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Lysander Scamander

"Should you need me I will be there."

0 · 749 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “The Cursed Children”, as played by Blueshadow




"If you guys need help just let me know, I'll be there right away."

Lysander Noah Scamander

Sandy "Ugh I hate it when Lorcan calls me that."

"I'm the younger brother though, but only by fifteen minutes"

March 10-Pisces
"Same as my brother obviously."

Sexual Orientation

10', Cedar, Unicorn hair

Blood Status

"Best way to keep in touch with mom and dad. Zeus is pretty great"
Lysander has an owl by the name of Zeus.

Lysander has yet to take them, though he will be taking them in his current year. A fact which he is slightly nervous about, though people keep assuring him that someone as smart as Lysander should do fine.

Animals, and fantastic beasts "Probably not much of a surprise considering my family."
Transfiguration "I sorta have a knack for it, comes pretty easy to me"
Herbology "Its certainly interesting. Definitely one of my favorite classes."
Quidditch "I'm not much of a player but it is fun to watch."
Reading, and books in general "Lorcan says I read so much that I might as well be a Ravenclaw!"
Being around his friends and family "It's nice being around others."
Muggles and their technologies- Though he does love fantastic creature much like his family, in Lysander it seems that this obsession for creatures has been replaced for one of muggles and their machines.

Flying"I'm blaming this one on Lorcan. makes me so nervous when he flies."
Being the center of attention"The limelight is not for me."
Heights"Kinda goes with the flying thing."
Unnecessary cruelty or prejudices"I don't like seeing people hurt like that."
Doing other peoples schoolwork"Lorcan is so lazy, this work isn't that hard."


"Equality, and kindness above all else."
"Sure we might not have the glory we deserve, but I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else."

Lysander is a fairly attractive youth, looking identical to his tin brother Lorcan. He is a fairly lanky individual with little overly apparent muscle mass. His eyes and hair are both a rather plain shade of brown. Though the twins certainly looks identical Lysander appears to be the healthier looking twin, lacking the seemingly ever present tiredness and sickly pallor of his brother.

Magical Creatures

Hufflepuff prefect


"I freeze up every time I see it. What if it actually happens one day?
His is a vision of Lorcan's dead unmoving corpse. There is nothing he fears more than losing his brother.

Lysander is quite typically a reserved, and shy individual who prefers staying in the background of most things where its safe. Despite his more reserved nature Lysander is incredibly friendly just like most Hufflepuffs. Though he may not be the first one to approach someone he is always willing to talk to others and is quite outgoing once people get to know him a bit. Lysander is every bit hardworking as any other Hufflepuff, he always tries his best, and once he sets his mind to something it is unlikely he will stop until he succeeds. Lysander is also very kind and caring towards others even towards complete strangers, he's always willing to lend a helping hand, and an eager ear to anyone in need. This especially applies to his friends, and family who he is prepared to die for if need be. This eagerness to help others however has come back to bite him on multiple occasions however as people tend to take advantage of his overly kind nature. This has lead to him becoming something of a doormat, always putting the needs of others above himself which often cause him to neglect his own needs.

This tendency to put others above himself is due to large amounts of self doubt. For years he has felt as if he was in his brother's shadow, and has come to doubt he own abilities and worth. On his worse days he can appear to be nothing but a nervous wreck, always stressing over things even if they aren't necessarily that big a deal, though nowadays most of his worrying episodes seem to be focused on his brother. Unlike most members of his family Lysander is levelheaded, and logical. He does not believe in Nargles nor does he indiscriminately believe everything that is written within the Quibbler. Though he loves them all dearly Lysander doesn't always get the stranger aspects of his family. Though he was already fairly insecure those snippets of doubt and lack of self-worth seems to have grown in recent years. This is a result of his ever growing guilt which he tries to keep hidden just as much as Lorcan hides his condition. He unabashedly blames himself for Lorcan's constant pain and apparent sickness.


Ever since Lysander was young he had been something of a reserved wizard. He's always had difficulty making friends, despite the best efforts of his family who often tried to get him to come out of his shell. Despite this he has always had his brother, and for as long as they can remember they have been by each others side, each one looking after the other. Regardless of how many friends they had they have always had each other with Lysander looking after his brother best he could.

When they finally received their letter to Hogwarts Lysander was as usual nervous, about leaving home. However a quick talk from his mother Luna, and an assertion that he'd be with his brother put him at ease. He was less at ease when it came to the sorting. As he was certan the blasted ceremony would seperate the two of them, possibly for all of their school days. A fear which became a reality as the hat was soon placed upon his head. The hat was torn between placing Lysander in Ravenclaw with other intellectuals or in Hufflepuff with the kind, and hardworking souls. His kindness and loyalty won out over his keen intellect however as the hat decided he was best placed in Hufflepuff.

