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Sebille DeGray

"Is freedom really possible?"

0 · 750 views · located in Courtmoor

a character in “The Crumbling of Courtmoor”, as played by xNocturnax



|{Full Name}|
Sebille Golitha DeGray



"Old enough. To be honest, I don't think I want to grow up"


The Youngest Princess of Dracfort/DeGray

|{Sexual Orientation}|
"I mean I like boys."




Clear Blue

Straight & Rumored Shades of Blonde. It is growing darker as she ages though, crossing over to classifications of light brown or sandy.

Behind the young lady composure, there is a spark of adventure and life behind her eyes. They have been known as soulful eyes and to give her ambitions away. Other than the thrill seeking "against the status quo" eyes, she looks entirely like the young princess her parents intended her to be. Always well groomed (on important occasions), slim and if you catch her in the right mood, a kind smile and proper stance of a Princess.

Additionally she has many faint scars that her skin tissue has made work of fading. Most of these are result of falling in some form and sparring. Though it's not odd for her to bring new scars or be a bit dirty from adventures.


✦Stubborn ✧Independent ✦Adventurous ✧Passionate

Sebille could be described as an open minded individual though the popular reference tends to be deluded or a dreamer. She can't help but wonder if. What if the world they lived in changed and there weren't such strict laws? What if creatures were equal to people? All this childish curiosity and dreams however is countered by a flare she has developed. Who from? Who can say? But it's there. And she is quite sharp tongued as she is with a sword. Sebille is relatively grounded and aware of harsh reality however. There is a time to follow the rules and there is a time to break them. Most people tend to ignore or disbelief the last.

Sebille can often feel underlooked when her voice is of equal value. Indeed, she does lack some vital exposure to the world but she only wishes to share her perspective that she believes would result in a better place. These thoughts have been subdued however to avoid embarrassing the family and being taken for a child. Though she likes to please her family, she will not entirely conform to society's expectations.

Perhaps the main reason she has developed a dislike to standards and rules is because she misses quality time with her family and they serve as the rift between them. The younger days seem like the simpler times. You could be adventurous and passionate and curious and it'd be okay, in fact admirable. In age its all rules and expectations and corrupt. If no one takes her seriously her method towards hefty situations is escape.



❉Humming: Any little tune she knows.
❉Bothering Dracfort: Though trying to break this one, she can sometimes be found begging her siblings or close creatures to train with her or come on an adventure.

❉Underestimated: Others faults often play to her advantage.
❉Swordsman: Though not an expert, she often has the element of surprise on her side in her skill of sword wielding.
❉Escaping: Her small frame makes it quite easy to slip from grasps and find an agile escape route and hide. This includes being an exceptional climber.
❉Healer: As a young lady that has been accident prone, she has watched and observed how the healers tend to pain and some disease.

❉Naive: She is quite willing to listen and trust others words. To a degree. She likes to believe in the best in people and creatures.
❉Polite: Unless she distrusts the individual, she conforms to Princess standards when required and is quite warm to people.
❉Emotional: Biting her tongue and not being taken seriously has resulted in easily triggered moods. Anger being the prime emotion.
❉ Stubborn: Once her mind is set that tends to be it.

❉Venturing ❉Reading ❉Beautiful Sights ❉Training like a warrior ❉Discovering

❉Cheats ❉Nightmares ❉Being Kept in the Dark/Exclusion ❉Expectations to Marry


Image|{Family Ties}|
Arlo- Father
Evelynn- Mother
Lathan - Older Brother

From a young age, Sebille always had an adventurous spirit and was very playful. She would often insist upon games of hide and seek and tag. The only difference now is, back then others would be happy to play with her. In her maturity however and more thorough lady classes, it is not encouraged. Though she hasn't grown out of it and instead ventures out on her own accord. Nothing is going to stop her hearts desire and active ambitions. Of course, this never makes her think less or have disregard towards her family, whom she has always been guilty of loving unconditionally.

Sebille is in the dark about her father's state of condition, and feels further repelled by her parents because she knows something is wrong but they are not sharing it. Meanwhile Lathan is due to be wed and take the throne in time that is seemingly fast approaching.


Saoirse Ronan

|{Played By}|

So begins...

Sebille DeGray's Story