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Haku Karasu

"Life grows challenging after catastrophes. Life grows interesting the longer you submit yourself to madness."

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a character in “The Curse of Balance”, as played by DragonMusic


Name: Haku Karasu
Age: 27
Gender: Male
A young male look with clean shaven skin and a sharp chin. His bright green eyes are what normally attracts the ladies along with his sly grin and easy going style. Haku constantly has problems with his auburn hair getting in the way of his vision, so he sometimes keeps it back with a bright blue paper clip he found one day. When he can be bothered, he'll make a jagged cut with a knife to shorten his hair just above eye level in the front and just below his ears on the sides and back. The male's figure is slender and tall, not showing much muscle and making him rely more on his speed than his overall power in combat. He stands at relatively 5'11" and finds he looks down on others rather often.

His attire is simple. A blue-green two toned T-shirt with holes in the arms and stomach region, black denim jeans, and ragged tennis shoes. Sometimes he wore finer clothing and armor if he knew he would be heading to the arena that day. For those times he dressed in tight fitting black shirt and pants with metal plates underneath the leather. The plates lined the outfit on his chest, shins, and shoulders while he wore gloves to protect his hands. The metal plates aligning on the back of his hands for extra protection from disarming attacks. He is also normally found with a backpack on his shoulders where he carries his change of clothes along with other miscellaneous things.
Funny. You think a male who deals with the rat king has a purpose? His mission is to live the next day. When that goal is achieved, he'll work out whether he keeps his goal or makes the next one to survive whatever adventure he plans for himself.
  • Has the ability to shapeshift if he possesses the skin of the animal he is planning to shift into. He possesses a crow feather, a ragged piece of bear hide, and every once in awhile he finds himself a rat carcass to use until it rots.
  • Very agile
  • Can wield a sword well
Weaknesses (as many as you have powers):
  • Without the skins of animals, he has no ability to transform and use his abilities.
  • Being fast only gets him so far. His strength is limited though he isn't weak and can hold his own in an arm wrestle. He just can't take down men twice his size or have the power to throw a human more than two feet.
  • Personality-wise, it becomes a coin flip whether he will accept a dangerous challenge. Sometimes he can be convinced into wanting to fight a god. Sometimes he won't even take up a challenge from someone in the arena in Harosa City. Guess it's a side effect to where he lives.
Let's start with when he was 10. Easy, he lived an okay life in the chaos that filled the world. Sure, his family had the hardest time keeping him alive as well as the rest, but who doesn't when a god is displeased with your race? He grew up pretty fast and his mind already knew the dangers the world held.

What he didn't know is how quickly he could be taken by his own kind and used to try and build the "perfect God". Humans are stupid creatures, always wanting to play god or fix something that isn't in their control. He was kidnapped by a pair of males who took him to a facility, telling him his family would live if he stayed quiet and let them do what they wanted. Being a kid still even though he matured fast still made him want to leave and he fought ruthlessly to stop them from doing what they wanted to him. He was only 10 though against grown-ups. They used him anyway.

Years went by and he had accepted his fate to be an experiment. They poked and prodded him trying to create something with the chaos the god had given them. Using Crystals, Snowfire, anything they could get their hands on that might have a reaction to DNA or skin. Kids and adults alike experienced this torture that these scientists called "Advancing the human race". What a bunch of nonsense. Haku suffered burns, electrocution, severe headaches and more to this place and for awhile it became normal. His mind no longer cared what happened to his body as long as he got rest and food the next morning.

They used a strange substance they found to give him the ability to morph into animals, the process was severe and most experiments that had the substance injected into their bloodstream died from the amount of pain they went through. Haku was apparently made of tougher stuff, but nothing happened. They were baffled that his body accepted what they lodged into him, yet nothing changed. The little boy at age 15 was deemed a failure.

