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The Cupidity

The Cupidity


What happens when Gabriel, the Angel of Love, challenges Cupid's children? Chaos, that's what. (Look Inside. More Info!)

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Yes, this is a romance-based role-play. Surprise! Please do not join if you aren’t advanced, committed and fun. :P

| Ed Sheeran – Give Me Love |

(Side note: Cupid’s actual name is Amor, he was the first cupid to be brought into existence. Because of this, he simply goes by Cupid, though his species is a “cupid.” Confusing? No. Not really. He’s the original cupid, therefore he has the right to go by that. )
Cupid’s four children are the best at what they do: fill humans with desire and longing. It’s an easy task, right? It is what they were made for, and plus, Cupid himself is their very own father. This is very true, until Gabriel, the supposed Angel of Love (where Cupid [Amor] is the god of desire, love and affection), challenges Cupid’s children. He has given them the task of making four high school students fall in love- true love. That should be a piece of cake, at least, that’s what the cupids’ thought. After all, all they’d have to do is find these little mortals, shoot ‘em with an arrow, then BAM- they’d fall in love with the first person they saw.
Alas, Gabriel was not going to let them off that easy. Apart from the four mortals being the most unlikely humans to ever fall in love ever, Gabriel also made it clear that the cupids’ could not use any of their abilities, including their bows and arrows, to make the humans fall in love; they had to help the “old fashioned way.” As in, the cupids’ are assigned one of the humans each and said human becomes their charge. Long ago, this is how cupids operated. They were assigned a charge (usually having about fifty charges a day) and helped direct them towards finding their true love; most cupids did this in secret. That was before bows came into being and cupids could simply go about shooting humans with arrows, making them fall in love that way. Cupids can be summoned by their charge, the charge simply having to say the cupids’ name (cupids can usually teleport to them in a moment’s notice).
So, now the cupids have a tedious task in front of them. The four cupids are to stay in a large estate atop a hill on the outskirts of Woodbury, the town which the four mortals live, and they must enroll in the local high school and go in “undercover.” There they have to befriend their charge and help them find their “true love-” help them fall in love.

However, what happens when the charges start falling in love with the cupids instead? What will happen when… The cupids find themselves forming feelings of affection towards their charges when it is clearly forbidden by the Elders? What will become of all of this when it is revealed to the mortals that these people, who they thought were regular high school students like themselves, are actually the species of lust and desire?
Things are sure to spiral out of control, but the question is… Are you up for the challenge?


| Cupids |

Here’s a little information about cupids!

Cupids, in short, are angelic beings who are responsible for bringing people together who have a chance at love. They evoke feelings off love, affection, lust and desire.
• Cupids are not allowed to have relationships with their charges, or any mortal beings at that, it is strictly forbidden by the Elders; they deem said relationships too complicated and something that would never work out for obvious reasons. Actually, cupids are forbidden to love at all; they “breed” to keep their species alive.
• These beings have quite a few abilities/powers. They are stronger than the average human. They have the ability of telekinesis (which is the power to move things, even people, with your mind), beaming (which is simply the ability of teleportation), empathy (the power of being able to read and feel other people’s emotions. The ability better enables them to guide and protect their charges), and lastly, sensing (which is the ability to locate and find mortal charges and their “soul-mate”).
• Cupids are immortal and will live for an infinitely long lifespan, having an arrested aging process.
• They also have regeneration, the ability to heal and regenerate bodily tissue and organs damaged as a result of injury. This regeneration takes place very quickly and is usually completed within seconds.
• Though a cupid’s whole existence is to make humans fall in love, most cupids do not believe in love for themselves. This is most common in the males. It’s not like they could have an actual relationship anyway.
• Cupids are beautiful creatures and are practically irresistible to mortals. Their looks surpass even that of vampires. Due to this, they also have the ability of suggestion which is where they are able to implant thoughts in an individual’s mind; they can telepathically suggest a human take a chance on love.
• Cupids do not have a heartbeat. Over the years the reason why has never been found. Blood still pumps through their veins, but their hearts do not beat, though they do have them. Speaking of, a cupid’s blood is gold in color. You heard right, they have golden blood and golden tears which distinguish them from all other species. Some cupids like to think they are actually heartless beings, as ironic as it may sound, but it has been proven false.


| The Characters |
Cupid One is with Charge One, Cupid Two with Charge Two and so forth. You get the point, right?

| The Cupids |
Remember, the cupids are brother and sister- their father is Amor(the first cupid), they’re sort of like royalty in the “cupid realm.” They come in at the beginning of the second semester of school, it’s around the first of January. They are going by the last name Valentine, given by their father to use. Funny, huh? :P They’re all inhumanly gorgeous. I’d rather you not change the face claims, however, if you must that’s fine.

| Cupid One |
Cupid’s eldest son; Mr. Pretty-Boy himself. He’s sort of the “playboy” of the cupid realm, a lot like how his father used to be. | Face Claim: Kellan Lutz | Status: OPEN

| Cupid Two |
Cupid’s eldest daughter; very prissy and a know-it-all | Face Claim: Claire Holt | Status: RESERVED by youloveme?