It was an adjustment for the young Lysander, being placed in a different house than Lorcan. At first he was quite disappointed to be stuck in Hufflepuff, as like so many others he had assumed the Hufflepuff house to be nothing more than the dumping ground for less than worthwhile wizards and witches.Something only made worse by Lorcan's playful teasing. However he adapted fairly quickly. It seemed being placed in Hufflepuff was exactly the thing he needed to come out of his shell. Being placed in a house with so many friendly individuals, he had no shortage of friends, and was thus no longer dependent on Lorcan for social interaction. Needless to say it didn't take him long to become a proud Hufflepuff. Despite being placed in different houses however they have still made sure in all their time at Hogwarts to never forget about each other. As such they can still usually be found together, and seeing the two apart for much more than a day is a rare occurrence.

In their third year at the tender age of 13 the twins lives would be changed in a horrid fashion. Their mother Luna, a well known and well traveled magizoologist would often take trips across the world, studying and cataloging rare and fantastic beasts. The twins of course had always wanted to go along and finally managed to convince their mother to let them tag along with her on a trip the the Americas. Lysander had a fantastic time in a foreign and unfamiliar place. The young boy fell in love with many of the things he was exposed to many of them of a strange and muggle nature. Their fun would soon come to an end all too easily transitioning into an unfair horror. At some point over the course of their trip the boys had wandered off at night on what just so happened to be a full moon. It was then that the boys were beset by a large beast. An unfortunate man infected with Lycanthropy, who on this day could not control himself. The beast lunged at Lysander. His legs became concrete too heavy to respond to the boys commands, his voice grew hoarse, and he simply could not stop shaking. Lysander closed his wholly expecting the end. But it never came. Instead Lysander fell hard to teh ground the pain in his back the least of his concerns. He looked on in horror as he realized what happened, how his brother had pushed the boy out of the way, taking the bite himself.

Things were never the same after that, more so for Lorcan than Lysander but the twin felt his pain tied to his brothers. Misery and guilt took over, fueling his ordinary nervousness and often sending him into uncontrollable waves of panic, especially on the nights approaching the full moon. It was after Lorcan's first change that Lysander knew he had to be there for his brother, had to try and make up for the bite in the first place. Lysander spent hours pouring over potions books spending his night s trying to brew the perfect wolfs bane potions for his brother. On the nights approaching the full moon Lysander seemed to spend even more time with Lorcan than usual, always being sure to accompany Lorcan and McGonnagal to the Shrieking Shack on full moon nights.

So begins...

Lysander Scamander's Story



There was darkness and then burning light upon his eyes. Lysander woke up light seeping in from the window right by his bed, straight into his face, Next to him there sat a small muggle alarm clock beeping incessantly. Lysander gave a chuckle and a smile as he sat up still groggy from sleep. Apparently the sun was more effective than muggle technology, when it came to waking up in the morning. Lysander quickly went about getting dressed giving his owl Zeus who sat beside his bed a loving chin scratch. When he was done He looked over at the other side of the room and shook his head when he saw his doppleganger still sleeping comfortably. He walked over to him and looked at him for a minute. “Lorcan. Lorcan. Get up.” Lysander let out a sigh as the predictable happened and his brother remained in his bed.

Lysander gave out a grin as he put his hand on his brother and went about shaking him like he was desperate to wrench his brother from the sandman’s sinister claws. “Loony Lovegood wake up! It’s time to wake up and get ready for school! Aren’t you excited to go back to Hogwarts!”

Only Lorcan’s eyes peeked out of his blanket cocoon. The older twin levelled a blood-curdling glare at his brother, but it lasted only a minute before he broke into a grin. Sandy was always the best part of the morning time. In fact, he was the only part that made it worth waking up. Licking his cracked, dry lips he covered his face again and grumbled, ”No.” Unfortunately, Sandy is responsible and always does the right thing, so of course he wouldn’t let up until Lorcan slumped out of bed. That jerk.

Lorcan generally stumbles through his morning routine. It’s not uncommon for him to brush his hair and comb his teeth, which is not nearly as effective as it sounds. He rubbed his chin, feeling the peach fuzz that started coming in. At first, he’d thought it was a werewolf thing, but then he noticed Ly had it too. Either way, he said it made him look cool, rugged and all the other adjectives girls would use to describe a manly man. It didn’t, but he sure thought it did.

Glancing around his [incredibly messy] half of the room, he huffed a little as he said”Man, why didn’t you wake me up earlier? I forgot so much stuff!” Lorcan didn’t so much forget to make as he just didn’t want to do it. Despite all the fun and friends he has at Hogwarts, it’s not something he looks forward to.

”Well you just looked so comfy I didn’t want to wake you. Also I just woke up like fifteen minutes ago. Also I told you to make sure you were finished packing what was it now twenty times? You should listen to me more often Newtoo” Ly chuckled slightly as he went about finishing his morning routine. Fifteen minutes later and his teeth were sparkling, and his hair was combed to be neat and orderly just the way he liked it. He cast a quick admiring glance at his shelf of prized muggle contraptions. A toaster, a blender, a walkie talkie, all of them completely random, but all too interesting to the young boy. Much more interesting than the beasts the rest of his family obsessed over. Not nearly as cute though. Lysander walked over to his brother all too confidant in his twin’s abilities to wait till the very last minute. ”So how much have you packed so far? You need help?

