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"I will restore this world to the greatness it once enjoyed."

0 · 214 views · located in Charigm in "The After"

a character in “The Curse of Balance”, as played by Einselar


Name: Palthinos Araon Hapselt
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Appearance: Palthinos stands at 6' 3" with the horns on his helmet increasing that to 6' 4" He normally travels in his armor, the attire of a Silver Knight of Oradnus. If he were to remove his armor, it would reveal a toned body covered entirely in scars. Starting from his right hip, there is a discolored strip of skin that wraps all the way up over his neck and ends just under his left ear, the mark of a spray of acid from the beginning of The After. He wields a longsword and a shield, though he frequently keeps the shield strapped to his back.
Mission: To return Oradnus to it's former glory.
Powers/Skills: Spellsword: Palthinos knows just enough magic to enchant his blade, turning it into a red edge that slices through magic and steel with little effort.
Weaknesses (as many as you have powers): Trust issues: Because of his disfigured face and body, Palthinos generally wears his armor when in the company of others. Due to his unwillingness to remove it, he frequently encounters mistrust from others.
History: Once a knight of Oradnus, it was his country that caused collapse. HE seeks redemption, not for himself, but for his country. He believes they can raise an empire once as mighty as the first and still keep the balance of Order and Chaos in check. He wanders the lands, looking for those who would rally to his cause.
Companion: A Hawk-sized phoenix named Passion. It can control the temperature of it's own flames.

So begins...

Palthinos's Story