The fateful day he was to be terminated, something amazing happened. Well, not amazing. They had brought him into a room and held a syringe up. They told him it would all be over soon and just before they injected him with the poison, a female walked into the room with a sly smirk on her face. She wasn't a scientist, she was another experiment who had caramel wings. This woman was around the same age as him as she pointed to the researchers and said "You want to kill him? Let him go out with a bang. Then you get two failed creatures out of your way and some entertainment on the side." Her words didn't make sense, but she soon explained that she wanted to die fighting, not with a needle to the arm.

A week later the two failures were placed in a fenced in area, barbed wire lining it all the way around and a roof over their head. Haku was determined to live and maybe find a way to live. The female... her eyes showed an alternate motive. As they fought, the boy's attacks were to kill while the girl try to weaken him. She went for his shins and torso to knock the wind out of him or cause him to pause his actions because of the pain. When she started landing more than a few hits, she had already gotten a bloody nose and a rib or two might have been broken. She still held a big grin though as she fought him, as if she knew he wouldn't win.

In a snap moment in the middle of the fight, the female moved her hands up to the roof and flames burned a large hole into the metal, flimsy roof of the pen they had been placed in. It grew and grew as the scientists frantically looked around for a gun or another way to stop the experiment from causing more damage. A scoffed left her lips and when the hole was big enough, she grabbed the boy in her arms and used her wings to fly out of the hole, their escape was flawless. The woman made her way towards a forest that had been crystallized by the chaos the god had brought down on the world. It became their home for awhile.

Years went back and the male dealt with the heat the forest gave off in the day time while the female thrived off the warmth. They both suspected this was perhaps one of the many places the scientists gathered materials from. It would explain the woman's happiness and ability to ignite flames from air molecules. It got to a point though where the 20 year old boy longed for an adventure though, and he bid his friend farewell. He promised to find her again one day and heading off on his own.

On his travels he found out about his power to shapeshift and embraced it to fill in his weak stature. He bought bear hide from a merchant with a meager amount of coins he had from either stealing or doing the oddball jobs no one else did in the places he found civilizations. He used this skin to become a strong grizzly and keep himself from dealing with a lot of troublesome situations. Of course, in his spare time he worked to use his skinny figure to his advantage, learning to wield a sword with grace and precision.

On his travels he found Harosa City, reduced to rumble and met the Rat King herself. They didn't exactly get along at first and he found himself trapped again in a new place. This time though... he was given a chance to do something about it. The Arena became a proving ground for him and somehow he was able to impress the Rat King enough to become one of her subordinates that was able to leave. He became a loyal champion for her. It allowed him to leave the sewers as he saw fit and come back later on in the day with a possible scolding from the short female. Even though some might have thought he was better off wandering again instead of staying in a rat hole, he preferred where he was now. His reasoning has never really been made clear.
When he was on his long journey before Harosa City, he had come across an injured Crow that he nursed back to health in a nearby city. The crow soon became the other half of him and when he made his way to the sewers, he made the bird stay outside where it could easily fly away. Haku resurfaces from the sewers every day to meet with his companion and hang out before being called back to the sewers for a challenge or because Marinth got bored with her subjects.

So begins...

Haku Karasu's Story

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A crow's caw echoed through the rubble which once housed many humans. Now all that was left was to rummage through the chaos of stone and dirt to find value in the garbage that scavengers haven't picked up yet. What else was a male to do when fights in the arena were starting to become boring?

Haku Karasu had just been down in the heart of Harosa City not two hours prior, dealing with a couple of amateur fighters who lifted a sword just to have a tangible defense. Pathetic creatures... If your couldn't strike with cold eyes, how did they expect to live long in the sewers? The male convinced himself that he had down a service to the fighters as he plunged his rusted blade into their chest. At least their bodies wouldn't go to waste in The Market's bustling streets.

The male lazy walked about on the surface, unsure of what to do with himself. If he couldn't get a challenge in the arena, what else could he do? No way in hell was he about to try and deal with the Rat King's harsh demeanor. As fun as it was to see how she dealt with the pitiful rats, Haku didn't want it to be that one day he would be her next meal.

