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Molly Louise Weasley II

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn"

0 · 991 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “The Cursed Children”, as played by emotionless




"Moll's is the most common, I get it from my close friends. I occasionally get called Lou-Lou by my family."

October 10
17 going on 18

||Zodiac Sign||






||Blood Status||
Half Blood

||Year at Hogwarts||
Seventh Year


School & Care of Magical Creatures

10ž", vine, dragon heartstring

||Other Equipment||
Charmed bag

Clubs: ( Any clubs the

Head of Diagon Alley Arts club
Dueling Club

Head Girl


Savanah Cat named Lawrey



Charms - O
Transfiguration - E
Herbology - O
Ancient Runes - E
Potions - E
Care of Magical Creatures - O
Astronomy - A
Divination - A
Arithmancy - A
History of Magic - E


112 Ib(s)

||Body Build||
Tall & Slender

||Skin Tone||

||Distinguishing Marks||

||Eye Colour||
Dark Chocolate

||Hair Colour||
Coffee Brown with Honey highlights

||Overall Appearance||



- Music
- Art
- Poetry
- Competitions
- Game


-Pessimistic people
-Bad drivers
-Critics who are not constructive

||Fears|| ( What your character is afraid of. Include at least three. )

-Being alone


||Quirks and Habits||
-Hair twirling when she's flirting

||Strengths, Talents and Skills||
-Dedicated to completing any and all tasks
-Professional slacker
-Eternal Optimist
-Speaks numerous languages

||Flaws and Weaknesses||
-Dealing with reality
-Somewhat of a clutz


Molly is an eternal optimist. She is open-minded, independent and original in everything she does. She has a deep seeded need to operate in accordance with her internal values. She likes being connected to people which helps her encourage team spirit. She always manages to find the best in people even when the world sees the worst. Molly tends to get extremely excited when it comes to the thrill of risk; therefore she enjoys high-risk activities. She is not easily influenced by other people or by the norms of society. She is also a total professional slacker.

Molly is not the worrying about others type, she expects each person to be responsible for themselves. She is gifted in the art of winning friends and influencing people. She tends to keep on the move; exploring, then, moving on; not worrying about finding work; living by her talents, skills, ingenuity, and wits. She is high-spirited and loves making mischief. Molly is courageous, physically bold, and tough; standing up to anyone who dares to take advantage of her. She is all about living in the present; not feeling guilty about the past or anxious about the future; experiencing life now.


Too many to count.
Molly grew up in a large family, the Weasleys. Due to the circumstances she became highly competitive and aggressive as a child. She demanded to be the best and win. She wanted nothing more than to take everything and rule the world, nothing less would satisfy her...until she lost her best friend Maria to a muggle car accident. Suddenly nothing in life seemed worth fighting for. When she was accepted to Hogwarts she considered not going, she didn't think she deserved it. Molly realized rather slowly that she would be missing a huge opportunity and Maria wouldn't want her to miss it. So now she lives her life for Maria experiencing everything she possibly can. She adapted herself into a carefree, happy go lucky, optimist and made the best of the situation.

||Hex Code||
||Face Claim||
Arden Cho

-Ancient studies
-Care of Magical Creatures

So begins...

Molly Louise Weasley II's Story

lucy mae weasley



Lucy had accidentally fallen asleep because she forgot to set her alarm for that morning - how strange (note the sarcasm). So her day had not started on the best of terms. Of course, her sister Molly had woken up early and was ready by the time their parents called out for them and told them it was time for them to leave to King's Cross station.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," she muttered while grabbing all of her stuff and trying to make sense of what she was going to take to Hogwarts. Lucy was a horrible packer and she usually brought the most useless stuff with her to school, later on realizing her mistake and regretting it for the rest of the school year.

This time she had limited herself to bring only a couple of Muggle comic books with her, her phone, t-shirts, jeans and her never-ending sneaker collection. Oh, and also all of her school supplies and her Hufflepuff uniform. And her broom. And her Quidditch uniform

She pulled her trunk behind her, grabbed her broomstick from the corner of her room and convinced her cat Mika to lay down on top of her trunk while she wheeled it to the front of her house. As she approached the front door, she could see her parents' faces and how they looked at her in disappointment. Smiling sheepishly, she placed her trunk on the back of their car along with her broomstick and called Mika to join her in the car seat she was sitting at.

