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Skylar Lara Clark

"I want to live in a world where a chicken can cross the road without his motives being questioned."

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a character in “The Curse of Balance”, as played by DragonMusic


Name: Skylar Lara Clark
Age: 26
Gender: Female
With short black hair that grazes her slender shoulders, this girl can normally be found with a dirt and grime on her tan skin. Skylar has sapphire blue eyes and normally her face has a wide grin on her face. Her physique is slender even though she eats enough that a bear might be unable to deal with her big appetite. She is tall for a female, standing at about 5'6". On her back are a pair of large feathered wings that are as tall as she is when they are close to her back. They are light brown with white tips and black spots that randomly appear in the caramel feathers.

For her outfit, she keeps it simple. Tattered dark blue sweater with the sleeves cut to become a no sleeve shirt and blue jeans with holes in the knees. She walks bare foot in her home and wouldn't have it any other way. Why have shoes when where you live it doesn't drop low enough in temperature to come close to freezing? On her wrist is a bit of wire that she found and manipulated into a bracelet. She once used it as a hair tie, but she grew tired of hair that hit her lower back. It was too troublesome to deal with.
Live in the hell hole this world has come to. Maybe if she finds others who want to bring down a god, she'll think about tagging along with them. After all, what else is she gonna do? Play solitaire for the next decade? She only had an ace of hearts and a king of diamonds.
  • Adept at using dual daggers to fight. When she used to mess around with a friend of hers, she would practice fighting with him to benefit them both. She didn't want to be defenseless in this cruel world.
  • The power to form flames from oxygen in the air. It sparks to life in the air and if it can feed itself somehow, it will consume what she desires. The girl can relatively control the fires she creates. Because of this power, she is withstand some extremely high temperatures.
  • She can fly. Not well, but it's better than being bound to the earth like most humans.
Weaknesses (as many as you have powers):
  • She can't bring herself to kill a person. Animals who attack her are nothing. She will kill for food and sustenance with no worries. Something about killing someone of her race though... she can't force herself to stab their chest and get it over with. Skylar beats around the bush of fighting and tries to disarm her opponent or severely injure them before running away.
  • Water. If it wasn't obvious, this woman is weakened by the flowing liquid even though she isn't fearful of the stuff. She will easily sit in a river and cleanse herself of the grime she has, but she is weaker in water. Because of this though, she is also unable to handle cold climates. The woman has to bundle up for weather under 68 F degrees even though the sun may be shining bright.
  • Stupid. That's a good description of this person's mental capacity. She has no disabilities and she focus just fine. She never grew up though, life happened so fast for her that most of her decisions are quick and sometimes too instinctive to be a good idea. Skylar won't back down from a fight until the other can't fight any more and if she is protecting someone, she will continue to fight till she is dead. She thinks of herself as something disposable.
Subject 763 has stabilized.
These words were the female's earliest memory. All her life she had been trapped in a facility that experimented with the existence of chaos and finding ways to improve humans to counteract the power of the gods. They tried using the new surroundings that were created by this god to make humans have powers. Skylar was born into this madness.

Years she spent drugged to keep her calm when they poked her and tested her. She lived most of her life in a haze of clouds, trapped in a fog that she couldn't shake. Nothing was dear to her and nothing mattered except for being able to get her meals that she desperately needed to survive. The day came though where she was allowed to experience the world for what it was. The drug they placed in her food had been skipped and she ate the tasteless dish greedily and in an hour the fog cleared. Whoever had gotten rid of the drug for that day, maybe one day she would thank them.

It was during this time that she started to starve herself, she couldn't bring herself to live in that haze anymore when the world around her was so sharp. It was like she had stepped out of a container and saw the sun rising in the horizon. Even from the cage she lived in, she enjoyed the sensations of everything around her.

She heard tell that one day about how she had become a failed test because she had begun starving herself and had a weakness that was easy to expose. Just a bit of water and the girl was powerless. They didn't see a point in wasting a sedative for something that failed their expectations, so she started eating once more and thinking up some plan for her to get out of the situation. When she heard about Haku being euthanized, she jumped at the opportunity and weaseled her way into the room to stop them from getting rid of the boy.

Their fate became intertwined at the moment when she lifted him out of the facility and toward the Crystal Forest, her new home. She was happy and could fend for herself well here. She was a bit saddened when he went his own way, but she happily stayed in her crystallized forest, embracing her newfound freedom.
Companion: When she was living in the Crystal Forest, she found a wolf with pure white fur. They started as enemies, growling at each other over a deer carcass. Skylar was the first to move and grab it, using her dagger to cut up some of the meat and give it to the hungry canine. From then on the creature stayed close to the girl and helped in the hunt for food in the hot forest. It only seemed appropriate to name the wolf Lucky since... well, Skylar was lucky to find a friend after Haku left.

So begins...

Skylar Lara Clark's Story