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"I look up at the night sky and feel as if I've lost something more important than memory."

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a character in “The Curse of Balance”, as played by SnoweWoulf


Nightwalker Shaula

"I look up at the night sky and feel as if I have lost something more important than my memory."

Gender: Female
Age: Unknown; appears to be in late twenties
Hair color: Cold blue-grey
Eye color: Electric blue
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 97lbs

Shaula's appearance is very strange by most people's definition. Her skin black as night and marked with gently glowing, blue tattoos, and she has long, pointed ears. Though she has a healthy, feminine body shape, she is extremely light for her size. At night, Shaula wears only a chest wrap and a waistcloth, both made of fine fabrics of varying shades of blue. During the day, she covers herself with a heavy cloak.

-Magic: Shaula is capable of conjuring a magical blue fire, and uses this in conjunction with her nova disk- a magical, bladed weapon that flies swiftly through the air.
-Levitation: Shaula is able to float nimbly through the air
-Immunity to fire

-As a result of her lightness, her body and physical attacks are rather weak.
-Her powers grow weak when she is exposed to bright light.
-Shaula understands little of human emotion, which causes her to come off as cruel and pitiless. "Normal" people see her as a demon.

Shaula remembers little of her past. Even she is uncertain whether she was changed by the chaos brought by Khasm, or if she even belongs in this world at all. She seeks to find a purpose for her existence.

Shaula's companion, Lesath, takes the form of a black, serpent-like creature with four short legs and fins on her tail and just behind her jaw. She speaks little, but is very insightful.

So begins...

Shaula's Story

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Shaula drifted (quite literally) through the "streets" of the Market, her billowy, black cloak flapping a little as she went. Though sunlight didn't reach to the Depths, the light from the shops was still quite bothersome. She wondered silently how humans could live in places with so much light and noise... and with the overpowering stench of waste and mold, she wondered if they even had a sense of smell. Perhaps coming here to the domain of the Rat King to learn about human nature was not such a good idea. However, perhaps she could determine that it was human nature to live like rats and be done with it.

Lesath, whose tiny, snake-like body was curled loosely around Shaula's neck whispered softly. "These humans are lost shells of themselves, much the same way we are..."

"I do not know what I am to learn by being here," Shaula responded, "What good will it do to learn about humans? I want to learn about me."

"Patience," said Lesath.

Shaula sighed and drifted into one of the less raucous bars and seated herself at a table in the corner. This served two purposes: the first was to give her a good vantage point from which to study the humans, and the second, to remain mostly inconspicuous. In her experience, getting noticed gets you into trouble. And trouble, Shaula had decided, was a nuisance.


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Darkus had been lucky on his walk to Harosa, finding not only a freshly slain bear, but two of the wolves that must have been attacking it. It was quite obvious to Darkus as to what this meant. A free ride and its two guard dogs. The undead hadn't taken much pause before raising the dead beasts with, thankfully, no interruption. There had been some jackass with a bow that tried to kill the kid only to find the two wolves at his throat. With that out of his way, Darkus was ready to travel once more.

After a good hour on his new mount, Darkus arrived at the entrance to the ruins of Harosa. I don't see much of a difference. Still dirty and full of filth. I wonder if there are any good corpses here. Thought the necromancer as strolled through the gates on his undead bear. Within moments his slightly rotted wolves found the entrance to life within the city.

As he entered into the city's little housing area, Darkus could only show his darkest, most vile grin and a slight evil like chuckle as he got every mix of looks. Many people shifted away from the child riding an undead bear being flanked by two wolves of the same fate. Some of those people hid, others just tried to keep their distance. Some were lolled by the innocent look of the rider and just stared in confusion and amazement.

Approaching a guard with a shit eating grin, Darkus asked "Who and where is your leader? Don't bother wasting my time, if you think you can play around with me." Then came a drip drip drip from the shaking guard.