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The Cuckoo's Nest

Newholt, Minnesota


a part of The Cuckoo's Nest, by Bliss.


Bliss holds sovereignty over Newholt, Minnesota, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Newholt, Minnesota is a part of The Cuckoo's Nest.

7 Characters Here

Annalise Cassadine [22] "The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had."
Alice [20]
Emil Jasper [20] "CUT me a little slack, here..."
Kyle "Ghost" White [18] "Delightful!"
Director [12] "I'm only trying to help you, you little shit. Now be a good little child."
Skulduggery [9] "Unless you can take a real peak inside this messed up head of mine, don't claim you know me."

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Character Portrait: Emil Jasper Character Portrait: Director
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#, as written by Senpai


"Another new doctor?" Emil seemed amused as he looked up at the director of this facility, not moving from his position on the floor. "What happened to my old one? Did she get scared and leave me, too? That'll be the..." With his hands as his focus, he bends a finger back a little bit as he counts them off, mouthing the numbers with no voice, only to shrug and slap his hands onto his knees. "Ah whatever, I lost count." The glare behind the doctor's lenses were condescending. Full of pity. Emil knew those looks quite well, never really understanding them. But they did make him upset. "So you know more about me than I know about myself? Awesome! That means I can spare you the details. All of the other doctors are like 'Oh, Emil, tell me about how your parents stabbed each other to death!' And blah blah blah... Tired of explaining that one." He shrugs once more, leaning forward a bit as if he was going to tell the Director a secret. "My parents love each other very much, I'll have you know. And they love me, too. I'm happy with them." He was speaking in the present tense, because to him his parents were very much still alive despite being buried years and years ago.

Rising up to his feet in one swift, spring-like motion, he fell backwards into a chair that screeched for a brief moment as it moved back with his fall. That condescending glare was really getting to Emil. "So you want to be on a more personal level with me, Director? Cool, cool, I gotcha. We can get to know each other." Emil crossed one leg over the other and let oversized sleeves fall over his legs. "But you said you already know me. And I know me! You know you, but I don't. So I'm gonna get to know you a bit better." A smug grin took his lips over as his own eyes narrowed a bit. This man held no love or care for him, he got that feeling quickly. It was in his eyes, the way he spoke so formally. Emil hated it. "When did you start balding? I see that spot on the top. I notice you don't wear a ring. Have you never been married, or did she leave you? Do you ever spend your nights binge eating ice cream from the tub wondering where your life has gone? Thinking you could be out there flying rockets or being in a nice library somewhere instead of having to stare at kids from behind those glasses and labeling them 'insane' or something? Because I'll tell you, Mr. Director," he continued, throwing his arms up in a sarcastic shrug, "I think I'm a little more worried about you. You've gotta be like, what, fifty? Your life can't be everything you wanted. Sitting in that chair, staring at me. I bet you think I'm a little freak too, don't you?" The Director didn't need to say it. Emil could feel it.

Soft whispers floated about in the boy's head, though none of what they said could really be discerned from one another. Emil was far too focused on this doctor, the hostile presence he felt without any real attack. Emil sat back in his chair, slowly building up a chuckle as his hand made its way to his face. The white sleeve of the shirt encompassed the majority of his visage, little slivers of red marking the otherwise clean fabric. Emil just couldn't fight the chuckling that soon turned to manic giggling. "I mean, look at you! Your eyes look dead! I get it! You were bullied in school, right? That's why you and your guys pick on me. Stare at me the way you do. This is your revenge, right? On those bullies. I understand, totally!" His thoughts were spaced between laughter as he tried to gasp for breath. Emil felt like he could read this man like a book, despite very little of what he was saying actually having any truth to them. Oh, the joy he felt from that... As he tried to calm himself from his laughing fit, he turned sideways in the chair so that his head was hanging off one arm and his legs the other. "Ahh... To answer your question, though... I was doing really great until you started looking at me. Thanks for asking, though. How are you?" The question obviously did not beg an answer. It was a sarcastic jab, a play at formality. There was no tact or kindness behind it. Simply just another attack on him.

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Character Portrait: Skulduggery Character Portrait: Emil Jasper Character Portrait: Director
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#, as written by Bliss


"There are things in this world that you cannot oppose, no matter how hard you try."

The Director listened intently, his expression seemingly unfazed by all the insults being thrown at him. In fact, he chose to ignore them. He did not immediately respond to Emil, instead he grabbed his pen once more, clicked it, then began to scribble down some more notes. His handwriting was somewhat messy and a bit hard to read. A stigma attached to doctors so they say.

Easily agitated...

On the defensive...


Seeming to experience paranoia...