| Cupid Three |
Cupid’s youngest son; he doesn’t really like what he is | Face Claim: Chace Crawford | Status: RESERVED by unicorns.are.real

| Cupid Four |
Cupid’s youngest altogether; very sweet compared to her older sister | Face Claim: Blake Lively | Status: RESERVED by KOKIA


| The Charges // Humans |
Remember, they’re just regular high school students. Some might have a part-time job, boring home life, whatever! They are just human, got it? :)

| Charge One |
She’s the girl who’d rather stay in on a Friday night than go party, the one who always has her nose in a book. What you’d consider a nerd. | Face Claim: Lily Collins | Status: TAKEN by Me :D

| Charge Two |
He’s a real sweet guy, quiet and always the wallflower at events. | Face Claim: Logan Lerman | Status: RESERVED by Onica Louis

| Charge Three |
She’s the head cheerleader, the girl every girl wants to be and every guy wants to date. No one is good enough for her in her eyes. | Face Claim: Candice Accola | Status: RESERVED by Horseygirl

| Charge Four |
He’s the school jock, Mr. Athlete. He’s the one breaking hearts with a signature, cocky grin. | Face Claim: Drew Van Acker| Status: RESERVED by unicorns.are.real


| The Character Sheet |
This is just a basic sheet to go by, showing you the things I want on your sheet (feel free to switch it up and add on). Please be creative! Make the sheet look pretty! I just adore interesting, eye-catching character sheets. :) I’ll be more likely to accept your character if the sheet is neat and nice! And remember, as personality-wise and history-wise goes… make it different! Not everyone has had a bad home life or anything along that nature. Make original characters! Oh and remember to use plenty of pictures / gifs!

Full Name: First, Middle, Last
Nickname: If they have one and how they got it
Age: [16-19] for humans and [17-21] for cupids looks (remember, they’re portraying the role of a high school student, they’re not actual high school students; they are quite old) For cupids give their age in looks and then their actual age [they all should be around 300 or so years old. they one born years apart but have stayed together as family]
Grade: Grade they’re in in school or grade they’re portraying to be in, for cupids
Likes: At least Five
Dislikes: At least Five
Fears: What scares them?
Personality: Leaving the limit up to you. However, I want to really feel like I know your character. Their temperament, quirks, attitude towards certain things, etc. Come on now!
Appearance: Besides the pictures, please write a detailed description of your characters looks. What is and isn’t shown in the pictures. Height, stature, piercings, clothing, etc.
Brief History: Leaving this open as well.. I want a couple good paragraphs at least for humans. As for cupids, that’s a bit harder. They’ve lived in the “cupid realm” their whole life, only coming to the human realm to match humans. Put what you want here. No being picky.
Other: Anything else you want to add?

| The Rules |

This in an advanced role-play. Only those who have experience role-playing should join. Be able to write around 350 words per post and use good grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. I know everyone makes mistakes, I do myself, but at least try. I will go look at previous role-plays you have been in once you reserve a character. No noobs, please and thanks. :P
• That being said, be able to handle “mature” situations. This is a romance-based role-play, after all. However, once you get to the part where the clothes start coming off, please use “Fades to Black” or something else along those lines. Follow RPG rules.
• Please do not post once or twice and then disappear completely. If you have to be gone for a while, let me know; I will do the same! I want committed role-players!! I will not think twice about kicking your character out and re-opening the slot back up. Be able to post at least four times a week.
• Reservations last 48 hours. Once that time limit is up, the character role will be back up for grabs. Competing for a character is permitted. I want fun characters!!
• Please put ‘Stupid Cupid’ somewhere on your post when you go to reserve your character so I know you’ve read everything.
• I know some might be confused and we don’t want that. So, if you have any questions, concerns, etc., please let me know either through OOC or PM. I will gladly answer whatever you have for me! :D
• I will probably be adding more rules soon. Check back periodically!

[b]Thanks for taking the time to read all of this! I hope we will be role-playing with each other soon. :)


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Re: The Cupidity

Um, hello...this sounds like a really fun roleplay and I would love to join. Unfortunately the only remaining character is not one that I would be comfortable with in the slightest, because while I can tolerate reading about leading up to intimacy, I could never write about it. That being said, do you think that, if charge 2 becomes open again, I can reserve it?

I'm sorry if I sound like I'm being presumptuous, it's just that I really want to try this roleplay and if I have any sort of chance I'd like to go for it. Please at least consider.

Re: The Cupidity

Of course =) Reserved for you!

Re: The Cupidity

Stupid Cupid

May I reserve Logan Lerman?

Re: The Cupidity

Ah! I've watched that movie.. Very cute. =) I've never caught that song though. o_o Hmm.. I'll listen for it next time. Haven't watched the movie in ages it seems! lol

Yes! Definitely. =D Reserved for you!

So nooowww.. There's only two roles to fill. o__o Whoop, whoop! hee hee

Re: The Cupidity

Heya! So I was interested in both cupid 3 and charge 4........ Stupid cupid making me like both roles. Anyway I was wondering if it would be alright to rserve both ?? Please and thankyou, cause manners are important :p

Re: The Cupidity

Well it's Princess Diaries in case you were wondering.(: I watched it today with my boyfriends little sister who is obsessed with it. I found a lot of irony in the fact that, that was on here after hearing that song.

Re: The Cupidity

Reserved for you both! =D Now we need the male roles filled.. Oh goodness. =x

Sadly I don't.. D= I'm sure it's a good movie though!

Re: The Cupidity

May I reserve the face claim Claire Holt? And ya know ... Stupid Cupid stop hittin' on me (: cheers if you know what movie I got that song from.

Re: The Cupidity

Stupid Cupid

Can I please reserve FC:Candice Accola?

Re: The Cupidity

Why thank you! =D Yes, reserved for you. Can't wait to see your character!

Re: The Cupidity

Ermahgosh...This seems so interesting! :O I'd love to reserve FC: Blake Lively, if that is okay with you. :D

Oh, and Stupid Cupid. ^^

The Cupidity

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