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Name: Just Jax. (Jax Orlov)

Age: 18

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Clique: Rebels


-Loud music/crowds
-Expensive things
-Animals (large/dangerous)
-Bright colors

-Boring people
-Too quiet places
-Sober parties
-Being told what to do
-Seemingly flawless people/things
-Spending nights alone
-Being ignored
-His father (temporarily)
-His sister (occasionally)

Fears: At least 3
~Being completely alone
~Being stuck anywhere

Personality: Jax is a complex character. There are many sides to him, and many people never learn more than one of them.
When you first meet him around the neighbourhood, he's cocky and arrogant. Some might say he sits upon a high horse when, in fact, this is an extreme understatement. This ‘horse’ might as well be the empire state building. Atop the tower’s peak rests a cushiony, golden embroidered throne where Axe comfortably resides. Surrounding his towering perch is an air of high self-esteem and self-importance that never seems to fade or waver. He's very witty, and likes to joke around often, but he acts as if he's superior to everyone around him. Being like this, he doesn't care for the opinion of anyone, even if he acts like he does.
His facade is generally bored if he's stuck in one place, but he always has an amused look if he's wandering around. His mind is often else where -no matter what he's doing he seems a bit distracted, but he doesn't usually rush. He's more one to constantly be checking the time, mentioning he's late, and not doing anything about it.
Because of his obvious act of importance, many don't see beneath it. When he isn't being forced to socialise, he's generally aloof and mysterious. He never fully explains anything, and answers any questions you have for him extremely vague and shiftily. Depending on him is extremely unstable situation, because he is everywhere he isn't expected to be, and no where others plan him to be. There's a dark mystery about him that leaves curious people wondering more about him. Who really is Jax? Just another snobby rich kid? Think again.
Axe has an IQ of 130, and is a jack of all trades, master at many. He's conniving and clever, keeping those he wants to on their toes. He's sarcastically serious, especially when he's dealing with business. Many times one wonders if his comments are jokes or an actual statement. He's very intelligent, and finds himself easily bored with people who can't capture his attention span well. He dislikes stupid people, and absolutely hates people who pretend to be dumb.
He may be considered a bit of a "punk" because of his careless attitude and "yolo" methods. He likes to think he can do whatever the hell he wants, and that everyone is only there to entertain him - which is true a lot of the time, because he's often paying for entertainment. The world seems to lay at his feet, and he takes advantage of that. Destruction of private property, trespassing, stealing (more like just casually taking), or almost any kind of illegal activity easily falls in his category. Often him and his "bros" cruise around his streets like kings and try to seem tough and intimidating. Going off of that, he's basically all talk unless there's a serious need for back up. When that happens, knives and guns start to get pulled. He's one to taunt, but when it comes to something like a fight, he always fights dirty.
You may ask why he seems like such an idiot when he's so smart. The reason for that is that he can be. He has the opportunity to be a jerk, and he enjoys to show off his knowledge to make other feel dumb. He likes to succeed in every aspect he can because, of the fact that he's able to. His motivation isn't anything more than the fact that it's probable.
When it comes to women, he finds it's a game. He's never really had to "settle down" because no girl has ever given him the incentive to do so. No girl has ever really push for it or tried because they easily assume he doesn't want that or they're just too scared of running him off. He's an excellent lover when he tries, though that's rare. Mostly women are objects to him, which he doesn't see a problem with since most boys are game pieces too unless either gender proves themselves. The only woman he doesn't really think of in that is his twin sister, mostly because he doesn't consider her a "girl". In the long run he knows she could kick his ass any day, and though he acts manly and tough around her he's cautious as well. Ever since it was legal he's been hanging around strip clubs, night clubs, and working girls because he can. He doesn't have any trouble with girls, but finds that he doesn't really have a need for them. He enjoys their company but he never has the incentive to go out and get one of his own.. He often wakes up with a new bed partner every other weekend.

