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Guinevere Aphrodite Nevaeh Salvatore

"Wow, why am I so perfect?"

0 · 449 views · located in Norway

a character in “The Curious Academy”, as played by Kveria


Guinevere Aphrodite Neveah Salvatore


Little Princess


To put it bluntly, Gwen is spoiled. And not just "demands a lot of material goods" spoiled, but all-out, "you should anticipate my every desire and prepare it before I know I want it" spoiled. Yes, even if what she wants is a flying horse. Yes, she has previously demanded one. And she did become rather incensed when one could not be procured. The child of second-generation wealth, neither Gwen nor her parents ever had to work for anything they wanted, causing a lack of proportion and a sense of entitlement that could make the devil himself weep tears of joy. Gwen now has gotten into the habit of looking down on everyone because of their lack of material goods. She refuses to wear any piece of clothing with even the slightest bit of damage again, and if she wears the same outfit more than once a year, she throws a fit. Gwen essentially doesn't relate to other people, seeing all of them as below her, even the girls she calls her friends. In truth, rather than friends, she has ornaments, girls who are rich enough or pretty enough, preferably both, to be seen with her. Though she flirts with boys, and even dates to promote her status, or perhaps to show favor, she's never made an emotional connection, and in truth, sees them as weighing her down. Gwen believes she always deserves things to go exactly as she wants them to, and is willing to lie, cheat, steal, or order someone to do something they really don't want to to get what she wants.

However, it's not that Gwen's malevolent. When push comes to shove, she really doesn't understand why she can't always get what she wants. No one taught her about sharing as a child, and to her mind, no one since has been able to give a good reason why she shouldn't - other people could have everything they wanted, too, if they just tried hard enough. There is absolutely a part of her that looks in the mirror and wonders "why am I so perfect?" Because of her disdain for others, Gwen isn't very happy, though. She believes she is, because of everything she has, but she's often irritable and overly demanding, not feeling satisfied even after she's forced someone to make something exactly to her specifications. Careless with others' feelings, Gwen sees nothing wrong with ripping someone a new asshole because she's having an off day. Actually, Gwen thinks she's a really nice person, because of her "charitable" projects to temporarily adopt a "less fortunate" girl. Socialite and never content with less than the center of attention, Gwen wants to be the girl you look at when she walks in a room, the one you're envious of, want to date, want to talk to, feel blessed when she talks to you, the lead of the play, the best in the art class... She'd deny it if asked this, but truly, she wants to have a spotlight on her all the time. She just wants it to be made of the admiration and notice of others.

Brief Description
Tattoos? As if. Hair dye? Never. Piercings? Only exactly what's fashionable. She's not some punk. Feathers in her hair? But of course. Gwen has double pierced ears, both of which she keeps real gems in, always matching her clothing. Her piercings are just close enough together to look classy, but certainly not touching. The feather colors are soft blue with white stripes (two) and gold (three), and affixed on the right side. Her nails are always painted, toes and fingers, and never allowed to chip. Gwen wears only the most high-class clothing. Her clothes must either have some sort of distinctive marker showing that they're designer, or just look so blatantly fancy that you can tell. When socializing, she wears full-length dresses, but most of the rest of the time, her dresses are just short enough to show off her long, slender legs but not short enough to even imply that she might be loose. She has no preferred colors, though due to her skin, she tends to look sallow in dark reds, purples, light greens, or anything washed out. And don't even think about yellow. Rather, pink, blue, most brighter oranges, light purple, gray, black, dark green... Colors that set off her pale skin, rather than making it disgusting. Oh. And she's 5'6", 115 lbs.

Berries of all types
Cherries (love these)
Stuffed animals (shh)
Classical music
Pop/Rock (don't tell her parents)

Seasickness/Carsickness/Airsickness/Nausea in general
Panic Attacks
Dog slobber
Slobber in general
Gross things

Aviatophobia (Fear of flying)
Cynophobia (Fear of dogs)
Nyctophobia (Fear of the dark)
Homophobia (specifically lesbians)

Gwen is, quite obviously, the child of money. From the time she was born, she had a veritable army waiting on her. If she said she wanted a bouquet, they brought her a greenhouse. Said she wanted that plush dolphin? She got an aquarium. Her father's father was an oil tycoon, and their family is still rolling in the money. So much so that they really don't know what to do with it, except flaunt it. And thus: Guinevere. She had the life that most little girls dream of. When she was five years old and asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she didn't say a princess - she already was one. No, she announced something they immediately had to beat out of her. "Poor!" Well, that didn't last long. No way it could, it was too shameful, for her to say something so pathetic and lower-class.

