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Marinth the Rat 'King'

Welcome to my kingdom, don't mind the blood. I'm sure yours will join it shortly love.

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a character in “The Curse of Balance”, as played by RiddlingSphinx


Name: Marinth Salvea the Rat King

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Appearance: Marinth stands at a short stature, blond hair cut raggedly short just below her ears while little braids ending in beads of bone dangle further. Dark leathers adorn a thin frame.
Green eyes full of madness never settle on any one thing for long. Beautiful is not a word one normally would use to describe her, but even with her madness and vicious streak she is known to be exceedingly charming and at times unbarably cute to those who are subseptable to such things.

Mission: She wants to own the world. Control everything. Everyone bending and dancing to her will.

  • Marinth is 'king' within her sewers. Her Rats (subjects) livein fear of her wims and yet not a one of them dares to try for the throne. Not after the last one.
  • She is more cunning than people give her credit for. If you leave an opening, she'll take advantage.
  • More adept with a knife and cutting flesh and bone than a butcher.
  • She's insane therefor she fears neither death, pain, or really anything. She does as she pleases, when she pleases, to whomever she pleases.

Weaknesses (as many as you have powers):
  • Marinth fears her own mortality, not that she'd ever let you know.
  • Her subjects though utterly loyal are terrified of her. She has so few friends.
  • She has a heavy addiction to a few narcotics.
  • She's insane. Both a weakness and a perk. Depends on the moment really.

History: It's hard to know truly what drove Marinth into the depths of insanity. She didn't have an abusive childhood. She wasn't tortured within an inch of her life. She was never the product of an experiment. Sometimes life just happens that way.

Marinth wasn't quite right in the head before the apocolypse began, but it was only after that it truly shined through. With no one to define rules of life or existance Mari made her own rules and others soon flocked under her control. Ruthlessly she began conquoring the depths and sewers beneath Harosa City. When no more dared challenge her insane rule, she crowned herself Queen.

Harosa city had long since been a haven for every vice concievable and within the underground it only flourished. The cataclysm that destroyed everything dampened progress but it wasn't long before new vices were made, new ways to control and entertain the populace and under their queen it continued to progress.

All too soon however the vultures began circling, seeking to claim the dark heart within Harosa. One man viewed the place as his and laughable he called himself King, for what Queen could rule men. War broke out, but with everything in her power Mari won . She stood over his dying corpse and claimed that no man or woman would ever stand above her. And so the Rat King was born and her kingdom grows ever bigger as more venture into the den of evil and madness. But few leave and fewer leave unscathed.

Companions: A kingdom full of subjects who bend to her every whim, and those few lucky enough to be named her Champions.

So begins...

Marinth the Rat 'King''s Story


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While most despised the ash and darkness of this world, Volund embraced it. His time spent in Kardine had taught him well, while searching for a new soul stone. His search was unsuccessful, which bothered him greatly, but in essence, he had no need for another one yet, not to mention the beast guarding it was nearly immortal. His current stone had yet to be used, and he refused to waste it simply in retrieving another stone. He stepped through a shadow, and landed at the top of the wall, and began heading to Harosa. Rumor was that the Rat Queen was at it again. Volund had never encountered her prior, but knew of her kingdom all too well. Her brutality was known throughout the world. Rumor was, one of her champions carried a soul stone, and if Volund had any hope of finding the immortal that guarded the next stone, he would need a 2nd stone.

Each stone would glow if close to another, but only at a very short range. If Volund was to get two together, then he would be able to increase this range greatly, allowing him to locate the third stone. The only problem would be convincing the queen, or killing the man without disturbing the kingdom. Hopefully, she would be willing to ally with him, and retake the land of the gods, expelling them from the earth. Chaos was the only way about this, order would simply appease them.

No doubt she would've heard of Volund, he was very popular around the cities, being hailed as the angel of death, the eater of souls, but most simply referred to him as the Reaper. Children would hide, families rush home, closing their blinds and locking their doors. Now, he didn't have quite as much of a presence as Darkus, but Volund had a presence none the less.

His journey to the rat kingdom was rather quick, simply stepping into the shadows, and he was there. The kindgom was exceedingly clean, it was almost insanity. There wasn't much or a chance of Volund blending in with this crowd. He raised his arms, and floated towards the staircase, before approached by several rats.

"I require an audience with the queen. Volund Kaah is my name." And with that, he simply made his way back, seating himself on a cloud of shadow. He hoped she would not be too long in her decision.

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A small black and white form stalked through the streets of Harossa, each paw nimbly dodging dung and debris. It weaved through the crowds, taking in the sights and smells that the city had on offer. 'Quite the kingdom. And Khasm hasn't toppled this place to the ground? Who is the ruler of this facinating place?' Salith thought to herself curiously. Hopping up on a wall, she looked out over the crowd. Sadly, the Rat Kingdom was rather free of actual rodents. It seemed that they were frightened off at the thought of being trampled. Oh well, a treat for another day. It wasn't like she needed food anyway.

Jumping down from her vantage point, she made her way though the markets. When she saw a figure step out from the shadows, seemingly from nowhere, she made a small "hm" and sat down to observe it. 'Most curious' she thought 'It seems that entertainment shall not be lacking tonight.'


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Darkus had been lucky on his walk to Harosa, finding not only a freshly slain bear, but two of the wolves that must have been attacking it. It was quite obvious to Darkus as to what this meant. A free ride and its two guard dogs. The undead hadn't taken much pause before raising the dead beasts with, thankfully, no interruption. There had been some jackass with a bow that tried to kill the kid only to find the two wolves at his throat. With that out of his way, Darkus was ready to travel once more.

After a good hour on his new mount, Darkus arrived at the entrance to the ruins of Harosa. I don't see much of a difference. Still dirty and full of filth. I wonder if there are any good corpses here. Thought the necromancer as strolled through the gates on his undead bear. Within moments his slightly rotted wolves found the entrance to life within the city.

As he entered into the city's little housing area, Darkus could only show his darkest, most vile grin and a slight evil like chuckle as he got every mix of looks. Many people shifted away from the child riding an undead bear being flanked by two wolves of the same fate. Some of those people hid, others just tried to keep their distance. Some were lolled by the innocent look of the rider and just stared in confusion and amazement.

Approaching a guard with a shit eating grin, Darkus asked "Who and where is your leader? Don't bother wasting my time, if you think you can play around with me." Then came a drip drip drip from the shaking guard.

The setting changes from The Depths to Harosa City


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"If you would like to wait for the Rat King to make her presence known, you might be able to get an audience with her, but when you address her again, I suggest not using the inferior name of queen and instead calling her what she is."

Volund spoke, humbled by his disregard of their customs. "I apologize, we do not have such customs where I am from." Which was, partially true. His people had no ruler, only death. They praised it, and, each ascendance was trapped in a soul stone in the center of town. This stone was believed to hold a connection to the afterlife, and, in turn, to the gods. Of course, this was all before. Now his village was nothing but ruin and ghosts, souls who had escaped when the large stone was broken. As far a Volund knew, he was the last surviving member of the Clan Grimm.

"As for me, I am, what some call The Reaper. Some of what you have heard is true, however, most is undoubtedly ramblings of those who wish to scare their children into good behavior. There was once a large clan of us, almost 100, but alas, I am the last one."

And with that, Volund stepped back into the shadows, waiting for the Rat King to make her presence known.