was lucky on more than one occasion, that she didn't get pulled over and fined.

As they reached their destination, Illy slipped out of the van and unpacked what little she had left to bring which consisted of a backpack full of random stuff. Odds and ends really.

[color=#00CCFF]"Well lets go meet your crew"
She said as she headed towards the boys dormitories.

Ian rolled his eyes at his friend, trying to hide the blush that was growing on his cheeks. He knew she loved to fluster him and he almost always fell for it. Well, two could play at that game. As the car slowed down near the boys dorm, he turned to shoot a smirk at her.

"Just be careful sneaking out after curfew. We wouldn't want to be caught in an awkward situation," he told her, rather proud of the fact hat he hadn't stuttered or looked away when he spoke. As he stepped out of the car, he spotted Nolan. He didn't know the guy too well, though he knew of him. Few students didn't recognize the A-Listers in school, particularly the king bee.

As he stepped out, he waved at him, "Hey, we're dormmates, right?"


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“Oh no! What if they catch me in my Pokémon footy jammies!”

Ian could not help but flush. He had seen his friend in her Pokemon pajamas. They were a few sizes too small and highlighted certain areas. Thankfully, she never noticed him checking her out the few times he had seen her in them. He didn't think he'd be able to live it down if she did. Before he could respond, he heard both their phones go off simultaneously. When he heard Illy's ringtone, he raised an eyebrow at her with a smirk.

“Oh dear, it looks like I have to come up with a plan of attack. So, uh, gotta go. Ian, text me”

"Of course. See you later, " Ian told her with a grin before checking his own list. He couldn't help but laugh. Her target was standing right beside him. He turned to Nolan with a slight smirk.

"I'd watch my back if I were you. Your assassin knows kung fu."

As he listened to Nolan speak, he nodded in understanding. Last minute changes were typical for Crossroads. He blinked in surprise at the fact that he was inviting him to his party, but he grinned anyway.

"I will have to give them your name then. Is it possible for me to bring a friend? I've been meaning to make Illiana go to one of these things," he told him with a slight grin. He checked his phone. Natalya huh? He hardly knew the girl. It would be tough to take her down if he decided to play the game. He shook his head.

"So, on a scale of one to ten, how hard do you think it is to sneak up on Natalya?"

Noah, however, seemed to have his mind on other things and left. With a sigh, Ian realized he was left to his own devices.

"Come on, Ian, you're smart. Think of something.


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Perfect. Charlotte didn't really think that Michaela would play the innocent card for too long, but she was relieved nonetheless, when the girl dropped the facade and made it clear that Charlotte wasn't going to have to smoke alone. Even with the recent tension between herself and Jazmyn, she would have wanted the girl to join in too, but then again, one less person meant all the more for her. "That's my cue," she said, a purposely playful wink being sent in Jazmyn's direction. "Time for me to get into my zen zone while you hang out out here, being the stick in the mud that we all know you really are." She took a few steps out of the room, before popping her bed back in the doorway. "And I guess I have to stress now that I'm joking when I say things like that, so don't go off and do meth to prove me wrong." A pillow came whizzing in her direction, but Charlotte escaped from the doorway before it hit her, and headed into Michaela's room at a few paces faster than she normally would have. Before she reached the girl's bedroom, her phone pinged with a text from Illiana.

Although she was rooming with Illiana again this year, she hadn't seen the girl when she had initially moved in. She assumed that the other girl simply hadn't arrived when she had brought her stuff up with Nolan, but given her text now, it was clear that she was on campus. Out of her three roommates, Victoria, Amelia and Illiana, Amelia was definitely the one that Charlotte knew best, but she also didn't feel uncomfortable living with Illiana. She had done it before and it had been as easy as one could have asked for, so she wasn't bothered with her set of roommates this year, really. Even Victoria Hearst, whose ego needed to be popped like a balloon (and would even then, still be too big), wasn't someone who Charlotte thought would be a problem. She would agree with Juliette that it seemed like someone was working against them by sticking each of the twins with the other's friends, but Charlotte surely had no reason to make as much of a big deal out of it as Juliette had. Her time would be divided between her friends' rooms and her own bedroom, so she wasn't worried about any conflicts with her roommates, since she doubted she would interact with them very often. However reserved she was when it came to friendships, she did smile, just slightly, at Illiana's text message. For a second, she wondered if this was one of those instances where she should put family first and warn Nolan, but it only took another second for her to throw that consideration out the window and send the girl a message in response.