History: You could say Jax didn't fall from the tree. He's the spitting image of his father's youth, and resembles his mother. His twin sister is practically identical other than her gorgeous femininity, but as the children of the mob they value family over anything. It's well know who their parents are, especially their father. He's like his father in many ways, both intelligent and conniving. He's a bit manipulative, and from his father he learned many things in the world of business. So, maybe it was the underground illegal world of the city, dealing illegal weapons and owning night clubs and much, much more. But, nevertheless Jax learned a lot. Whether people are afraid of them or just choose not to confront it, they are a powerful group owning anything slightly sketchy. They are untouchable and untraceable to the police, mainly because his father strategically plans other people to do the mob's dirty work. All followers are sworn to secrecy and basically take a blood oath. Many layers of Jax's family spans from just being part of the mob, not biological relation.
He grew up unsheltered. There weren't times where anyone tried to "protect his innocence". It was good for him to see reality in his parents eyes. Even though he's rich like most of the fucks in this school, Jax is looked down upon in some respects because it's considered "dirty" money. Hence the term, filthy rich. His parents were mostly absent but hold certain days a year for family occasions. The whole shabang of a group comes together. Most important are weddings, everyone's pretty much expected to get married and grow the family. Otherwise his parents fly around the world to various locations moving money, drugs, weapons, and whatever the hell else they want to take advantage of.
If you asked Jax's opinion of the whole thing, he probably wouldn't talk about it much. He's very loyal, but in a young kid trying to be a man way. He wants to do what his father expects. He has a tough exterior because he knows that's how to survive. His sister on the other hand is a bit more promiscuous, and Jax often comes to her rescue to keep her on track. He has a soft spot for her, and would never let her fall in any way.
The only other female he's ever treated more as a person is Natalya. His parents probably want him to marry her, as it would mutually strengthen both families standing in the mob, but they are best friends before anything else.
He ended up coming to school here without his sister for various reasons. It's a hushed situation, but his sister is somewhere in the mountains having a baby that the mob didn't approve of. He misses her greatly, but hardly speaks of her to anyone. Crossraods was chosen for him for more than its prestige. His "assignment" as his father, the boss, and Nat's father have been calling it, is to keep an eye on Nat. Although she takes precaution to hide her status in the mob, she occasionally acts out and almost gets herself killed or arrested. Jax is there to do something about that? He doesn't totally understand the requirements and is somewhat annoyed at a task that seems unimportant, he hasn't seen her more than twice a year for the past couple years, but takes his role in the mob very seriously, and will do anything they ask of him.

Anything else: Put any other information you deem necessary.

So begins...

Jax's Story


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#, as written by Sophiex
Today is the first official day back on Crossroads Academy's campus, and there is an undeniable air of excitement and jitters on campus. Throughout the morning, cars had driven up the long driveway that led onto the campus, packed to the brink with parents, children, and suitcases filled with everything a teenager could need, only to be drive right back down it a little while later, empty, and usually with teary-eyed parents. It was nothing less than a tradition, and though many felt it was sad to see their parents go, most students did genuinely like Crossroads Academy. The fact that it was located right on the beautiful California coast played a part in it, and it possessing facilities nice enough to rival top colleges was a perk too, but the relationships made while at a boarding school were different than at many normal high schools. They were stronger, or that's what many of Crossroads' students would tell you, anyway.

Like the other dorm advisers on campus, Holly and Brian had spent their mornings acquainting themselves to parents and helping students move into their rooms. They had moved on campus a few days before, and though this meant that their summers were over too, they were both glad that the school year was starting. While Holly had worked as a dorm adviser for four years, and had acted as a dorm adviser for the girls she would be living with this year since they were freshman, Brian was new to this. He had been a faculty member for Crossroads for a year before, but this was the first year that he was going to be a dorm adviser. Life circumstances combined with knowing that his paycheck would look even better if he was a dorm adviser had led him to accepting the additional position, and though he was excited, he was understandably nervous as well. He knew that this position would require him to take on an extra level of responsibility and respect for rules and guidelines, but he also knew that he had to be understanding enough to get a bunch of teenage boys to like him... or at least trust him. It was going to be an interesting experience, that much he was sure of, but he didn't have much time to worry during the morning, as he really had been busy helping kids move in. He was grateful that he had been assigned a senior dorm, only because that meant that there were slightly less parents involved. Senior students were allowed to have cars on campus, and that meant that in some cases, for those who had cars, they were driving themselves onto campus and there were a few less introductions that Brian was forced through. In the girls dorm, Holly was experiencing a similar thing, but by now she knew most of her girls' parents, and for her, introductions were welcomed anyway. She was friendly and bubbly, and far too used to this to be bothered by the first-day events.