From where, well... Guinevere went to all the best schools, with all the "best" kids, she even went to all the snotty churches, though her piety is about zero. She learned to be a brat, to treat others like stepping stools and ornaments, and, of course, to socialize. Consequently, she is the best up-sucker you will ever meet, though it's not a skill she practices often, as, like most other things, it's beneath her. She was always shepherded to parties, shown off, and forced to act like a little adult. Now, whenever no one's around to make her not, she has a serious immature streak. Got to get it out sometime. However, her parents noticed something disturbing in her behavior. Guinevere has been sent to eight different psychiatrists, four psychologists, and thirteen counselors. None of them lasted long, but the problem always, well... Persisted. The issue was that they didn't think she was connecting to people well enough. The only constant among her friends seemed to be money, and she had no real interest in having a person over more than once. After she'd showed them her house and things, what was the point. Guinevere didn't play. And though her father was proud of her maturity, it really bothered her mother, who had grown up only middle high-class, and had played as a child.

After Gwen gave the reason for dumping her newest boyfriend as "He wanted to kiss me... Y'know, privately. Why should I let him, what's he done for me?" her mom was horrified that her daughter had become someone who would trade kisses for things or appearance. She insisted that Gwen be taken to a relationship counselor to work through her issues. After one session, the counselor informed her parents that their daughter might always be that way towards people, that on the plus side she'd marry a prince, and on the minus, with sufficient motivation, she'd have an affair, and the whole world would know. Well, they couldn't risk that, and so, unanimously, Gwen's mother and father agreed to the counselor's other option. Their daughter could be sent to Curious Academy. Needless to say, she's less than enthused.


Hex Code

Due to a lot of practice, Guinevere is a pretty good artist, and she loves to dance. Doesn't matter what kind. She's been taking ballet since she was a child, but she also does jazz, contemporary, ballroom, and the just general moving that's popular with teenagers. The only thing she refuses to do is jump up and down with her hands in the air. That's not dancing, that's ridiculous.

Automatic - Electric Valentine
Hey baby,
You know you're only
A passing thought
Don't think that you know me.
Hey baby
You know you're only
An impulse that faded out slowly.
(Slowly)Slowly faded out slowly
(Slowly)Slowly Slowly

It's the last look I'll ever give you
The last look set to kill.
There's no use I'm automatic
You've never had it and you never will.
It's the last look I'll ever give you
The last look set to kill.
There's no use I'm automatic
You've never had it and you never will.

I'm automatic [x4]

Hey baby
You know you're only
A passing thought don't think that you know me.
Hey baby
You know you're only
An impulse that faded out slowly.
(Slowly) Slowly faded out slowly
(Slowly) Slowly Slowly

It's the last look I'll ever give you
The last look set to kill.
There's no use I'm automatic
You've never had it and you never will.
It's the last look I'll ever give you
The last look set to kill.
There's no use I'm automatic
You've never had it and you never will.

So let me break it down now
Break it down now
I'll break it down now anyway you want me to.
Break it down now.
I'll break it down now, I'm never gonna be with you.
I'm never gonna be with you.
I'm never gonna be with you.

Automatic [x4]

It's the last look I'll ever give you
The last look set to kill.
There's no use I'm automatic
You've never had it and you never will.
It's the last look I'll ever give you
The last look set to kill.
There's no use I'm automatic
You've never had it and you never will.

I'm automatic [x5]


Guinevere Aphrodite Neveah Salvatore

1.) Tell us, how old are you? What sex are you? When were you born?
I'm 16 years old, female, born on the 8th of May.

2.) Tell us, what do you like?
A lot of things. I like fruit, especially cherries, and actually, I prefer vanilla to chocolate, though, as with any person, I do like chocolate. I adore horses and horseback riding, my horses at home are Genesis of Dawn and High Knight Errant. Gennie's a purebred Arabian and very high strung, but she's amazing to jump, and Errant's a Frisian. He's absolutely beautiful, and he and I compete in dressage... Ah, right. I also like dolphins of all types, and though we once had an aquarium, zoning laws required us to give it up. However, I have swum with them several times and they're truly amazing. Train rides are very enjoyable, because they're stable and give you a lot of time - I often draw on trains, and they've never made me motion sick. Drawing's another thing I love. Music, too... Classical is lovely, but... My parents aren't going to read this, right? I prefer pop/rock/electronic. If you tell them, I'll deny it! Of course, I like playing piano, though I do a lot of that out of obligation, and naturally, I really like shopping. And the beach, naturally. Beaches are just so beautiful, and when they're clean and not too crowded, they're perfect.

