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The Curse of Balance

The Market (This one isn't a Deathtrap)


a part of The Curse of Balance, by Einselar.

You didn't think it could smell any worse down here, but obviously you were wrong. Your nose is assaulted as you step into the bustling thoroughfare of people and debris.

Einselar holds sovereignty over The Market (This one isn't a Deathtrap), giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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A collection of giant pipes have been hollowed out, running the length of the sewers themselves to create one giant tunnel. Within this tunnel are off shoots to anyplace within the Rat Kingdom Sewers. But this tunnel is named and home to The Market. Anything and everything is sold and bought within the market. Drugs, weapons, bodies, people, magic, and more. Commodities that are less than legal in other places are in abundance and carriers are happy to transport such supplies to your destination of choice for a price. One end of the tunnel leads out into The Depths while the other is dominated by a single building. Mama Mo's, a brothel catering to any carnal desire you could have owns and operates within the building. While smaller brothels exist within the kingdom, Mama Mo's is by far the biggest and best.
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The Market (This one isn't a Deathtrap)

You didn't think it could smell any worse down here, but obviously you were wrong. Your nose is assaulted as you step into the bustling thoroughfare of people and debris.


The Market (This one isn't a Deathtrap) is a part of Harosa City.

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Character Portrait: Volund Kaah Character Portrait: Salith the Black Character Portrait: Marinth the Rat 'King'
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A small black and white form stalked through the streets of Harossa, each paw nimbly dodging dung and debris. It weaved through the crowds, taking in the sights and smells that the city had on offer. 'Quite the kingdom. And Khasm hasn't toppled this place to the ground? Who is the ruler of this facinating place?' Salith thought to herself curiously. Hopping up on a wall, she looked out over the crowd. Sadly, the Rat Kingdom was rather free of actual rodents. It seemed that they were frightened off at the thought of being trampled. Oh well, a treat for another day. It wasn't like she needed food anyway.

Jumping down from her vantage point, she made her way though the markets. When she saw a figure step out from the shadows, seemingly from nowhere, she made a small "hm" and sat down to observe it. 'Most curious' she thought 'It seems that entertainment shall not be lacking tonight.'

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Character Portrait: Shaula
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Shaula drifted (quite literally) through the "streets" of the Market, her billowy, black cloak flapping a little as she went. Though sunlight didn't reach to the Depths, the light from the shops was still quite bothersome. She wondered silently how humans could live in places with so much light and noise... and with the overpowering stench of waste and mold, she wondered if they even had a sense of smell. Perhaps coming here to the domain of the Rat King to learn about human nature was not such a good idea. However, perhaps she could determine that it was human nature to live like rats and be done with it.

Lesath, whose tiny, snake-like body was curled loosely around Shaula's neck whispered softly. "These humans are lost shells of themselves, much the same way we are..."

"I do not know what I am to learn by being here," Shaula responded, "What good will it do to learn about humans? I want to learn about me."

"Patience," said Lesath.

Shaula sighed and drifted into one of the less raucous bars and seated herself at a table in the corner. This served two purposes: the first was to give her a good vantage point from which to study the humans, and the second, to remain mostly inconspicuous. In her experience, getting noticed gets you into trouble. And trouble, Shaula had decided, was a nuisance.