To: Illiana
Hey! I guess we're rooming again this year. Oooh, Nolan's a tough one. He lives for competition like this Image. I'm totally down to help you set him up though. I can lie and tell him that you're about to leave campus for some reason, and that I left my key in our dorm and you have it but that I need him to take it from you before you leave since I'm busy helping that crazy sister of mine with something, if that makes sense. I'm sure he'll fall for it. We can do it whenever you get down to the barbecue if you want

Upon entering Michaela's bedroom, Charlotte sat down on the girl's bed, making herself comfortable. "So... I know I'm a vibe killer, but before we do this, you and Jaz are sharing a bathroom, right? As you can tell, I already have enough problems with my sister. Don't need her complaining to me about my gross stoner friends," she said, sporting a playful smirk. "Speaking of my gross friends, though, I haven't heard from the others. Amelia, Natalya? Where is everyone?" Charlotte wasn't as close to any of the other rebels as she was to Michaela and Jazmyn, but they were still in the same friend group, so she was curious about where the rest of their group, including Amelia and Nat, were.


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Ian let out a sigh as he finally finished unpacking. Despite being fastidious about his appearance and his near compulsive organization when it came to school work and his hobbies, even he found packing and unpacking his things a pain. Still, the end result was almost worth it. His dorm was filled with his favorite things: stacks upon stacks of manga and comic books (including his collector's edition of Watchmen that Illiana had spilled something over), a flat screen TV with a PS4 connected to it, a shelf filled with books, and, of course, photos. Illy never seemed to tire of taking photos of pretty much everything and his mom had picked it up from her. He eyed one she took of the one she took when they entered a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament when they were 10, him giving the camera a shit-eating grin as he revealed he had all five Exodia cards in his hand.

Things were a lot simpler when they were younger. There was none of that worrying about college or strange feelings or what the future might bring.

Deciding to change into a a new outfit, he opened up and his closet and took laid out new pair of jeans and a t-shirt along with a vest. As he pulled new pair of jeans on after stripping his old, sweaty clothes off, he heard a knock on the door.

“Hey, naked or not I’m coming in!”


"Wait, Ill-," he began, but before he could protest, his best friend already knocked him down on his bed and he blushed bright red. He was very much aware that he did not have a shirt on and and the thin white cloth that was her tank top and shorts that drove him crazy at the best of times.

"I'm half-naked," he murmured, trying desperately not to let his eyes roam over her or to take note of the feeling of her on top of him.

Damn it, she drive me nuts. The hyperactive goofball.


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She was so achingly close. He could feel his breath across his lips and he eyes seemed to shine as he looked up at her. They leaned in but before anything could happen, her phone went off and he suppressed a sigh. Whether it was one of relief or frustration, he honestly couldn't say. He couldn't help but laugh slightly at the phone call. It was typical of her mom.

“So…uh…get dressed we are going out. I have a game plan for my target…”

"Oh, right. Of course," he said, grabbing his shirt and pulling it on. She chose not to talk about what happened and he was okay with it. Honestly, he wasn't sure what to say about it.

“By the by who did you get?”

"Natalya... I don't really know her or where she is. Also, she looks like she can kick my ass," he noted with a shrug, "You got Nolan, right?"


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Ian frowned slightly as he finished dressing. What exactly did he want to happen? For her to hear a love confession from someone she had known since she was six and make out and not necessarily in that order? He needed to get a hold of himself.

"Dont worry baby ill protect you from the big bad Natalya"

He had to laugh at that even as she gave him a lazy hug. She was such a dork sometimes, not that he was one to talk. He grinned at her.