3.) What kind of person are you interested in?
Wow... I really have no idea. I mean, someone handsome and charismatic, as well as someone who listens to me and doesn't just expect me to put out all over him. A guy who's secure in who he is but also doesn't think I should just be a reflection of him - follow him around, schedule my day around him, be able to answer in five minutes whenever he texts me. I have a life, too, and I want that to be true. He should be a good reflection of me, someone I won't be ashamed to spend my time around. We should in some way improve each other, I think, so that we both gain something from the other being in our lives. Someone maybe a bit older... Even though I usually go for the good guys, bad guys are always hot. But maybe not a soulmate... Plus, please someone who looks too much like me. I dated a guy once who people mistook for my twin... Never again. That was uncomfortable.

4.) What does 'Love' mean to you?
Love? Love is what goes along with "lived happily ever after" in the stories parents tell to children at night. Love is the sense of duty, honor, respect, and affection that binds a child to his or her parents, and I think the same sense of duty, responsibility, and caring that binds those same parents to the child. When a child loves his or her parents, he or she obeys them to prove it. When anyone loves anyone else, sometimes they do things that person doesn't like, because they know, in the end, that's what's best. I don't really know about sibling love, because I don't have any.

Romantic love... Romantic love is when you've found the person who makes you the ultimate you can be. If someone's far beneath you, it's impossible to have true love there, because the level they're on is so different that they can't help you be better, and perhaps you can't even help them, because you two are on different wavelengths. Admittedly, I've also never been in romantic love, so I don't have an insider perspective, and literature can only be so enlightening, especially considering the shallowness of relationships in most classics.

5.) What is your love personality?
Love personality? I don't know. I guess it's the same as my normal personality. I mean, I'm very sociable and like being in the midst of a group, so when I'm in love, I suppose I won't want to just have the kind of relationship where you're two ships passing in the night. Plus, I like to be sociable, and so I'm the kind who will find a partner who wants to go out and be part of things. And I don't pay a whole lot of excess attention to my partner. I mean, of course I care about him, but I'm still going to show my horses, hang out with my friends, get my work done, etc. I'm not the kind of clingy girlfriend who needs constant attention, but at the same time, I want him around sufficiently. I don't want to be a girlfriend in name alone. I expect some romantic gestures, but if he hands be roses every day, I will get bored.

6.) Is your glass Half Full, or Half Empty?
I think my glass is all-full. Not to sound spoiled, but I have so much, I almost don't have to hope, because I know it's going to turn out okay. But... Well, I still would say I'm half-full. Because things can only get better, I'm sure, even if they temporarily get worse.

7.) Tell me, what kind of Soulmate may upset you if you got?
Well, my mom said you pair girls with girls, and I am not a lesbian. So no girls and no perverts. I don't need to deal with something that weird every day.

8.) How sexually active are you?
Excuse me? What kind of quiz is this? Who's going to be reading this? Ah... If I see this on the internet, later... I have never had intercourse, but I've had boyfriends, and have allowed them to go to certain lengths. Nothing compromising or pornographic, of course. And that is all the detail I'll give, thank you.

9.) What are places you like, or scenery?
Well, as I said, I really enjoy beaches. Temperate forests are also beautiful during the summer, when the sun shines though the leaves and everything is both warm and cool... I can't imagine anything much better. Though tanning on a beach is lovely, though I dislike when sand gets in my suit. Bodies of water of all kinds are the best scenery, I think, always changing and fluctuating, never constant. It's beautiful.

10.) What did you want to be when you were little? What do you want to be now? Why?
This is embarrassing, but when I was a little girl, the thing I most wanted to be was poor. I'd never known what it was like, and so while some girls thought that being a princess would be an adventure, I already knew all about that. But I'd never had to work for anything, wait for anything. To me, Christmas wasn't that different from any other day, because it was just... a day. I got things. But I got things every day. And I wanted to know what it would be like. There was a girl in my primary class who wanted to be a veterinarian when she grew up. I'd never even thought of having a job, and that seemed like an enormous adventure, something that would be fun. Of course, I got over it. It was a little girl's dream.

Now? Now, I think I want to be a model. I mean, I'll obviously inherit my father's business, and once that happens, I won't really have to work, but... What will I do with my time? Of course, I could devote it to the horses. That would be an excellent use of my time, but even so. Being a model would allow me to travel, to see different places and, of course, wear beautiful clothes. I think it would be one of the best uses of my time, doing things that make me happy. And any money I made from that, I could donate to charity, since I'd have the money from the oil business to live on.

11.) What are your favorite bands? Favorite songs? Any Genres?
Ah... Like I said, pop/rock and classical. So, I like Lady Gaga. But it's not that strange, a lot of people do. I also like Snow Patrol, Electric Valentine, Watch Out There's Ghosts, Beethoven, Bach, and anything I can dance to. Which is, well, pretty much anything. Some of my favorite songs are Minuet in G, Fur Elise, I'll Take Famous Murders for $500, and of course, Beautiful, Dirty, Rich. But if you ask my parents, it's just Beethoven and Bach. And Mozart, though that's not even true. Can't stand him. The only thing Mozart did right is "twinkle twinkle little star".