Students had no say in dorm assignments, and only found out who they were living with on move-in day, today. Most students would make it to campus by two PM, and following that, there would be a dinner barbecue held in the courtyard for all of the students. Following that, students will spend the night getting back into the rhythm of being at school, hang out with friends, or attend the optional movie on the lawn, which tonight, will be showing Ferris Bueller's Day Off. At 7 PM, the school shuttle will also be making a trip to Target, to allow students to pick up any necessities that they didn't bring to school.


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As the clock neared 1:15 Natalya looked herself over in the mirror, smiled, and pulled on her jacket. The day had started early for her since she had to wake up at 5am to get everything done. This year her Uncle had finally finished setting up a local branch of the family business in California, which was good for her family but bad for her. Now not only was her cousin there to 'keep her out of trouble' but her father and uncle had sent Jax down as well. On the other hand, she finally had family in California and it also meant she didn't have to hire strangers to help her move into her room. That being said, with her cousin Viktor, who was the new boss of the local branch, in charge he used his authority to torment her. Instead of just telling some of the guys to help her he told her to ask the guys herself.

Usually this wouldn't have been a problem except that the guys who had been sent down were either new recruits straight from Russia or had been lower on the food chain and therefore hadn't worked directly with her before. Sadly, no matter who your family was if you wanted something done, and were a woman, you had to earn respect. Natalya would have been all for this except right before the first day of school really wasn't the day you wanted to get into a fight. And of course all this occurred at the last minute so she hadn't hired anyone, leaving her with the options of lugging all her crap up 3 flights of stairs herself or picking a fight.

After a few choice words at Viktor and a huff she had headed towards the front area of building, a club that her cousin had just bought to bring in some starting money. It didn't take her very long to 'win respect', though it left marks that were a bit too visible for her liking. Though everyone knew she got into a good amount of fighting, especially as a member of the boxing club, Nat tried to keep her street fighting discreet, not wanting any teachers or curious students butting into her business. Sadly, when you tell someone not to hit you in the face during a fight they don't tend to listen. Out of the three guys she picked to help her out neither of the first ones hit her in the face, but the third one wasn't as smart. He had ended up with a broken arm and she had had to pick someone else, who had opted out of fighting her, but that didn't make her busted lip disappear. Natalya touched the wound gently, looking in the mirror with a frown. 'Well at least I got my room all set up. Now I can just go enjoy myself.'

Shaking off her annoyance Natalya grabbed her helmet and her cell phone, right as the latter buzzed. Reading the message she smiled, and her mind switched to her plans Saturday. She had texted Seth with the idea of a kegger for Saturday(Since Friday she had heard the Nolans were planning some ack to school party) about 2 weeks ago and Seth had agreed to help. Now in a better mood Natalya put her helmet under her arm so she could text Seth, making a mental note to come up with some kind of nickname for him when she saw his actual name was in her phone.

To: Seth
Yo I just got the confirmation from my liquor guy. Four kegs and about 30 bottles of assorted liquors. Think that's enough for the entire senior class plus the extras? Also, Sophia was asking if she should be cooking or if you still wanted to have that barbecue place cater. Oh and the pool has been cleaned and everything, should be all set! Am I forgetting something?

Hitting send Natalya set her phone and helmet down on the counter and then hopped up next to them right as Sophia came over carrying a plate of brownies. "Oooh I get to taste test right?" Before the Hispanic woman could answer Natalya had snatched two off of the plate and was biting into one. Sophia rolled her eyes and set the tray down. "It's good you'll be gone for the next two days. Otherwise I'd never get all the desserts done in time for your party. You'd eat them all!" Natalya finished the second of the two treats and licked her fingers. "Whatever, I might be a pig but I'm not that fat." Both of them chuckled as Natalya grabbed her helmet, purse and phone, dialing Viktor's number as she towards the front door. "Well, I'm heading out! Just use the card I gave you if you need to buy more supplies and call me if anything goes wrong!" Sophia waved her off and answered quickly, "Of course! Adios chère fille!"

As Natalya walked out the door her cousin picked up the phone and she spoke to him in Russian as she headed towards the garage. "Hey did the guys get back alright." Going into the garage she hit the button for the door to open and looked at her choice of rides before going with her 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 500. "No, I mean the ones I mail-ordered online. Yes! I meant the ones who helped me this morning. Fuck was that so hard to figure out..." Viktor made a comment and started to laugh, causing Natalya to pull the phone away from her face to glare at it. Shaking her head Natalya lifted the stand on her bike, keeping it upright with one hand. "I gotta go, make sure ALL the guys know that if I see them within a 5 mile radius of my school they lose a limb. Bye." Ending the call Natalya checked the time, which was 1:32, and decided to send a text to Jax. The drive was only 15 minutes or so but even if he was at school already she couldn't talk to Jax yet.

