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Darkus Kulir

"Cower behind your artifacts, I am eternal."

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a character in “The Curse of Balance”, as played by unseenshadow2


Darkus Kulir
Formerly Male


While within his shadow form, Darkus appears to be a floating wolf-like head with black fur and two sets of teeth. The eyes of this head are of a pure, glowing color that changes with mood. Along the back of this head is 5 horns of the same color. Beside the head floats two black-fured three digit hands that end large, straight claws. The rest of his body appears as if it was made of pure darkness, leaving the area it inhabits filled with a light black fog.

Darkus's companion shared much the same fate as Darkus and has become a beast of pure darkness with two glowing eyes that change with its mood. It can take the form of any animal that it has previously seen with any coloration it chooses. If it fully takes the form of an animal it gains the full abilities of that animal and is not bound by Darkus's location. However, if it is in its Shadow Form the creature will always be pulled within 50 feet of Darkus in what makes it look like soot blowing in the wind.

Once a man in ancient times, Darkus was a necromancer who only entered society when it benefited him. He had sough immortality several times over and took any power that he could acquire without risking the loss of said immortality. When he finally achieved his immortality he thought that he was satisfied. That he would have to look for a new goal. That, however, proved to be quite the opposite of what happened.

The next day stone that served as the foundation to his house crumbled with him and his companion inside the house. That day was the day that Khasm nearly exterminated humanity. As Darkus reformed, his soul bound to the mortal plane itself, his next goal became clear. Destroy Khasm and steal his power. It didn't take long for Darkus to begin delving deeper into dark magics, but such powerful and feared magics take time to learn and master, but Darkus is well aware that he is in no rush.

  • Shapeshifting - Darkus can create himself a physical form with no greater dimension than 8 feet. This form has the physical properties of whatever item/species he is mimicking.
  • Shadow Form - Darkus's true form is that of a being made of shadows. It is not physical, but is capable of damaging anyone who believes that it can hurt them as well as people/items that are, in some form, infused with magic. This does not apply to the ability to cast spells, and can be harmed by magic. This form can move through any object/space that light can.
  • Undeath - Darkus can never age nor can he be truly slain. Instead, he will reform in another location as his Shadow Form.
  • Soulbound Companion - If Darkus's companion dies, he has to preform 1 hour of uninterrupted rituals to bring his companions soul back to him.
  • Dark Rituals - Given a corpse (at least a skeleton) Darkus can spend 15 minutes per 5 corpses to bring them to life under his command. Anyone who is in tune with the energies of light and dark can feel this for up to 500 feet from Darkus. The undead created by this skill can only go 100 feet away from Darkus before they return to just a corpse. At 50 feet, the corpse will forget its current commands and attempt to return to within 50 feet of Darkus.
  • Weak Bodies - Since his first death, Darkus has never been able to become a decently strong body. Instead, any form other than his Shadow Form is physically weak and quick to tire. This only applies to the form's locomotion or other ways of forcing its will upon the rest of the world.
  • Photophobic - When in Shadow Form, Darkus cannot exist in the light. Instead he is forced into the dark or shadows. If there are none around, he is paralyzed until darkness or shadows form.
  • They All Know - Darkus's undeath is not easy for him to hide. All one has to do to find this out is to look into his eyes (regardless of form) and they will instantly know that he is undead and if they have looked into his eyes before they will instantly make the connection to every time they have looked into Darkus's eyes. When in his Shadow Form, his eyes always glow.
  • Undead - Any object that would normally kill or repulse undead will cause Darkus to return to his Shadow Form and push him outside of the range of effect of the item. This also applies to more instantaneous magics that affect the undead as well.
  • Vulnerability of the Dark Ritual - While Darkus is wielding any dark power, be it an artifact or ritual, he becomes physical. This makes it so that non-magical items are capable of harming his head and/or hands. When murdered while physical, the murderer will know where Darkus reforms after the kill.

So begins...

Darkus Kulir's Story


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The two knights stood before their fallen brethren, each taking a look around where they were. The ruins of some old castle, complete with toppled towers and roofless halls. The most disturbing, to the knights at least, was the fact that the graveyard was empty. The stones that marked the dead remained, but the coffins were all open and where they should be and at the same time empty. When they looked to the scouts the marks of bites and gashes covered them with a subtle mix of what looked like weapon strikes.

