"I may be a Princess, but I can assure you, I will not have a happily ever after."

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Name: Elizabeth
Title: Princess
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Occupation: Princess of France

Elizabeth is outgoing, stubborn, kind, and gracious. Though she does have her mothers cold sadistic temper when angered, she tried her best to be kind, and be the person she was raised to be, even though that is an act put on for her parents and France, Elizabeth would prefer to be riding horses than being locked up in a castle, and she doesn't like corsets or dresses and if she could she would wear pants and a shirt. Though she is a generally happy girl, their is a pain that lies deep with in her, she sometimes will describe it as a longing to have a happy family as some commoners have.

Elizabeth is graced with the beauty of white blonde hair and blue eyes, her skin is fair, pale, and as some would say pure.
Elizabeth is the second born child to the King and Queen of France, she is two years younger than her older brother Julien. Though Elizabeth is the only Princess of France, a marriage has not been arranged for her and she would like to keep it that way, she prays that she can long enough that her Brother will come to power since he will not wed her for the sake of wedding her, he would wed her only if the dire need came. Since Elizabeth was a young girl she knew her family was broken, her parents were married simply for polotics, and as soon as her younger brother was born her father bed another lady who Elizabeth has since Despised and has little patients for, her mother cares for them, but her father could care less about them as long as he has an heir to take the throne when his reign has ended. Elizabeth always and still does wish for a happy family, but she knows her happily ever after will most likely never occur.


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