To: Jaxy
Hey how was your trip down? Hope Viktor hasn't been bossing you around too much. Anyways see you around school. Maybe we could meet up somewhere after school tomorrow and catch up? Haven't seen you since the beginning of summer break before I went to my grandparent's house.

A few seconds after she hit send her phone went off. The text was from Mickey and Nat smiled, typing out a response.

To: M&M
I'm on my way now. I'll see you at the barbecue right? It would suck without you!

Satisfied Natalya put her phone away, started her bike, and revved her bike's engine before she took off, turning out of her driveway and heading in the direction of the school.


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Seth had fallen asleep in the car on his way to move in day. As it was senior year, his parents were over the whole dropping him off at school thing, and had sent him in a town car. It was midday, and the drive wasn't that long since Seth lives in California in the first place. It takes about 2 hours still. He hadn't even noticed his phone buzzing from various text messages. He unlocked his phone and decided reading them from most to least important. He opened Emmett's to start,
"who's free?"
which was sent to him and Nolan in a group message.
The town car began pulling into the campus, so he responded to the group saying, "Just got here, where should I find u 2?"
After being dropped off he headed over to find his room assignment, and pulled up the next text. "My boys better find me at the barbecue later! No excuses ;)"
He smiled a little to himself, Amelia was a pretty good friend of his. She was gorgeous, smart, and not afraid to get what she wants. He texted her back separately, "Of course! Actually need to talk to u if we get a chance there.". Because although most boys have fallen head over heels for the Queen, he had his eyes on her best friend. Not really sure how to handle it, nor did he know how much Nolan would mind, he figured best advice would come from Victoria, who he trusted well enough to seek help from.
Finding his room he saw no one had come yet, but so far it was two other people he didn't really know. Oh well he thought, throwing his things on a bed and sitting on the edge. Next text. "Yo I just got the confirmation from my liquor guy. Four kegs and about 30 bottles of assorted liquors. Think that's enough for the entire senior class plus the extras? Also, Sophia was asking if she should be cooking or if you still wanted to have that barbecue place cater. Oh and the pool has been cleaned and everything, should be all set! Am I forgetting something?" Natalya, along with another reading "I suggest just making this easier on yourself and coming to me before I come looking for you. Of course, I'd enjoy the latter much more so your choice."
He responded simply, "Sounds like enough to me. What's good with music?" He figured Nat would know a rebel who could be the DJ or something. Weary of her second text after the assassin list had just come out, he decided to ignore the second half of her text.


