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Salith the Black

"My opinion? Darling, I don't have one. I'm a cat."

0 · 282 views · located in Charigm in "The After"

a character in “The Curse of Balance”, as played by Einselar


Name: "My name is Salith the Black. If you at any point call me a 'kitty' or 'puss' I shall end you in ways Khasm himself hasn't imagined"

Age: "If you knew my age darling it would drive you mad. Just forget you asked and move on to the next question"

Gender: "Darling, do I really need to show you my breasts? Are you that incredibly blind? Well fine. Look, just don't touch"

Appearance: "You are blind aren't you? Fine. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall and 138 pounds. I have black hair with a white forelock and green eyes. That is when I am human. As a cat I am 1' 3" at the shoulder and 3' 6" long, not including my tail. My fur is black with a white stripe that goes directly down my back. My eyes are green as a cat as well."

Mission: "AHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAA! You haven't been listening have you?!? I merely wish to observe. I have no goals. You are all here to entertain me. Now dance for me would you?"

Granter of Wishes: "I can grant you any wish you want deary! Now of course, I have to want to do so, but that is the only limit."
Immortal: "Do you hate me that much darling? You want me to die? Shame. I am inexorably linked to this universe. So long as it remains so shall I"

Weaknesses (as many as you have powers):
Granter of Wishes: "Deary, I can do nothing by myself. You have to wish for what you want and I choose whether or not to accept. It's that simple. I have no powers other than that"
Cursed: "Some fool wished near the start of my existence that I be immortal. They didn't wish for me to never feel pain. Now if you would please take the knife out of me I promise I won't kill you. This is rather unproductive."

History: "Oh Darling, that's an awfully personal question. Khasm made me indirectly during The After. That is all you need to know."

Companion: "She was a mouse. I ate her."

So begins...

Salith the Black's Story

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A small black and white form stalked through the streets of Harossa, each paw nimbly dodging dung and debris. It weaved through the crowds, taking in the sights and smells that the city had on offer. 'Quite the kingdom. And Khasm hasn't toppled this place to the ground? Who is the ruler of this facinating place?' Salith thought to herself curiously. Hopping up on a wall, she looked out over the crowd. Sadly, the Rat Kingdom was rather free of actual rodents. It seemed that they were frightened off at the thought of being trampled. Oh well, a treat for another day. It wasn't like she needed food anyway.

Jumping down from her vantage point, she made her way though the markets. When she saw a figure step out from the shadows, seemingly from nowhere, she made a small "hm" and sat down to observe it. 'Most curious' she thought 'It seems that entertainment shall not be lacking tonight.'


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Darkus had been lucky on his walk to Harosa, finding not only a freshly slain bear, but two of the wolves that must have been attacking it. It was quite obvious to Darkus as to what this meant. A free ride and its two guard dogs. The undead hadn't taken much pause before raising the dead beasts with, thankfully, no interruption. There had been some jackass with a bow that tried to kill the kid only to find the two wolves at his throat. With that out of his way, Darkus was ready to travel once more.

After a good hour on his new mount, Darkus arrived at the entrance to the ruins of Harosa. I don't see much of a difference. Still dirty and full of filth. I wonder if there are any good corpses here. Thought the necromancer as strolled through the gates on his undead bear. Within moments his slightly rotted wolves found the entrance to life within the city.

As he entered into the city's little housing area, Darkus could only show his darkest, most vile grin and a slight evil like chuckle as he got every mix of looks. Many people shifted away from the child riding an undead bear being flanked by two wolves of the same fate. Some of those people hid, others just tried to keep their distance. Some were lolled by the innocent look of the rider and just stared in confusion and amazement.

Approaching a guard with a shit eating grin, Darkus asked "Who and where is your leader? Don't bother wasting my time, if you think you can play around with me." Then came a drip drip drip from the shaking guard.

The setting changes from The Depths to Charigm in "The After"

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  1. possible wrong location

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A crow's caw echoed through the rubble which once housed many humans. Now all that was left was to rummage through the chaos of stone and dirt to find value in the garbage that scavengers haven't picked up yet. What else was a male to do when fights in the arena were starting to become boring?

