Allister Deathhand

"I seek to end life, but the need for life keeps me from doing so. Quite the conundrum."

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a character in “The Crown of Existence”, as played by Moon/Mihael


Name: Allister Deathhand
Gender: None. He was once male, but after going through so many transformations, he is no longer considered to be of any gender, as he has nothing to contribute beneath his waist.
Race: Allister was once human, but no longer considers himself to be apart of that race, nor any other race.
Class: Necromancer
Appearance: Image
Power/Skill: Allister has the ability to communicate, and control, those who have died, or are about to die. Because of such power, he is able to control the life threads of those around him, but will not do so, unless irritated by their actions.
Applying Role: Hunter for the Prince
Phobias: Dying
Joys: Watching the life flee from a creatures' eyes.


Allister might seem melancholy and stern because he lives by self-discipline and responsibility. He evaluates everything and doesn't take daring chances without weighing the advantages and disadvantages first. To the onlooker, he might seem boring but it is the serious drive and structured way of life that allows him to feel safe. His self-sufficiency is often mistook for coldness, but he is not as cold as he seems, this might be apparent just because he enjoys doing everything himself. This way there is no worry about something not finished or not done properly. It is all about the control of his surroundings and his daily life and sometimes this spills into other people's lives. He believe he can give structure and organize other people's lives too, which they can but others might see this as intrusive and not welcome any of his suggested changes. According to him, there is only a right way and a wrong way to do things and this idea makes him closed minded, stubborn and reluctant to agree with others. This is an ongoing lesson for him, knowing that there is more then one way of doing things and even though his way is usually right, it does not mean that he has to impose his ways on others.


A heavily enchanted staff that he never relinquishes, not even to save his own "life".
An enchanted sword which is able to destroy the dead, but cannot harm those that are alive.

Other: Allister has made a contract with a minor devil, one who is able to appear then disappear at a whim.


Allister doesn't remember where he grew up, nor what his family and friends were like. All that he remembers is waking up to a vampire standing over him, claiming him as his servant, and student in the ways of the Darkest Arts. He has had many dreams showing of a family that he might have loved, and belonged too. One with a woman, of which his heart seemed to contract in pain, and two beautiful children, which made his stomach tie itself into knots. He did not, and still does not, understand what these dreams had meant, but had ultimately placed them in the farthest corner of his mind.

He soon mastered his training, however, and found out the purpose of it. he was to become the host of the vampire that claimed him for it's own. With his accumulated knowledge, and power of the Dark Arts, he was able to destroy the vampire, but at a high price. He had lost his ability to vocally communicate with the natural realm. In other words, he was rendered speechless, a mute. However, he was not to be deterred. And after many years, he was able to contract with a minor demon, which allowed him to speak, but allowed the demon to set up residence within his body.

After wandering the land for many years, Allister was taken up by a small cult of necromancers. He was regarded as a teacher, as he had begin to teach them his ways. However, when the call for bounty hunters had gone out, he was bored enough to answer this call. He did not care for the money that would come of it, but only wanted the energy of the living in his path, to fuel his power over the dead and dying.

Where you live: In an empty tomb near a minor lords' manor.

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