The ride to King's Cross was excruciatingly awkward and filled with tension. Lucy had once again managed to slightly piss off her parents, but it's not like she cared too much. Once they parked inside the station and made their way to Platform 9 ž, Lucy quickly kissed her mother and father goodbye, and without a second look, turned around to look for her friends.

But before she could get too far, she felt her phone vibrate on her pocket. Taking it out, she realized it was a text message from none other than Frank Longbottom. "Speak of the devil and he shall appear." Just as she was writing back a text, she spotted him in the distance, and with a smile, she ran quickly with her trunk in front of her and jumped into the Longbottom's back like a koala. She was tiny, and she loved it.

"Hello moron. Missed me?"x

dominique odette weasley



Dominique had gotten up extra early that morning to do her hair and makeup for the first day back at school. Because obviously she had to look flawless to make a good first impression - everyone had to think Dom had a fabulous vacation and looked better than ever. That's just how she liked it.

She had her hair up in a purposely messy bun, light pink eyeshadow, lipgloss, and of course her signature outfit: a silky white shirt, blue skinny jeans, a pair of brown women's loafers and a grey coat. As classy and perfect as always, not a spot out of place.

Dom had packed her trunk the night before and had left it at the entrance of their house. So, after breakfast, the only thing she had to do was wait for everyone eagerly at the door. "Dominique, you always hurry so much. Ze train won't be at ze station for another hour and a half," her mother Fleur protested, coming across her daughter standing impatiently next to her stuff. Dom just smiled at her mother and took her by the shoulders - they were about the same height.

"Oh I know maman, but I'm just too excited! You know how much fun going to Hogwarts has always been for me,"
she answered. Dom's life practically revolved around her social life at Hogwarts, so being home was mostly pretty boring for her. She was an extrovert, she craved attention and always loved being around big crowds of people.

An hour and ten minutes later, the Weasley-Delacour family were standing in Platform 9 ž, parents ready to say goodbye to their children once again as they left for school. Dom hugged her mother and father tightly and yelled a quick 'au revoir' as she practically skipped her way across the station to look for her friends.

Not long after leaving her trunk on the right carriage, she took her cat Beau and made her way inside the train. Once inside, she got a text message from Rose about wanting help with her makeup for today. As if her day couldn't get any better, now Rosie had volunteered to let Dom give her a quick makeover! Oh, how the heavens loved her.

She hurried to look inside different compartments for Rose, until finally spotting her sitting inside one with a blue-haired Rhea. "Well, hello love! I'm here to save the day!" she called out, taking a seat next to Rose and just giving Rhea a smile of acknowledgement.

Location: Kings Cross
Mood: Optimistic
Dialogue Code: #1f013b
Thought Code:#8040FF

Molly woke early, if only because she was excited to get to school, away from her parents. By the time her parents got out of bed she had already made fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast and she was ready to head out.

The ride to King's Cross was excruciatingly awkward and filled with tension. She did her best to divert her parents attention to other more interesting topics in order to fill the silence, however everyone seemed determined to be grumpy. She sighed internally.

Molly's Savannah cat Lawrey, who refused to be caged, hung languidly around her neck as they walked through Kings cross. As soon as they approached the platform her little sister gave their parents a hug and a kiss and disappeared. Molly knew it should not have bothered her that her sister didn't stay, or even acknowledge her, after all they weren't that close at all....but she felt a twinge of sadness. She shook it off and followed after her sister with a wave to their parents.
She wasn't really looking for anyone in particular, so when she boarded the plane she took a seat in an empty compartment in hopes of finding some peace before the torrent of chaos. She sighed as Lawry chirped at her. She hated the train ride.

"I know, I know. Just try to endure" Molly said with a rueful smile. She pulled out her sketch book and began sketching in hopes of passing the time.