The Director then gently placed down his pen as he closed his eyes for a moment. He was collecting his thoughts and briefly adjusted his glasses on his face before looking at Emil again. "Tell me Emil, why do you believe your parents loved each other so much if they only hurt one another? Do you see others doing such things to show their affection?" Suddenly, the phone on his desk began to emit a beeping sound while flashing red at the small bulb in the top right corner. The interruption clearly annoyed him for a small frown took its place on his countenance. He picked up the phone and exchanged a few brief words with his receptionist, Beatrice.

"So he's late? I see. I'm with a patient right now so have that nurse, Candice, deal with him. I'll fetch him shortly. Thank you," he said in response to Beatrice's notifying him of Walter Wren Boyden's "punctuality." He was otherwise known as Skulduggery. That boy had proven to be another troublesome one that never learned his lesson. However, Candice was the nurse that always took care of the late ones. Surely she could handle this until he was done here with Emil.

Finally, his attention returned to Emil although he seemed somewhat distracted now. "My apologies. Anyway, let's cut to the chase here. You see Emil, I received an interesting phone call from the orphanage the other day about an incident with you," the Director disclosed as he lifted the upside down picture off of his desk and revealed it to Emil. "Do you recognize this boy?" The picture he showed was of the same boy that Emil had supposedly cut in an interesting manner. Really, the Director was hoping to get some sort of reaction out of Emil by revealing this photo. He hoped it would confirm his suspicions if what happened was actually true. "This boy certainly knows you. Actually, he's quite afraid of you. I could not imagine why. Perhaps you can enlighten me."

If Emil Jasper was indeed experiencing agitation right now, surely he could attempt to provoke the boy into telling the truth. Maybe he would even show his power to him. Regardless, he would continue to pester him for the truth. One way or another, he would find out. There was nothing preventing him from doing so.

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Character Portrait: Kyle "Ghost" White
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#, as written by Fable


Ghost's eyes, which were somewhat widened with awe, flickered curiously in the direction of the corridor's source of light. The bulb, although dim, was still harsh on his eyes, yet still he stared. His attention had been dragged from all the conversations and movements around him to the low humming of the phosphorescent light, causing a similar sound to form in his throat and mix with the original. Naturally, he drew a few wary glances, but his lack of acknowledgment meant he really didn't care about them or their disgusted, totally freaked out glares. His eyes squinted slightly as a smile worked its way across his thin, dry lips. It was only when he lost interest in the humming and the light that his eyes returned to the corridor once more, blinded by the unbearably bright orbs clouding his vision for about a minute or so after he looked away. He brought a hand up to rub each eyelid individually until they cleared away, then he noticed that all the other orphans had moved into their own examination rooms. He was the only one left out. That made him frown, albeit in an incredibly subtle manner.

Examination room... What number was it..? He thought, after quite sharply remembering that he'd already been told where to go by some nurse lady whose name he'd never bothered to remember; or he might've tried, but his terrible memory prevented him from remembering both the doctor's name and whether or not he'd even bothered. Once again, he became aware of a low humming coming from his own throat, and he shook his head with a chuckle, as if he was pleasantly scolding himself for becoming distracted. Examination room... Two, was it? He continued, his own right hand rising to his lips to tug lightly on the thread he'd stitched into them as he searched through the dim memories he'd collected of his previous experiences at the Clinic. "Two," he repeated, aloud this time, feeling a little more confident in his own memory now, before he strode forward in a skip-like movement and continued hopping down the hallway; he made a slight sound with each step, something in between an excited gasp and a grunt of effort. He was giggling, he only just became aware.

As he made his way down the hall, he was stopped very suddenly when the arm of a nearby patient flew out towards his leg; the long, bony fingers curled weakly around the fabric of his dressing gown, causing him to looked down with a curious wariness. He turned to face the boy, causing his grip to loosen and fall. The boy was ghostly pale and so thin that Ghost was honestly surprised he hadn't inhaled his own cheeks or something. "What're you so damn happy 'bout, huh?" he growled, his voice strained; whether it was from sleep deprivation, as shown by the thick bags beneath each eye, or the lack of food, Ghost did not know. Either way, the boy seemed agitated and Ghost was in no position to have his good mood ruined by the angered ramblings of an anorexic patient. At this rate, he was going to be late for his own appointment. Regardless, Ghost smiled. "I'm going to be probed and examined, probably drugged heavily in the process and treated as little more than a rambling piece of rotten meat," Ghost replied, the words flying quickly from his eager lips, "Why wouldn't I be so damn happy, huh?"