The night before his first day of school, Jax had some business to take care of. It was a simple deal, but an important one. And Jax didn't fuck things like this up. The man hadn't paid what he owed, so Jax was going to teach him a lesson so to speak.
Maybe it was a bit reckless, but Jax had a tendency to be cruel when he was on the job. He hadn't even beaten down the idiot with the intent of mugging him. Jax had beaten him down because...well, he was a idiot, and Jax liked beating down idiot, as well as every other kind of person. But this dude clearly deserved the ass-kicking. He was one of those... lowlifes. The man was in a somewhat cheap suit, hair slicked back with grease, large rings on his fingers, and kind of a creepy moustache. Classic lowlife. When he was done, Jax figured--fuck it. He was already down for the count, he might as well milk the situation for all it was worth, which he gladly did, ending up with three hundred and fifty bucks. Not bad.
He slept well that night, pretending he didn't need have a mission of watching his childhood friend like a fuckin' babysitter.
The next morning however, he felt the reality sink in. Moving into the dumb-fuck preppy rich kid asshole school full of a bunch of kids who didn't know the least bit about the real world outside of mommy and daddy's big business and who kissed who last weekend. He sure as hell didn't want to be there, but at least there was a slight bright side. He did get to see Nat again. And yet, even then, he had to pretend he didn't know her. Which he found pretty stupid, having to come to the school to watch her but not interact with her. Would've been more productive to just have him stalk her, not even enrol in this bullshit education. But, networking is nice and these kids have money to spend on party drugs. Which Jax didn't really fuck with, but enjoyed making money off of.
Instead of bringing a whole suitcase, he had one backpack. Most of his things had been shipped to Nat's place, which she had probably hidden in some closet in case of any house guests, so all he really had was a back pack, a pistol, and a good amount of cash. He took a taxi to the closest motorcycle store, and decided he'd get himself a new bike. Since he'd left his main one in New York, he figured he'd treat himself on this dreadful morning.
Arriving at Kingdom Preppy-Fucks, rode up and found a spot for his bike closer to his dorm area. He hopped off, taking his helmet off but leaving his sunglasses on, and made his way to his room, reminiscing in his glory of the night before.
His boots crunched against the loose bits of cement-sand on the clean paved sidewalk as he trudged along, chest puffed out and face fixed into the sneer of a man who knew that every living thing around him was little more than a massive annoyance--in other words, Jax walked along as he usually did, his thin yet muscular, tattooed arms, bare to the warmth of the late California summer sun, swinging carelessly at his side. Not a bad haul, considering he didn't even intend on it, he reminded himself proudly. And they always tell him 'oh Jax, you can't go around hating everybody just for existing', he mocked in his head, even though he was pretty sure nobody had ever straight up told him that. Well would ya look at that, he just got three hundred and fifty bucks out of going around hating everybody just for existing. That would shut those non-existent protesters the fuck up.
It was then that he checked his phone, which displayed a text for Nat.
"Hey how was your trip down? Hope Viktor hasn't been bossing you around too much. Anyways see you around school. Maybe we could meet up somewhere after school tomorrow and catch up? Haven't seen you since the beginning of summer break before I went to my grandparent's house.
He grimaced. He hated texting. Reluctantly he responded anyway, "It was fine. Things have been running smoothly. We can meet at your house tomorrow. I will be discrete."
He's generally a blunt texter, and comes off a bit like that when he speaks as well, depending on the situation.
Finding his room, he entered hearing two other voices in one of the bedrooms, so he passed it without glancing in, already knowing he probably wouldn't be interested in knowing them, and took an empty bedroom, shutting the door behind him. Looking out his window he saw people gathering for a "barbecue". He'd gotten information on this event and one for the game assassin. Which he didn't plan on participating in. He didn't even see it being an issue because it was generally known he was the son of a hierarchy mob member, and most people would keep their distance. Little did he know his killer is one of the few people who isn't afraid of him.


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As Natalya shut her door behind her she tossed her helmet and purse onto her bed and collapsed next to them with a huff. Staring at her ceiling Natalya realized that she had yet to speak to Amelia since she had arrived in California. Pulling out her phone she clicked over to her messenger app and was about to type out a text to Amelia when her phone chimed and Jax's message popped up on her screen. Clicking over to it Natalya read it over and then started typing out a response only for her phone to chime again. "Well aren't I popular..." Natalya muttered to herself as she saw the text was from the queen bee herself.

To: Jaxy
Jax no one is going to be coming over to my house after the first day of school. My friends only come over on the weekends so you can just walk in the from door. Make sure you're nice to Sophia if you get there before me, she's the housekeeper.

To: My Bitch
Lia wtf you at? I haven't heard from you at all since I got back. Bout to go smoke with Mickey and Lottie. What about you?

To: M&M
Fuck yeah, That's exactly what I need right now.

To: Queenie
Heh, yeah. If only for your sake I won't start anything. But if she decides to open her mouth and start something, I'll finish it.
Oh, by the way Seth and me have a kegger planned for Saturday. I'm sure he's already spread the word among the A-Listers but if not you and Julie can are invited. It's a pool party so bring a bathing suit.

Natalya shoved herself up after she sent the last text and then grabbed her purse. Looking around her room she let a small smile cross her features. She had been able to make the room quite personalized. Everything but the bed had been removed and Natalya had brought all her own things, including an entertainment system, amps, and decorations. Satisfied with observation of the room she walked out and headed out, shutting the door behind her. Just as she shut the door her phone chimed and she let out a huff. Pulling her phone back out she saw that Seth had responded and a wicked grin came onto her face.

To: Party Boy
Okay, guess I'm coming for you. Btw, you didn't answer my question. Is Sophia cooking or did you book the catering? Oh and I think Mickey might have a friend who can DJ for us. She has connections with the all the best of the local guys.

Natalya pressed send and then muted her phone, not wanting to have to listen to all the responses coming in. Looking around she realized that she didn't know what room Mickey and Charlotte were in and called out the first thing that popped into her head. "Marco!" Pausing Nat cocked her head to the side and listened for a response.