Haku Karasu had just been down in the heart of Harosa City not two hours prior, dealing with a couple of amateur fighters who lifted a sword just to have a tangible defense. Pathetic creatures... If your couldn't strike with cold eyes, how did they expect to live long in the sewers? The male convinced himself that he had down a service to the fighters as he plunged his rusted blade into their chest. At least their bodies wouldn't go to waste in The Market's bustling streets.

The male lazy walked about on the surface, unsure of what to do with himself. If he couldn't get a challenge in the arena, what else could he do? No way in hell was he about to try and deal with the Rat King's harsh demeanor. As fun as it was to see how she dealt with the pitiful rats, Haku didn't want it to be that one day he would be her next meal.

"Chogan." The male bellowed out with his hands in the pockets of his pants. He paused in his pacing and a black bird landed on his shoulder, a loud caw leaving its beak. "I might be heading back down to see if the market has any promising new treasures." The shapeshifter took one hand out of his pocket and looked at his palm where a gold coin shined in the sunlight. "Maybe I'll use this if catching a rat or two won't get me what I want." A sly grin curled on his lips before he began walking again with the bird on his shoulder. "You'll okay, right? I assume you found something to eat." The crow nodded its head, its dark eyes staring out in front of the two before furling its wings and taking off again.

"Take care then." He tossed the small coin in his hand a few times, curious as to why his companion suddenly left. Normally the human would have to shoo the animal off. When he realized what happened, a chuckle escaped his throat. That creature found something wiggling around in the stones. Must of went to catch some meat.

Haku pocketed the currency and took in a deep breath of the air outside. Soon he would be back in the depth of the sewers and breathing in the disgusting scents of death, poverty, and despair. Sometimes the human wondered why he stayed here and didn't go back to the crystal forest where his friend was undoubtedly waiting for him to return. Then he remembered the course heat and the fact that the Rat King would dice him if he ever came back. At least the arena was a little entertaining when new challengers beat up the lowly competitors who were just there for a way to end the suffering or gain a few coins.

Into the sewers he went, the market being the first location he came to. When he stepped further in, he noticed something... out of place. A black cloaked figure sat on a cloud of what Haku would only assume was smog. His eyebrows furrowed as his pace slowed down and his gaze checked the immediate surroundings. The rats were confused, some creature had entered the domain and they didn't know what to do when he showed no fear. How strange...

As a rat walked past the champion, he grabbed its collar and pulled him to be in front of him. The skinny pest weighed almost nothing and was horrified to suddenly be pulled away while he was trying to get out of the market. "Don't kill me! Spare me! I have a wife and four kids!"

"Relax." Haku said with a smirk. "All I want to know is who the fancy thing on a cloud of black is. Why is he here?"

"H-h-he appeared out of the shadows! He announced himself a V-Volund Kaah and he wishes to see our King! Though he used the 'Q' word..." The male rat stumbled as he spoke, his gloved hands shaking profusely. Someone volunteered to enter the depths of the sewers to see the king? Did they have a screw loose or did they feel the urge to end their life in this lowly city? The champion nodded and pushed the rat away from him, no longer needed the scrawny creature.

Before walking up to the cloud riding stranger, he paused to see a cat sitting a distance away from the male. While every rat tried to avoid the cloaked man and the critters that scurried ran away to their homes, this cat watched curiously. Perhaps it was this man's companion?

"You have an odd request for a guest into the kingdom." Haku called as he took long strides towards the figure. "Volund Kaah... haven't heard that name much around these parts. Then again the kingdom is underground." He scoffed, grinning at his own joke. Word had spread about a man with incredible power, one who could suck the life out of a human. The reaper they called him; however, the question was where was the sliver of truth in this rumor and what was just a story?

"You may also want to learn whom you are dealing with." As if on a cue, a blood curdling scream rang through the tunnels, a male had apparently taken in his last breath. "A queen doesn't exist in this sewer. Our king is a female and calling her queen is grounds to get yourself killed."

The human experiment took his backpack off his shoulders and unzipped a small pouch, pulling out a small, dead rat that he had killed two days before just so he could shift into it. Plenty of the critters roamed the city though, and he was confident in his ability to grab another as he threw the corpse towards the cat while he spoke. Might as well reward a fearless creature for its time in a hell hole.

"If you would like to wait for the Rat King to make her presence known, you might be able to get an audience with her, but when you address her again, I suggest not using the inferior name of queen and instead calling her what she is."