Ignoring the shocked expression he received in return for his statement, Ghost left the older boy with another wave and a smile before he continued on his journey, finally coming to a door with the correct room number posted onto it for all to see. His smile widened into a toothy grin, and he threw his fist into the door, somewhat lightly, three times in quick succession. He leaned forward on one foot so that his mouth was only an inch from the wood of the door. "Miss Doctor Lady," he called, hoping to God she was actually in the room as opposed to having not turned up yet, "It's Ghost... Kyle? Mr. White? The kid with the stitches? I don't know what you'd prefer... Hey, can you open the door, or should I just come in?" he continued on, his words flying out faster than he could control them. Before even waiting a second after he stopped speaking, his leg struck out until he felt the weight of the door slamming against his slipper. The pain, while intense at first, was bearable. Unfortunately, he did not have enough physical strength to budge the door an inch off its hinges, so he merely stepped back a little and waited patiently, holding his own hands behind his back with a pleasant smile gracing his lips and features.

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Character Portrait: Annalise Cassadine Character Portrait: Dr. Vincent Nox
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#, as written by Bliss
Image Image

(Short collaborative post between Dr. Nox and Annalise.)

Anna's eyes lit up at Dr. Nox's response. Yes, he seemed to be capable of keeping her secret. That's right, he is her doctor so he can't tell anyone what she was about to say. It made her slightly grin as she peered around the room as though looking for intruders. She wanted to tell him the very thing that was weighing so heavily on her conscious for awhile now. Her desire was overpowering her even though the voice of reason was screaming at her to keep her mouth shut. But that voice was so tiny and practically silent in her mind. It was easy to ignore it. Seeing as it was safe she glanced at Dr. Nox's lips, her discomfort and unease of looking into someone's eyes was still somewhat apparent even though her mood was excessively improving by the second.

“Sometimes when I imagine things,” she paused for a moment, her expression falling solemn. “They actually happen.”

She heaved a sigh of relief then leaned back in her chair with a look of satisfaction. Though her fingertips quickly found their way to her lips as she began to chew on her almost nonexistent nails. They were so short they actually started to throb a bit. If she gnawed at them anymore she may actually bite into the pink of her nail and start to bleed. Though she was still too nervous to notice her own pain. Instead she anxiously awaited Dr. Nox's response to her claim, wondering if he'd even believe her.

Vincent looked at the girl before him with an unperturbed expression. "Do not injure yourself." His words were delivered with a tone which exude authority. As it would stand, he is still someone able to deliver his desires in an intimidating manner when required. He does not care for Annalise's habit of biting her nails. That was something he need not to correct. He simply did not want the girl to be hurt, though, he does not mind if he would be the one doing it. Of course, the thought was perished instantly. He had work to do is it not?

The girl spoke her secret as if it was worth anything to him. Well, it does. However, he would not show that to be the case. "I see." That was his response as he opted not to write it down. Annalise had asked him to keep it a secret and so it shall be until he believed it not applicable any longer. His eyes of gray-blue gazed at the girl who would not look at him in the eye. It was something he had read and told about. She does have anxiety issues and these actions were relevant to that.
"Would you care to give me how you came to that conclusion, Ms, Cassadine." His voice did not falter in its smooth yet cam vibrato. There was no hint of sarcasm in his words. He was simply inquiring how Annalise came to that in pure casual manner and show of interest. There was no doubt present on him as he is taking what she had said on face value.

Anna had paused for a moment, glancing at her stubby nails before slowly letting them rest on her lap. She bit down on her lip, carefully choosing her words before smiling again. "Because others can see what I see... only sometimes," she said as her trembling hands reached out for a few strands of hair to twirl. She constantly had a need to be doing something since sitting perfectly still made her very uncomfortable.

"Once I saw a dead flower patch and it made me very sad. I saw another girl my age too. She was stomping on the last few that were still alive and it made me angry and upset... So I just kept thinking of how the patch would look if it were all alive and then it happened," Anna began to explain rather quickly. She slightly pouted as she glanced up at the ceiling still avoiding Dr. Nox's eyes. "The flowers started to grow really fast and it was beautiful! But then they didn't stop growing... then they... um, no wait."

That was close! It was probably best not to tell Dr. Nox about how the flowers continued to grow and trap the girl under vines. That occurance was never brought up to her before at the clinic, so she felt more certain than not that no one here knew about it. She felt excited to be telling someone her huge secret though. But fear was evident, and it continued to make her reluctant.
"Anyway, I was startled by the sound of a car's horn because the person almost collided into another car who ran the stop sign. I remember quickly turning around to see what happened, and the other girl seemed really confused. When I looked at the flower patch they were all dead again," Anna paused, shuffling through her thoughts to come up with a clever lie. Technically everything she had said so far was true. However, she left out quite a few important details that were better left unsaid. Instead, she decided to lie about what really happened with the other girl. "The girl was staring at the flowers too. She stopped her stomping then backed up a few steps. I was really confused, so I asked her if she saw the flowers grow like I did. She said yes, then she ran away."