It was obvious to them now that this was not simply monster that had moved into the ruins. If it remained there was no telling what sort of horrors it might bring upon those unlucky enough to live close by. Looking at each other, the two knights each took a breath. They could not fail.

"Deal with them!" Shouted a seemingly disembodied voice, a dark tone and mist-like hiss mixed into the words. Turning in time to see the shambling mix of full corpses and skeletons, the knights drew there weapons. However, when they struck the monsters seemed not to be phased by the loss of a head or an arm or a leg. As the monsters began to claw at the armor of the knights the sense of pure dread filled them.

Turning to its source they saw what could only have been described as a shadow demon. It seemingly floated there while waving its hands about and shouting in some tongue neither knight even knew existed. Beside it crawled what could only be described as a dragon of pure shadows.

Charging through the undead, one of the knights struck the hand of the creature. Turning to look the knight in the eyes, the realization of undeath filled the knight as the claw of the monster slid up his armor and sliced the man within clean open. Returning to its vile magics, the monster returned to the corpses before it.

The second knight felt the dread once more. He knew that it was now or never, that this thing could turn the dead into weapons. That this thing needed to die. With a blood curdling scream of war, the knight charged the monster and struck it with a heavy downward blow to the head. The sound of cracking bone let the knight know that his attack struck the monster as his sword fell out of its head.

Images quickly filled the knight's mind. An open plain next to a city. Within the plain was a dark mist that slowly became what he was sure he had just slain. Shaking his head and returning to the reality before him the knight watched as the shadow dragon became soot only to fly in the direction that the knight had a gut feeling the monster was reforming in. Shaking it off the knight turned to see the once powerful horde back to being little more than a pile of rotted bodies.

Damn the petty interferences of the mortals! Had they simply accepted their early deaths, then I may have been able to infuse the Gods' Bane! Now it is lost to me because of ignorant fools! Thought the floating head of Darkus as his entirety reformed. Yet another dark artifact that had the potential to bring harm to Khasm was pulled from his grasp by lesser mortals who refuse to accept their place as his playthings.

Moments later, soot began to flow around Darkus. At least I don't have to bring you back, again. Forming back into the shape of a small dragon, the creature bounced about happily as it looked into Darkus's eyes. Reaching down from his shadowy form Darkus petted his companion.

With a slight breath the two were no longer the terrifying monsters of the ruins. Now they were a small male child and a ferret curling around his neck. Quickly looking around Darkus found a stick that was close enough to a walking stick, something that would help his frail form travel.

Quickly finding a place where he could look over the local landscape, Darkus realized where he was. A day's walk from Harosa. Back in life he would go there to find everything from fresh corpses to dark knowledge and the occasion artifact that would pop up. Perhaps the city will be useful this time around. Climbing down from his vantage point, Darkus began his journey towards the city of Harosa.

The setting changes from Serasim to The Depths


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Darkus had been lucky on his walk to Harosa, finding not only a freshly slain bear, but two of the wolves that must have been attacking it. It was quite obvious to Darkus as to what this meant. A free ride and its two guard dogs. The undead hadn't taken much pause before raising the dead beasts with, thankfully, no interruption. There had been some jackass with a bow that tried to kill the kid only to find the two wolves at his throat. With that out of his way, Darkus was ready to travel once more.

After a good hour on his new mount, Darkus arrived at the entrance to the ruins of Harosa. I don't see much of a difference. Still dirty and full of filth. I wonder if there are any good corpses here. Thought the necromancer as strolled through the gates on his undead bear. Within moments his slightly rotted wolves found the entrance to life within the city.

As he entered into the city's little housing area, Darkus could only show his darkest, most vile grin and a slight evil like chuckle as he got every mix of looks. Many people shifted away from the child riding an undead bear being flanked by two wolves of the same fate. Some of those people hid, others just tried to keep their distance. Some were lolled by the innocent look of the rider and just stared in confusion and amazement.

Approaching a guard with a shit eating grin, Darkus asked "Who and where is your leader? Don't bother wasting my time, if you think you can play around with me." Then came a drip drip drip from the shaking guard.