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Gwen Cadigan

A pickpocket sentenced to become a soldier in space.

0 · 226 views · located in Spaceship

a character in “The Crucible”, as played by Lady of the Sycamore


Name: Gwen Cadigan
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Rank: Recruit
Assignment onboard: Soldier
Physical appearance:
She is a brunette with long hair, and a pretty face that sometimes works to her advantage. She is rather taller than most, about 5'10''. She is built fairly normal for a person of her height, but not too muscular.
Notable physical traits: She is quite tall for a female, but despite her height and her assignment as a soldier she is not very strong.
Reason for enlisting: Gwen was brought about aboard the reformation ship due to her crimes of thievery back on Earth. She grew up on the streets and quickly became succumbed to simply taking what she pleased. For a while she became a part of a large pickpocketing circle, but when most of the members got caught she high-tailed out of there and kept on going solo. Over the years she became a very accomplished pickpocket and made quite a decent living for herself. She never had much need for strength, instead using her cleverness and quickness to rob people of their valuable nick-knacks. However, all good things must come to an end. Instead of playing it safe she tried to get a few extra bucks by breaking into houses, which worked well the first few times, but then she got caught and sent to jail. Then she was shipped off the space with all the rest of the scum that nobody else wanted to deal with. And so that is how she came to be on this wonderful hunk of metal out among the stars.

So begins...

Gwen Cadigan's Story