"Chogan." The male bellowed out with his hands in the pockets of his pants. He paused in his pacing and a black bird landed on his shoulder, a loud caw leaving its beak. "I might be heading back down to see if the market has any promising new treasures." The shapeshifter took one hand out of his pocket and looked at his palm where a gold coin shined in the sunlight. "Maybe I'll use this if catching a rat or two won't get me what I want." A sly grin curled on his lips before he began walking again with the bird on his shoulder. "You'll okay, right? I assume you found something to eat." The crow nodded its head, its dark eyes staring out in front of the two before furling its wings and taking off again.

"Take care then." He tossed the small coin in his hand a few times, curious as to why his companion suddenly left. Normally the human would have to shoo the animal off. When he realized what happened, a chuckle escaped his throat. That creature found something wiggling around in the stones. Must of went to catch some meat.

Haku pocketed the currency and took in a deep breath of the air outside. Soon he would be back in the depth of the sewers and breathing in the disgusting scents of death, poverty, and despair. Sometimes the human wondered why he stayed here and didn't go back to the crystal forest where his friend was undoubtedly waiting for him to return. Then he remembered the course heat and the fact that the Rat King would dice him if he ever came back. At least the arena was a little entertaining when new challengers beat up the lowly competitors who were just there for a way to end the suffering or gain a few coins.

Into the sewers he went, the market being the first location he came to. When he stepped further in, he noticed something... out of place. A black cloaked figure sat on a cloud of what Haku would only assume was smog. His eyebrows furrowed as his pace slowed down and his gaze checked the immediate surroundings. The rats were confused, some creature had entered the domain and they didn't know what to do when he showed no fear. How strange...

As a rat walked past the champion, he grabbed its collar and pulled him to be in front of him. The skinny pest weighed almost nothing and was horrified to suddenly be pulled away while he was trying to get out of the market. "Don't kill me! Spare me! I have a wife and four kids!"

"Relax." Haku said with a smirk. "All I want to know is who the fancy thing on a cloud of black is. Why is he here?"

"H-h-he appeared out of the shadows! He announced himself a V-Volund Kaah and he wishes to see our King! Though he used the 'Q' word..." The male rat stumbled as he spoke, his gloved hands shaking profusely. Someone volunteered to enter the depths of the sewers to see the king? Did they have a screw loose or did they feel the urge to end their life in this lowly city? The champion nodded and pushed the rat away from him, no longer needed the scrawny creature.

Before walking up to the cloud riding stranger, he paused to see a cat sitting a distance away from the male. While every rat tried to avoid the cloaked man and the critters that scurried ran away to their homes, this cat watched curiously. Perhaps it was this man's companion?

"You have an odd request for a guest into the kingdom." Haku called as he took long strides towards the figure. "Volund Kaah... haven't heard that name much around these parts. Then again the kingdom is underground." He scoffed, grinning at his own joke. Word had spread about a man with incredible power, one who could suck the life out of a human. The reaper they called him; however, the question was where was the sliver of truth in this rumor and what was just a story?

"You may also want to learn whom you are dealing with." As if on a cue, a blood curdling scream rang through the tunnels, a male had apparently taken in his last breath. "A queen doesn't exist in this sewer. Our king is a female and calling her queen is grounds to get yourself killed."

The human experiment took his backpack off his shoulders and unzipped a small pouch, pulling out a small, dead rat that he had killed two days before just so he could shift into it. Plenty of the critters roamed the city though, and he was confident in his ability to grab another as he threw the corpse towards the cat while he spoke. Might as well reward a fearless creature for its time in a hell hole.

"If you would like to wait for the Rat King to make her presence known, you might be able to get an audience with her, but when you address her again, I suggest not using the inferior name of queen and instead calling her what she is."