”No!” Lorcan declared. After a short pause, he added a sheepish, “Yes… Mostly, I need help finding my books. They are somewhere around here.” Lorcan picked up clothing one piece at a time to search underneath it. Eventually, he dropped on all fours to search under his bed. ”Oh, wait. I found them.”

An hour later while at the train station, Lorcan felt a familiar buzz in his pocket, a smile lit up his face as he saw the group message with his two favorite non-siblings. Though, they annoyed each other enough to be blood.

Lysander looks over his brothers shoulder for just a minute. Noticing he's texting Frank and Lucy he immediately suspects that he'd be sitting without his look alike on the train. Frank and Lucy were nice people but they were more Lors friends than his. He let out an internal sigh at the prospect of not riding with Lorcan before resolving to try and find James instead. He pulled out his phone and quickly texted James.You at the station yet? James though exasperating at times had certainly more than earned his place as Lysander best friend not related by blood. Though as far as Lysander was concerned James had practically become his other brother. And besides it would be a shame not to see him on his final train ride to Hogwarts.

Lorcan sent off a quick reply to Frank that he was just arriving. He looked up to his brother with a sheepish grin, but was pleased to see he was texting friends of his own. ”We should probably get on the train soon. I hope you won’t mind if I sit with My Losers?”

Without waiting for a reply, Lorcan gave his brother a tight hug and a wide smile. ”Thanks! See you on the other side!” The older twin jogged toward the train, keeping an eye out for either of the two faces he wanted to see.

Lysander shook his head playfully at his brother just before being pulled into a tight embrace. An embrace which he eagerly returned. As his brother jogged off he let out a wave. I’ll see you back at the castle! Enjoy the ride with your friends! With that Lysander went his own way. The hunt for James had begun as Lysander made his way to the train, glancing down at his phone every so often, and keeping his eyes peeled for his friend.

#, as written by sappho


"Freddie Darling! Thirty minuets until we leave!" His mother's voice rang loud and clear from downstairs as he was in a particular vat of concentration. He drug his wand down his right forearm swirls and tendrils of black ink spiraling out onto his skin all the way to his wrist. It had taken him about a year of practice during his third year to perfect the Ink spell, and since then had been experimenting with what muggles called, tattooing ever since. For today however he managed to fashion a flourish of roses down his arm ending in the snarling form of a wolf on his hand. He admired his handiwork, and slipped his wand into the pocket of his sweatshirt. He had taken the time to meticulously pick out his outift, that morning. His appearance had always been a top priority of his morning routine, that was nearly more intense than his sister's.

He trudged barefoot down the stairs into the kitchen where a plate of pancakes was shoved at him. He took the plate from his mom and sat down at the table and began munching on pancakes while he watched his mother finish cleaning the kitchen and putting things back in order. "Where's Rox? And Dad?" He asked his mother, feeling the fluffy head of his cat Binx brush against his foot from under the table. "She's still packing I assume, you know your sister. Everything's got to be in order. Your father had to leave early this morning to open the shop. He told me to tell you he loves you... and to not do anything he wouldn't do." His mother mumbled, promptly rolling her eyes opposed to Fred's chuckle before taking a seat at the table across from him. From the look on her face he knew he was about to get some sort of serious talk."Whatever Rox told you, if her hair's dyed a different color it's her own fault". His mother laughed and shook her head, "No Fred, we need to talk about your last year. As you know, your father and I are very proud of you getting Head Boy, but I'm asking you not to well, uhm, ruin it. I've worked very hard to help you build your grades up and behavior and I know you're a good kid. Just tone down the pranks, and behave. Ok?". It took all of Fred's will to not roll his eyes, or burst out laughing. However, he knew how much this meant to his mom and gave her a nod. "Of course Mum, won't let you down". She shrugged back with a sigh and smiled, "I love you very much, you know that?", Fred nodded and she opened her mouth to say something else but was interrupted by Roxanne's voice from upstairs, "Mom! Have you seen my toothbrush?!".


Fred couldn't help but grin as he took a step on to Platform 9 ¾, surrounded by the bustling crowd of witches and wizards. It was his last year at Hogwarts, and he was sure as hell going to make it count. He walked through the countless familiar and unfamiliar faces looking for those he valued most. He saw Rose and her trade-marked flaming Weasley hair disappear onto the train followed by Rhea and his favorite fifth year, Dom.

He still hadn't seen his best mate, James yet. Normally the Potter's were always here quite early. He pulled out his phone and shot the boy a text. The boys had never been anything but best friends and ruled Hogwarts together since their first year. The only problem was Rose continually followed around James like a lost puppy which meant he always had to be in her presence, the good side of that being he could annoy her whenever he wanted.

TO: James

Where are you? Can't bloody start the year without you.

He looked up from his phone and noticed Lysander wandering around without his other half, Lorcan. He knew that the twin was good friends with James to and Fred had grown a liking to the kind Scamander boy. He followed after him, "Oi, Scamander! Have you seen the Potters yet?" He called out to the boy.