12.) How do you spend free time?
I dance. I horseback ride. Those things take up a lot of time, what with being en pointe, doing dressage and hunt-jump, and doing jazz and contemporary. In addition, I, of course, have schoolwork. I always have, and that's not going to change. Being at one of the best high schools in the world means that I have to work hard. I don't ever pay anyone to do my work, like some kids do. That's unethical. And, of course... Well, I socialize. I have to go to a lot of events, because my parents are going, and it's all part of the deal. And there's some 21-and-under clubs that, well, if you wanna do something on a Friday night, they can be enjoyable.

13.) Do you read? What is your favorite book?
Of course I read! I think one of my favorite books is Dante's The Divine Comedy, or perhaps John Irving's The Cider House Rules. Of course, how could I not love all of Shakespeare's works, particularly Othello and King Lear. And then Pride and Prejudice, though I find the development of the romance a bit shaky.

14.) Who was the last person you dated?
Each? I must have dated over twenty people by now... Um... I think the last one's name was Adam? Or maybe that was Greg? Andrew? No! It... no, Odin was three guys ago. I'm sorry, I'm really not certain.

15.) How would you describe yourself?
Of course I'll use nice words. I'm not going to say I'm some terrible bitch. I'm a go-getter, a hard worker, and a skilled horseback rider. I'm a pretty girl, and I do know it. I'm not scared of it, either. I'm sociable and free-spirited, always moving from one thing to the next and always right in the thick of things. And I love it. I'm not scared, I'm not the kind of girl who gets scared. And I'm pretty much happy. I think that's how I'd describe myself.

16.) Where would your dream date take place? Why?
My dream date? I have no idea. I guess I'd be able to ride High Knight Errant or Genesis of Dawn during the time. And... I'd probably have at least a few of my friends around? Maybe it would be something social? I have no idea, really. Oh, a club! A club would be good.

17.) What is your Spirit animal?
Powers: Communicate with the divine, discern powers in others, photographic memory

Hawks are the messengers of the Spirits. Adept with language, you might be a writer or a teacher. Your ability to assess situations impartially means that people often seek your guidance before making decisions. A brilliant visionary, you sometimes forget the mundane details of life like eating, sleeping, or paying bills.

Best matches: Owls, Foxes, Spiders

Watch out for: Otters, Bears, Horses

Seriously? A teacher? No way. And I'm a good writer, sure, but I don't want to grow up to be one. And I never forget to sleep, or any of my responsibilities. If I didn't sleep, it would compromise me. And if I shirked a responsibility, I wouldn't be worth my family's legacy.

18.) Is there anyone you've got your eye on? *wink* Why?
How could I know? I don't know any of them yet.

19.) Can you tell us secret you never told anyone?
No, I won't, thank you very much. You say only my soulmate will know, but who are you? Not my soulmate. My secrets are mine to keep.

20.) What are the lyrics to the song that describes you best?
See Above

21.) What color resembled 'Passion', to you? Why?
I think... Pink. It can be extreme, quiet, explosive, anything you want, it's a versatile color for anyone, it looks great on a palomino coat, it's the kind of color that could either be gentle and sensuous or a tangle of angry limbs. It could definitely be a spray of color around a club. That, to me, is passion.

22.) What gets you hot? Why?
What turns me on? Mmm... Scars. And I'm not extrapolating. I refuse to be exploited by these weird questions.

23.) If I walked into your bedroom right now, what may I see?
A giant closet, full of clothing. A massive bed on top of an extremely plush carpet. Pale blue walls with soft yellow curtains surrounding my bed, which is covered in a classy blue and brown bedspread. A bedside table, with a lamp. A desk on one wall. Here's the thing. My room's not a mess at all. Everything's put away and organized, it could be the site of a photo shoot. But... My bed... Okay, fine. There are stuffed animals on my bed! I have eighteen separate stuffed animals! Are you happy?

24.) You like TV, huh? What is your favorite Movie? How about Anime? Why?
Actually, I'm not allowed to watch TV, movies, or anime. I didn't even get cartoons when I was sick as a kid. My parents say they corrupt your mind, by wrecking your brain cells. The most I've ever seen is a TV screen at a club. Well, that and movies at school. Oh Brother Where Art Thou during our Odyssey unit. Etc.

25.) How would you Impress someone you like?
...Impress... them? Well, I suppose I'd show them my pointe or take them riding? Bring them to the theatre, or the opera. Get them something, perhaps rare, that they would want? Smile at them? Wear a top that shows my stomach? Maybe, maybe, let them see one of my stuffed animals, if I really absolutely had to? Um, I don't really understand the point of this question.

So begins...

Guinevere Aphrodite Nevaeh Salvatore's Story