"My hero."

"Time to get this party started, I need to hunt down Nolan and take him out of the game. Might piss the pretty boy off but...that's kinda my thing isn't it? Anywho...I'm getting Hangry and you wouldnt like me when im hangry"

"What we're going to ambush them at the barbeque? Somehow, I don't think the game is worth it. We're not really going to win anything are we?" he asked with a shrug. He didn't mind skipping the assassin thing unless, of course, whoever had him as a target attacked him. Not playing was one thing. Losing was quite another.


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Once Charlotte took her final two hits, she returned the joint to Michaela, and was now on her feet for good. She easily could have stuck around for another couple of minutes to allow the other two girls to reach their optimal levels of high too, but she wasn't in the mood too. It wasn't that she was feeling uptight or not relaxed, because she was completely content and comfortable, but she was hungry, and she knew that if she remained in the room with the girls who were still smoking, she would just want to smoke more. Plus, with what was coming out of Michaela's mouth, she knew that, additionally, if she stuck around for much longer, she would say something that she would regret. And she wished that "regret" would come in the form of wishing that she hadn't said something mean or harsh, but it wouldn't have been that kind of regret. It would have been the kind that would have come from Charlotte admitting that maybe she wouldn't mind being in love with Michaela, or that since she liked her oh so much, that she would be compliant and let Michaela take out her target first, as she desired, before taking her out. "You have until I finish eating to find whoever your guy is before I come for you," Charlotte warned playfully, waving Natalya's post-it notes in the air.

"And you better be careful with that," she said, nodding towards the bag of weed Natalya had thrown to her. It wasn't that Charlotte didn't trust Nat, because they truly were friends, but she just thought... well, Natalya could be extreme at times. And not always in the good way. She seemed to think that she was immune from a lot of laws and rules, and just as Charlotte had learned, no amount of money would make you exempt from them in a lot of situations. Crossroads was one of those places where your parents couldn't buy your way out of trouble. If you committed an infraction, you would be expelled just as quickly as the scholarship student whose single mother worked the register at Burger King. Obviously, it would have been easier for all of the kids in the room right now, if the rules didn't work that way, but it was surprisingly nice to go to a school where money wasn't favored over morals. It was a good way to teach students to act in the real world, for when they graduated. "I wouldn't wanna be caught dead with that on this campus, and I may have shared a womb with her, but I refuse to accept responsibility for my sister getting your ass expelled because you're such a stoner," she said, still teasing (especially given how she was the one who initiated this whole smoking session), but knowing that there was more truth in the possibility of her words than she wanted to admit. Even taking Juliette out of the equation, Charlotte would have felt uneasy about carrying any amount of weed that legally would have surpassed the "personal use" quantity, especially on a school's grounds. She was a rebel, and she was reckless and carefree and destructive in many senses, but she was also intelligent, and maybe too sober to see any good coming out of Mickey holding on to that much weed. Given her sister's three roommates, Charlotte wouldn't have been surprised if Juliette got a second hand high on the regular, this year. "So don't let administration take you out before I can, kay?" she said, doing her best not to mess up the towel's placement the door too badly as she exited the room.

"Jazzy Jaz!" Charlotte sang once she was out of Michaela's bedroom. "I'm going down to eat. Come find me when you stop being a neurotic perfectionist about your room!" That description seemed like the only way to explain why Jazmyn would skip out on smoking, and though Charlotte had originally already been walking towards the main door of the dormitory as she said that, she stopped midway and did an about-face, as she turned into Juliette's bedroom. She only remained in her sister's room for a few seconds, just long enough to steal some of her perfume in an attempt to mask the odor of marijuana that was now on her, before finally leaving and heading down to the barbecue. She responded to Illiana's text on the way, saying, "Haha yeahhhh should be a fun year! I was actually just with Nat, but I'm heading to the barbecue on my own now. If you guys find me, come sit! I'm sure her and Mickey will sit down too when they come and he can try then!".